Good night Aunty Pinky HIDE MI ID PLEASEā€¦
I have strong evidence to prove that 50 add people including myself was scammed by a company going by the name of Compras Network Jamaica (CNJ).They are a online shopping company who will have agents going around to get customer to join their company through a monthly subscription thing. Through desperation for a job mi guh pay dem 8500jmd fi get work.At first they said I’ll get insurance,training and a certificate for the 8500. 2months pass and all now the work can’t start.Everytime the date they set for work to start the so called manager bring up another excuse;ID not ready,uniform not ready and horse dead and cow fat.All the heads dem left the whatsapp group and nobody cyah get them phone.Please to let people know bout dem act suh dem nuh mek the same mistake as me pleeeaasssee.The manager is said name Mr.Andrew Poorman and company.They are working very smart to trick and rob poor people warn the wallers please mi a beg yuh🙏

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