1. well…what u expect this man has unleash the 20s on us that means people have to be carful in the suburbs people soon start see things on their lawn, we have to start worry for our children, when them drink dem beer who knows,

    1. Mi seh wait dem a go get what dem really really want. Nothing that chumpup said he can actually do but they think he can and when he cant u will see how rednecks take it :ngakak

  2. Yes but still she is a black woman working for Trump and will play an important role in his government. .. Year a black queen…

  3. If Hillary can be Secretary of State… anyone can be caused she is far from being someone who is well educated.. further more the point is Omarosa is a BLACK WOMAN…

    1. Are you a fuking moron?!!!! Hillary is super frigging smart! Summa cum laude! Beyond distinction throughout her schooling.

      Disliking the woman is one BUT THE GREATEST THING ABOUT KNOWLEDGE AND EDUCATION is that not even in death a lowlife like you can’t deminish it


  4. Hillary Clinton graduated from wellesley college and then yale law school, she is very highly educated. Omarosa if she was in South Africa during aparthied. Would have had a rubber tire put around her and burned as a traitor. Fcuk Omarosa that money grabbing traitorous bitch, know full well the kind of shit house Trump is. But through she Done Michael Clark Duncan money. She sell her soul to the Devil Trump. Token nigger in the new administration is all she is and will ever be. My suggestion is to if you have no criminal record then register and get a fire arm, something tells me we gonna need them. Self defense. It is better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6

      1. Sweet comment need a warship cannon salute, Met!

        Sweet, a so true rebels think! Big up you damn self! :maafaganwati

  5. No one can provide one actual quote that Trump made that is racist.
    Hillary called black people SUPER PREDATORS – where is the apology? What about MASS INCARCERATION OF BLACKS?? Again, no apology but Met you are defending them?

    1. Defending whom? Trump will not make a direct racial/ racist statement because it will be bad for his business but not everyone will say who they are. Trump and his father were sanctioned for not renting to blacks so for the time you are talking here trying to check me. Go do some real research on trump. The KKK would not be behind him if he wasnt one of them

    2. George Bush senior executive order the mass incarceration of blacks along wid de regans.

      1996 immigration act is Bill’s cross to bare.

  6. I’m no fan of Trump but it does seem that no-one is actually able to provide a solid statement he’s made that is indeed racist in nature.

    It has been a long and divisive election race. For the good of the country and the people I think it best if everyone comes together at this time.

    Trump is the president. If Hillary had been voted in and Trump supporters were protesting in this way, they would quite rightly be criticized.

    1. I will say it again. Do you see any racists in 2016 that will say they are racists? Why didnt the KKK back Bush????? Why Trump?

    2. Mexicans are rapists & drug dealers

      He assumes all blacks live in ghetto and get shot at daily going to buy groceries

      Obama wasnt born in the US

      Need I continue?

      1. No nikki nuh go no further…the same reasons why he did not want blacks in his buildings 50 years ago a di same meds him hold now why him think all blacks live in shoddy neighborhoods..But that anon wont understand that.

  7. I just looked up the trump not renting to blacks story and I am unable to find conclusive proof of it’s veracity.

    I would say that many of the media in this election have heavily favored the democrats, as Trump has been such an anti-establishment figure, so many stories against him may be fabricated as we saw with the bogus claims by these women who seemed to be coached and pressured into hastily arranged press conferences, and so should not always be taken at face value.

    Again, I re-iterate my initial point that protests are futile as a decision has been made by the people, for the people. It’s democracy. Not everyone will be pleased at the result but to take to the streets is not going to change anything.

    Good day.

      1. I didnt bring up him and his sexism because it is a part of him that makes him the pig he is. His whole persona is unfit and that is our point but dont go and not fact check then come and try to make it seem as if im making stuff up about trump.

    1. Yu “search” wasn’t conclusive because you didn’t want to disprove your veracity.

      You trying to talk about what a woman deem inappropriate to her body is futile because a no your body!

      Go sit yo ass down with your pretentious air of being somebody rational. :cool

  8. The media outlet you quote has carried many pro Clinton stories. Please check the wikileaks for the list of MSM that are on the ‘payroll’.

    1. Who cares if they carry pro clinton stories…if what they printed was/is a lie trump would sue them left to right..Information is information…motive is a whole different ballgame and for right now..the information is true, he did not want to rent to blacks..But the joke is on blacks who think this man wudda mek a black man sidung and eat wid him or married any a him family.

      1. Saying come work for me does not say someone is not racist..sexing a black person does not say a white man/white woman is not racist. The test is this;- Are we equals, do I respect you, do I see you as a person or as a black man/woman? As Hillary said, most people are unaware that they r racists because their behavior is learned…and they know they have to act a certain way because of laws…but the true test is if they really think we are their equals and most white people do not consider us as their equals. There was a british woman on a train in britain who had a biracial baby but she cursed a black woman out telling her that black men thought we smell so he chose her because sh is better than us..She is racist even though she has a black child and is with a black man. Racism is deeper than many of you are able to understand..and maybe uno nuh waa understand

    1. I know Hillary mentioned that in reference to some innercity stuff that was going on..And yes mi think some a dem a super predator whey all dem mumma fi get lock up.

        1. Mi bff jus tell mi seh Julian nuh like Hillary mi need fi go read up what happen there..Wikileaks is not an official source right now as we know it, Wikileaks has Russia’s agenda dem put in trump…

    2. The truth is fair…lies unfair. Let’s say a Jamaica. …a Only blacks fi call the likes of dudus, tesha miller and dem predators?

      Dwrl. We communities full a predators and that is gospel.

  9. I like your site a lot Met but I can’t see how you can turn a blind eye to the things said on record and instead you are fixated on something a judge ruled against nearly 50 years ago.

    I think the super predator comments are really bad. That is what led to the whole mass incarceration of blacks. Millions of lives destroyed for profit.

    Most business people love money more than racism. It’s not good for business. Do oil rich Nigerians have trouble finding people to do business with? No of course not.

    1. You asked if I think he is racist , I gave my reasons which you tried to discredit and I did not for one minute say Hillary didnt say those words. Hillary’s whole life has been about helping minorities and if she as a helper of minorities is being blamed for millions of lives destroyed what do you think a racist such as trump is coming with? Clearly u dont understand racism if you are linking it to a commodity.


    The black people who worked in his casino had to go around the back when he came there.

    He said the Central Park 5 – 5 blk guys wrongfully convicted for raping a white girl shouldnt be freed

    He Said a judge ruled the way he did because hes a mexican

    He attacked the Khans

    He didnt denounce the kkk or refuse to accept their endorsement

    He called blks lazy & didnt want them as accountants

    He supported the beating of a minority at his rally

    Go to the Huffington Post link to see the rest

  11. U said what I was about to say Met….House NIGROES blowing air. For the life of me, I wish that anonymous blogger would walk out into moving traffic during the peak of rush hour. Its painful to read ur nonsense.

      1. PP is Russia put in Trump………………and he must have been working for them before he started the race…remember the U.S sanction russia and as him tell dem fi hack they did not hesitate..He will leak all U.S secrets..its over

        1. Let’s start with fact that him 1st wife was from the old soviet block and now this one.

          There is not a hairline of a chance that one out of the 2 not kgb/fsb tainted. My money on the former whore turn first oman.

          Trump looooovvvvve money and the Oligarchs and former military officers RUN the money mill a Russia. No way trump no tainted by greed.

          Him could have linked with them whike he was in Scitland running people off dem damn land fi buikd golf course.

          I’m nit paying these batty licking coons that come here to redeem cheeto any rass mind.

          1. Remember also one a trump people dem did have loans in russia and had to resign…dem neva get fi see trump taxes to see how much of an involvement he had with russia…They rigged it for him

          2. And these coons talking bout lesser evil they done gone get it. They started on Hillary’s character as soon as she enter and fed the coons with multiple lies and they bought them.

        1. Me couldn’t see the first one…lolol

          All Comey look like him get a splash of blackmale on his ass.

          You remeber when de daughter inlaw bout October bombshell against Hillary and BAM! Dem come wid more email?

          How she could mek that remark if a neva de Comey hit? Hiw dem get wind if “something” before all hillary?

          I nah sleep pon this a baxfoot.


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