China Fabulouss James

The devil really busy today. Water bug Janet tell di people dem how long yuh a write mi bout hoodie. Water bug Janet if me china fabulous di a f**k hoodie you would of know because my man dem talk bout me. B*tch you can’t tell mi nah fi be friend with hoodie no day because mi nah f**k gal and no gal can’t program mi. Janet yuh miserable and sad like funeral. Hoodie move on and live a house with him woman and it a kill yuh bitch mi know everything. Bitch you a call me chipmunk? Guh clean yuh dirty house and wash yuh shit up panty before you talk to me. A long time yuh a draw mi in a yuh shit up life because am friend with hoodie. Bitch you fi low mi now. End of story.


      1. Chinatown where u can find all imitation n knock offs but wait is a mini raid the chick run pon har it look like she need a big raid fi gwaan so she can learn if shut har mout

  1. china every day u inna mixup . :hoax2 mine dem rass u again :malu u need a business to leave ,people business alone : :ngakak

  2. China u nuh tired fi them beat u, sake a u mouth, weh u run like when sick naaga tek washout, u fulla big chat an cyan defen dat mi deh ya a fret fi u ya now, cuz mi memba di beaten weh Mad Mitchelle did gi u, but it look like u fi get. wwwwwooooooi hhhhhaaaayyy. foolish woman hhheeeyyyy ooooooiii [ina mi African voice] :kr

  3. China u look god u look better then Janet, why she want to pick on u because u and her ex a friend she to stop and go fix her ass that them mess a BX Janet u no look good.

  4. Janet u need to stop.omg Janet it’s the true please stop .janet u house need fe clean up u kids need care janet Sunday night u leave Beatle juice round robin go f**k general b the dj u tell ramping shop fe Gwan leave you .janet u look stink u just look away janet hi know u sell pu**y of a fack 100 percent u sell men hi know janet stay home find time for u self .janet u see the video that’s going around with u eating out the girl pu**y is like u don’t have any shame u a tell people general b a you x met x fe get free puss when him see u janet shame on uuuuuuuuu

  5. mek suck p***y janet go fix up her self….nasty and dirty ,who nuh f**k it inna dance hall a who nuh want none …..bout her hole good and burru say her hole big and a few more man say the same ting , but me hear she use to dance go go ….a leopard never change his spot

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