“Last night I saw Bobby Brown’s interview with Robin Roberts. It was disturbing. Although the interview was supposed to promote HIS autobiography, he never spoke about his parents and siblings and any issues they might have or have had that impacted and may continue to impact on ‘Every Little Step’ he takes. Instead he chose to concentrate his comments primarily on Whitney. I can’t help but wonder why,” says Houston.


“Whether I would have chosen Bobby for my daughter’s husband is not important because the choice was not mine to make. She loved him and I believe him when he says he loved her. I only wish he had loved and respected her enough to make some of the negative statements about her and Krissi while Whitney was alive and able to respond from her perspective,” she continues.

“On the OPRAH show when Whitney said Bobby had spit in her face and Krissi had seen it, Krissi was in the audience and available to challenge anything her mother said. Bobby was alive and free to dispute what she said. He chose not to; instead he waited to speak about her when she could no longer speak for herself.”

“There is no value in my challenging all of his statements – point for point – such as his assertion that he ‘had money’ when he married Whitney or that anyone in my family said he started Nippy on drugs. No one blames Bobby for that. However, I must say that his story of seeing her do drugs for the first time on their wedding day is untrue (Donna Houston, Robyn Crawford and I were with Nippy the whole time before the ceremony), and more importantly, it forever casts a shadow over one of the most important days of her life,” says Houston.

“I am deeply disappointed that this interview to promote the story of Bobby’s life seemed to be more of an exposé on Whitney’s life. My problem with Bobby has always been that he became her husband but not her helpmate or protector.”

“My prayer for Nippy and Krissi is that they will soon rest in peace. My prayer for me is that someday, somewhere beyond the horizon where we cannot see, I will be with them again . . . And Joy will come in the morning,” she concludes.


  1. In all fairness ma’am that’s “HIS” story and whatever parts he chooses to omit or imput he has all rights to. Please don’t try to make your story or point of view his because that’s unfair, get yourself a pen and alot of paper and writer your own story. Hell you can even write what you think Bobby”s autobiography should be for all we care, but again let the man tell his own story.

  2. Damn damn damn!!amazingly touching,She really connected deeply with me.Just how stirringly thought-provoking all she said! Bobby b Burn in hell n melt!

  3. Sad but true! Bobby not gonna talk about his family or concentrate on his upbringing in the book because NO ONE is buying his book to read about that! They want to read about his life with Whitney & Bobbi Kris & that’s just the sad truth! & the more salacious the story, the more books that will be sold.

    Sex, drugs & drama is what sells! Crissy knows that. It’s the price you pay for money & fame. Sadly her daughter & granddaughter paid the ultimate price.

  4. Bobby and Whitney got divorced almost 10 years ago. Since that time him have a new wife and yute to tek care of. Also, I read it somewhere that his wife is pregnant again. So, dis book-selling ting is fe mek money fe feed de mouths of him new family. De royalties from de New Edition music group affe split between too much man, and is not enough!

    Oonu think say Bobby a fool? Him know say him mostly get de buzz only when Whitney’s name is mentioned. Him a clear him name to, because him want it to be known that he was not responsible fe Whitney’s addiction to drugs, because she entered the marriage wid dat problem.

    1. Whitney Houston’s brother was her supplier and don’t let the Houston name and suburban lifestyle fool ya. All of them were far from perfect and there were a few real bad breeds right in the Houston camp. I even heard once that Cissie used to dabble in a bit of the white stuff. When Bobby met her he smoked weed and drank Tanqueray. Even people in Whitney’s camp was saying that for years. He never touched class A. He was a bad boy, yes but it was Whitney who got him hooked on hard drugs not the other way around.

  5. Cissy is Jamaican lol
    Seriously defend your child honor especially since she dead
    Booby a bitch nigga for that

  6. Bobby fi gweh!!! Him have crackhead tendencies from birth… Even when him AH yute juss AH come him fava crackhead… Bobby yuh bruck donkey years now and yuh tired fi bruck suh now yuh wah come exploit DI dead woman!!! guh exploit yuh mumma an puppa, yuh favah dem oversized bullfrog and yuh lips dem red and raw and fava like dem jus come afa di crack pipe.

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