A Chinese man was convicted for breaches of the Trademark and Excise Duty Act at the Falmouth Resident’s Magistrate Court on Friday.

He is 38-year-old Shi Chang Li.

Reports from the Trelawny Proactive Investigative Unit are that on Thursday December 17, 2015, at approximately 2:00 pm, the police, with the assistance of specialists from J Wray and Nephew Company, carried out a special operation at a supermarket in Falmouth, Trelawny, owned and operated by Chang Li.

The shelves and storeroom of the supermarket were checked and a total of 91 250 ml and 17 750 ml illicit J Wray and Nephew overproof rum were reportedly found. Chang Li was then arrested and charged for unlawful use of trademark, misleading and deceptive conduct and breaches against the Excise Duty Act.

He was fined $400,000 or six months imprisonment for the unlawful use of trademark, $300,000 or six months imprisonment for misleading and deceptive conduct and $50,000 or six months imprisonment for breaches of the Excise Duty Act.


  1. $750,000 fine for fraud? He should pay way more than that, forgive my racist ass, but I hate Chinese, they do not value any form of life, they mix plastic with rice, they make cancer causing pajamas for kids, they give us flour with weevil, give us dogs to eat, despite it not being apart of our culture. God knows what the hell they put in this so called rum of theirs

  2. Dem fi keep dem fake shit in China. Wi hab wi world class recognized brands and dem want to come fck up di ppl dem business weh dem build fi how long and get rich off it to. Gtfoh, don’t fck with our international brands mofo. Jamaicans nuh deal wid quantity like unno, wi deal wid quality. You get off fckng easy, your ass should have gotten the cat o’ nine wid di fine. Damn leeches who can never think up any idea fi demself, always must be piggybacking off smaddy.

    Jamaican manufacturers betta watch out and protect dem reputation. Jamaican ppl fi stand loyal to wi ppl and brands, and when unno know di fckry a gwan notify the authorities.

  3. Fine?!! A prison dem fi send him mek dem beat him kill him in deh can bet a Di whole a dem a do it.!some of these fake alcoholic products can cause serious illness/death, nothing said about what was actually in the bottles of fake rum suggest the authorities don’t care about people’s health only freaking trade mark!

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