1. @sender this dead and gone….mi see chromazz a pose wid bout a dozen gal since she and nia lef…. bout 2 weeks now she right out tek up man (go check har page) him name associated wid batty man runnings still, but she put on likkle weight and look happy!

  2. Wah bag a women who used to tek man and or have children have slowly but surely left the sadamiteship and have returned to man tekking..met i meant to send you the pics…dem nuh know if dem male female bisexual straight…di piece of confusion pon ig. Yes sender the nicki she who refers to herself as a man is now with a man and sometimes a gyal but she love say im the nigga who will tek yuh gyal…..Krissy british wonda dolly kd di don goldie daughta or should i say son…how u all doing??????

  3. I see nia posting pon snap she look lonely mi sorry fi har, mi see Nikki a post a next girl say she a wifey Nikki seems like she a user to me, can’t believe she left nia, I like them together she and nia, but a suh it go, go look a job now nia and live a normal life

  4. A bytch turns into a fashion lesbian when she can’t get the man she wants or she sells sex… Most of these “lesbians or bisexual Jamaican girls” will start to endorse the straight life whenever a man who can give them upward social mobility comes on the scene, via money, affiliation or even through non-black features via their off spring.

  5. Is long time dem fi lef. Chromazz was using the girl. Nia family give her ultimatum, she did haffi cut off Chromazz or dem woulda cut she off. Nia is better off not being with this bitch anyway. Nia need fi guh school and make something of her life, dancehall, sex, tattoo and all these things nah guh nuh weh.

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