0 thoughts on “CHINA NOT SO FABULOUS

  1. Yes China age saying hello ina u face now ‘ what happen to the twins pregnancy . U can see all the wickedness that u have done a tumble down pon u now u think God play all u iniquity workers shall look like lord of the RINGS before u ppl leave this earth walking duppy walking dead .

  2. U still have that old red bottom , that’s the shoes Michelle buss your ass for cause u did not want to pay back money after Michelle buy for u in the city . Claim sey u a hot gal & walk & borrow not to mention tief .

  3. The fabulous one u see it also :2thumbup thought she would lok fresh like how she ge the party them a break . But she look old now with the same chucky bride face :hammer

  4. i have no idea who this woman is….but im trying to understand what ppl mean when they say the age is showing in her face….cause she looks like early to mid 30’s….except for the bleaching and the finger waves that i havent seen for 20 yrs i see nothing wrong with her…

  5. Dick hard SEY she looks like 30 :cd: :ngacir2 :cd u mean mileage of 2030 :selamat happy new year u Rass blind excuse ms met .

  6. China fabulous yuh still a hurt some waste gal head. Still standing tall. You look clean, fresh and young. Keep doing you girl, bad mind get di best a dem. You people need a life.

  7. Bitch ole and stale as. Fuk … Which part a har look young? Gal water down to the bottle bottom

  8. I would like to know if some of you waste people on here think people not suppose to age or if they do, you suppose to look 25 for ever. Hope and pray that you all live to get older. You people are the worse..unu criticize every physical flaw that makeup a person. Is unu say break people down.

  9. Shame on you woman that come up here and bash other woman, you will not get old. China look good for her age. Why this girl unset you woman? She is doing something good. I don’t know China but I like how she change her life around.

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