Commish To Take Action Against Cop For Leaked Video Of Gas Station Shooting

Police Commissioner Dr Carl Williams is to take “strong action” against a member of the force who is believed to have leaked video of the shooting incident at a gas station in downtown Montego Bay last Thursday.

In a statement to Parliament this afternoon, National Security Minister Robert Montague said the commissioner has resolved that the perpetrator will be named, investigated and the necessary actions taken thereafter.

“We cannot allow incidents like these to stand. It destroys public trust and undermines the effectiveness of the police,” Montague said.

The video shows three men with handguns alighting from a white motor car before proceeding to open fire on persons at the MoBay gas station.

Twenty-two-year-old Kahni Erskine was killed and two pump attendants injured in the attack.

The Gleaner had earlier reported that two men are to be charged in connection with the shooting.

The violence in St James has escalated in recent weeks resulting in the killing of 200 people.


  1. The police will be named,investigated ect Mr rubbish I mean commish y move so promptly on this case when I don’t see a crime committed by the police if anything he prevented alot by making the public know who these armed thugs are….if only justice could be as swift on politicians like u doing here

  2. Hands Down,beyond a shadow of a Doubt this effer is the worst commissioner in Mankind’s history! He continues to rob the tax payers by collecting a salary n those who facilitate paying him is on this massive Fraud n injustice!!Damn Disgusting waste babbling baboon educated Dunce fool of a excuse of a man!

  3. But unuh nuh easy. The man not making it as a commissioner & to show that his ‘doctorate’ stands for something he finally takes on a case he can actually manage to solve & unuh cussing him. Donkey seh the worl nuh level. Gwan through commish. Show your authority yaw – it could be your only chance.

  4. Weh ya seh! Once upon a time it was Bunting fi stop crime but now a comish, comish did promise unu fi end crime unu dam hypocrite blame everybody else except the wutlis Andrew and Montique

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