If a even fi bleach she affi reach Met ketch ya look pan the first pics and read the comment.. Her hair is damaged for real if all the dead ends clipped she won’t have no hair but anyways look at her before and after kmt she fava croaking lizard tell me now why she do that to herself?


11 thoughts on “COLORING BOOK

  1. Is that Jodi?? That stylist was funny! She said ” your hair is dry and damaged” lol :ngakak Pretty girl tho too bad she has low self esteem. Why bleach?? This is getting out of hand!

    1. Who pretty Beeasy? Tap it hahhah all her pics are bleaching levels mama shi just step it up a notch :supermaho baby cubby

  2. The before pic a nuh fi ar bcuz one gal cant get so ugl ova likkle bleach. If u get back black n cute n wear deh no draws frock deh call mi 1888-HEAVY.

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