9 thoughts on “CHINESE FOOD-JAGWA 876

  1. latty a who pay or something wid u too… u really seh real lyrics i known kids in daycare who can write better lyrics…. diss man really need fi guh back a school fi guh learn some vocabulary…. a cyaan weed him a smoke

      1. a half dead puss sound beta .. msg food….sesame street ryhmes …….look wah dancehall reach.. mi tune call poop if like diss u wi love dat more just poop pon a beat sell off lyrics 2 f%rrrt

        1. Lol Yuh know him? Lol sound like Yuh nuh too like him… Yea dancehall lost it yes but that was then and it’s now a new time…. Music and musician you listen to in the 80s 90s won’t sound like today cause of time change… This is in my time and maybe ur time…the music will change I can assure you on that. Stars are born everyday… You never know who ur talking to…. Lol the music has to break then form again and it will form again…

  2. @Anonymous it is obvious that you don’t understand Similes and Metaphors which are both used to make comparisons. The message is not about food… simply put its consumption and the metaphorical comparison to Chinese Food based on the verses borders on genius… tastes good, fulls your belly yet in 15 minutes you are hungry again… and to your sesame street reference … you should watch it over and over… it’s teaches more that just ABCs… plus take a course in something grammatical … it’s laughable to read to your simple minded rant… you don’t know you don’t know you don’t know for real. @Latty your 1st comment was on the money… I pressed this without any great expectations and was pleasantly surprised…

  3. William Tell maybe we should put the apple on your head and Latty shoot it off while we eat chinese food and watch ….since cant get back the sec- mins we took to listen the fart…Metaphors!!!! i think we would like that more and more entertaining

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