Soo dis ah di same nikki chromazz weh go pon instagram ah mek flitered video fi say her skin clean n no buss no dey pon ar skin. But look how the tattoo man Recardo let the cat outta di bag. All this likkle idiot gyal can do is buy cheap clothes n bleach but no house, no car, no visa. Her skin look badd!! Fi a girl weh nuh ave no pickney weh she a do wid stretch mark pon breast? Its buss har skin buss up. All darkness come to light like the buss pon her chest weh she a try hide.

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  1. One doesn’t have to have a child to have stretch mark on their breast or stomach. I’ve seen fourteen yrs. old with stretched mark on their breast. It’s a crime now to not have a visa? Ugly tattoo yes, however, sender this is stupid. Please go find something constructive to do.

    1. When you ever seen stretch marks look like that? Look good…the marks are literally the shape of the tattoo…also…notice there are none on the other breast….ain’t no damn stretch marks… The sender is correct

    2. People who dont have kids defintely get stretch marks and it is normal. Not condoning what this girl is doing but we need to stop body shaming certain things that happen naturally and cannot be controlled. On another note, what the hell are these people going to look like when they are 65+ and hope “Chromazz” will still mean something to them when their grandkids ask about it

  2. This lil girl is possessed by sumn demonic…Nicki I know you read the comments over here. Question why you continue to let down your mom with this lesbian thing yuh dey pon????? Yuh lifestyle is a DISGRACE…yuh link up with the very confused Bimma Birl and Michie so now me know yuh gone….People dont admire you..they watch your disgusting antics and shake dem head and laugh. Mi wouldnt even tell yuh fi change because the demon wey yuh possess with have a piece of hold on you. You pass sad. Hooray to you for the bleaching body selling non stop partying. You eva sober one day little girl? You a win mummz…you a lead by far.

  3. 99% of the dancehall crowd in Jamaica wears cheap/fake clothes, so I’m not sure how you can use that to slander anyone ah yard lol. They have cream for stretch marks so all she has to do is log into one and apply it while she’s applying her bleaching cream lol.

    1. Ey I seen a pic from the so called birthday day party( it was inna some overalls) n God know mi head start hurt immediately. All mi a look and I’m still confused. So hunny don’t bother trying to figure that out lets just leave it at no Genda.

  4. Bimma kid is a disgrace to mankind and rabia is bimma ur best friend nw? Think was loud fashion weh u grudge and a try compete with u should a neva do breast use the money wisely uno young gal just fool suh till …..anyways tell micky hi

    1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak she seems.. Cuz anuh di first mi hear shi grudge Loudy and they r still fwens dont?

  5. Again….we need a birth certificate to know for sure but MET did post a video before shim tək up the bleach and it did look like it have a little peanut unda shim spandex tights……

    .BUT MI also see a A34 cup size unda shim clothes.. :hammer mI confuse nuh rass…..Bimma Birl or Bimma Birl madda unnu come talk up nuh man!!!! Cho! :bingung

  6. Unu waa see nikki a d party to blacckkkkkkkk like a tar

    Dem gyal a been bussbeen bloodclaat buss

  7. Lord @g frens with benefits loudy and r man chat rabia like wow and dem done knw micky dont want har him have him heartbeat ova one part, rabia u want take have the initials mi fren cause yes we a frens as fi bimma kid ur party look like its for whores and batty man nuh sensible smady dont deh deh thank God I wasnt there

    1. Wait deh suh bimma drop teefing Rabia? Any and everybody will chat dat clean up! Rabia tooo nuff love nuff up ina people like really nuff up to know u business faux bitch! Shi still a gi waldy and loud 3sums dem seh big up yuh breast dem Rabia yuh laaarge :hammer

  8. UnU too bloodclaat wicked !! see how dem DIGG up an scroll WAY dung ina di man IG fi find that deh old pic deh from last year tho fi try loud up di girl , NUFF a unu on dis site could a probably be nikki grandmother 2 di way unu old an stay bad no pussyclaat! nikki never claim say she better than anybody else she just a enjoy ar life low di girl now man
    DWL ah tru unu waa kno di girl remedy fi brown an get a likkle hype pon IG an DONT kno how da f**k to go about it !
    STICKY pon sum a unu 🙂

  9. Nikki is buss up and stay really bad. She is a confuse strange little girl. When I watch her snaps I can see she is confused she constantly seeks attention and can’t function without a bag a people in her room around her constantly. I notice she only keeps people around her that are in awe of her, when she is parring with Timera you can tell she doesn’t feel as confident she loves to par with fabby true she fool fool and will do as she seh. She constantly call herself black when she knows damn well she is bleached out !! Her body is crawny bad bad. She always changes the women she f**ks but the only one who seemed to genuinely like her was Thandie but she seems too good for her…… Her lifestyle is shocking and disturbing. I don’t feel sorry for her being cussed on the wall because she doesn’t ramp to belittle innocent bystanders in her snap if they’re fat or maybe don’t have run up clothes Kmt she is a nasty horrible spiteful little bitch and yes she needs to fix her skin before she try hype.

    Oh and by the way Rickel who she used to f**k for free tattoos is a fully blown batty man whoever thinks he straight needs their eyes testing kmft
    Anyway rant over !!!!! :tkp :thumbup

    1. i dont understand why you following her on snap but by the sounds of it CANNOT stand the girl? it’s your opinion so that trying to take that from you no time at all but WHY so many of y’all follow di gurl on IG/SNAP etc and then come on Matie or make up fake profile to diss her but at the same time FRAID fi tell her directly or even DM her from your real account ?! :-/ and that’s why she always a go continue to hype and think pple fraid ah ar because from what i see nobody no step up to nikki an tell ar straight up saii dem no like ar or ar behaviour but yet everybody still ah watch ar snap dem and ah follow ar pon IG like FOOL.

      Rickel on the other hand ….. DWL no comment 🙂

  10. Actually I deleted her off snap because she irritates me. I never knew she was like that but her snaps show the real nikki !! Also people don’t have to be scared to tell her nothing obviously it would be odd to inbox her and say nikki I don’t like you because she doesn’t know me plus nobody goes up to people they dislike and say I don’t like you ……. So that doesn’t make any sense we are not friends so what’s the point and she hasn’t personally done anything to me to warrant me telling her to her face. I just saw the post after I deleted her and felt like commenting !! Is that ok ? Or nah ………

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