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February 3, Washington State Western Federal District Court Judge James robat judgment, to suspend the Trump executive order to ban Muslim immigration emergency and the effectiveness of sanctions in the entire United States. US Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Homeland Security are following the court order to suspend the entry of orders. The Department of Justice then appealed to the Federal Circuit for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals for damages of public interest and interference in executive power, and demanded an immediate moratorium on the execution of Robbat’s judgment.

February 5 morning, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco rejected an emergency request to the Ministry of Justice refused to immediately restore President Trump “ban Muslim immigration,” the executive order requires the Justice Department and Washington both added before 6 pm Reasons, accompanied by relevant evidence. Upon the completion of the debate on the words, and then choose to make a formal decision. Note that only the Court of Appeal refused to “immediate restoration” and not, as some media reports as completely rejected the Justice Department’s appeal.

After the news, there are spectators poem: “Chao-fat encyclical nine days, the night was pushed the matter also refuted. ZTE large US imperial dream, fortunate to push the security and mountains.” Many users keep on Twitter, like See “to push the country” Trump this time how to criticize the judge and the verdict.

The President criticizes judges and judgments? Is there any mistake? In the United States, in accordance with the “separation of powers, and gas” political rules, the President of the court ruling even hate to itch, can only hold back to internal injuries, not only not open Tucao, not targeting the judge.

The problem is, Trump is not only so dry, and long ago criminal record. During the presidential election, Trump criticized the trial of “Trump University Case” federal judge Gonzalo Collier, the public outcry. In a television interview, Trump insisted that the judge was Mexican, and he repeatedly threatened to build walls in the US-Mexican border, so the judge must be biased against their own, there is no way to fair judgment. Because this event is too “politically correct”, many Republican bigwigs announced the withdrawal of support for Trump. However, after cursing the judge, Trump was elected.

Since we do not mind, in attacking the judge on the road, Trump natural will not close hand.

After the judge made the decision robat, Trump immediately made public and the media to make popping thing: bursts five tweets, attacking judges and judgments!

Your first tweet: ” the decision of the judge’s downright ridiculous so-called, in essence depriving our administrative enforcement powers will certainly be overturned. ”

The second tweet: ” A judge can block the travel ban Department of Homeland Security, so that anyone, even those with evil intentions can enter the United States, that our country will become what? ”

The third Tweets: ” Because the ban was lifted a judge, a lot of the big bad wolf and dangerous elements would pour into our country, this ruling is terrible. .”

The fourth Tweets: ” Why do lawyers do not have a good look at that Boston federal court’s decision that it is downright absurd decision to lift the ban, but the conflict?. ”

The fifth tweets: ” Judge our door open to potential terrorists and bad people who are dismal rejoicing.! ”

Not only tweeted attack the judiciary, or “five bursts” !

Schumer, the Democratic leader of the Senate, could not stand it. Speaking of Trump’s lack of respect for the constitution and defying the independence of the judiciary, he suggested that when the Senate Judiciary Committee went back to consider Trump nominee Gosage, he had to ask him about judicial independence The problem.

However, within the Republican Party have defended for Trump. Vice President Burns said the president is the rectum, has always been telling the truth, the American people are used to, why the media seriously? Words, vice president of such logic, really “real man”?

The president led his unit to open curse, the conservative camp has nothing to fear. Conservative commentator Ann ยท Kute Ma publicly denounced robat judge is “crazy.” And some extreme right-wing blog and discussion group, has been instigated to assassinate, including Judge Roberts, including the “road blockers.”

So, Trump will continue to curse the Court of Appeals judge? You know, his sister, Marianne Trump Barry, is the senior judge of the Federal Circuit’s third appeals court. The problem is that the world there are people not scolded Trump it? The key is to see who blocked his way.

In a country known as the most democratic and most rule of law, the President took the lead to criticize the judges, from the vice president to the party, are swarming for him to defend, even if you control the armed forces at the foot of nuclear bombs, but also dignity sweeping, and the villain is no different!

Today, the Guangxi Court announced the retirement of the Luchuan County Fu Mingsheng judge was the news of the thugs hurt. Many people in the WeChat asked me, is not to write something?

To tell the truth, in the face of such violence to harm the judge of the incident, angry cry and Baotuan heating what is the use? Look at your micro-faith circle of friends, in addition to the court, and people who have worked in the court, how many people were killed in the news of the judge, how many people in the injustice for the Fu judge? Angry cries are defenseless weapon, hold together for warmth is disheartened by the sad song ! In order to no longer have a new Ma Caiyun, Fu Mingsheng … …, the performance of judicial personnel must perform a large move on the move, the real move.

We are ready for the next few weeks, please wait and see!

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