Look wha him tweet?


Meanwhile the biggest foreign holder of U.S. government debt had $1.22 trillion in bonds, notes and bills in July, down $22 billion from the prior month, in the biggest drop since 2013, according to U.S. Treasury Department data released Friday in Washington and previous figures compiled by Bloomberg. The portfolio of Japan, the largest holder after China, rose $6.9 billion to $1.15 trillion. Saudi Arabia’s holdings of Treasuries declined for a sixth straight month, to $96.5 billion.


  1. Very unwise n irresponsible behaviour.UsA ought not to start a economic nor military warfare with China. They simply can NOT win cuz even if they Do it will be a pyrrich victory smh

  2. Trump cannot do anything that the USA doesn’t allow him to do; from the get go the media pretended to “hate” Trump while dem stuff him down wi throat. And even now from NY Times, CNN, to Bloomberg all you see is Trump Trump Trump, yuh would’ve think him tek office aready. Dem a use ploy to condition wi on what to come next.

    Just like the world blaming the racists coming out of the woodworks on him but ignored the fact that they were and still is always here. It’s like cockroaches, not because the lights were off it doesn’t mean there are no roaches. Suh who yuh fi get rid of, the person that turn the lights on or the cockroaches?

    1. Everyone thought the more we allowed Trump to talk the more people would realize that he is an idiot,unfortunately the nasty powers in high places made him president elect.An Hillary win would have continued the fumigating process of the cockroaches among us but instead of fumigating the cockroaches Trump fed them.

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