Comey hearing

We’re watching FBI Director James Comey testify at the House Intelligence hearing on the Russia investigation. What you need to know: updates: live on CNN:

Posted by CNN on Monday, March 20, 2017


      1. A lot has been revealed without being revealed. Trump et al under investigation. They are not going to do anything about the leaks, the public needed to know that because his trumpets thought it was fake news ..This is good

        1. We’ll see. Comey showed is true colors from day one, we already know the gang he belongs to. If hes true about this investigation, is this his way of telling American people “I fu*cked up”?

  1. OK, revelation must come to pass..
    If they succeed in getting rid of Trump then World War 3 will be happen I do believe it will be this year….
    I also hope you lot don’t start crying when the nukes start dropping cause that will be the armegeddon where only one third of the world’s population will survive…This is the reality of too come….

  2. Dem say trump haffie go resign before dem force him out a office! Is a dangerous lie trump accuse Obama of wan mash up the man reputation true fi him own run dust

      1. I was thinking early today about this and my question is can Obama not sue him and rip him a new one?? If he can, he should sue him for 1 BILLION DOLLARS, and donate that money to kids in KENYA/HAWAII & and other parts of AFRICA!!! Yes mi very very petty, but I swear that’s exactly how I would fix him. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Him too darn wicked and lie though.

        1. Obama have grounds to sue but I think because a some agreement with presidents he has to keep quiet. Trump waa draw him out

  3. by now its apparent to even his hillbilli supporters that this deranged man have some kind of mental and psychological obsession with mr. Obama, I don’t usually make lewd comments but I really thinks man gets up at 3am in the morning and before he goes on his twitter tantrums he masterbate on himself looking at a picture of mr. Obama :ngakak this racial superiority and egotistical mentality of this man having him thinking that a black man is inferior to him and if a black man can do it not only he can do it too but he can do it better and if a black man can do it then its easy, and so thats what got him in this mess, being a pawn and a prostitute for every nafarious culprit, from russia to the white supremacists :2thumbup

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