Conductor spills liquor on cop in road rage

An unruly Toyota Coaster bus conductor, who drenched a motorist with alcohol when he refused to give him a “bly”, got a rude awakening on April 5.

The motorist is a member of the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

Tajay Henry told the Kingston and St Andrew Court on Thursday that he was ‘under the influence’ when he assaulted the policeman who was travelling in a private vehicle.

The prosecutor told the court that the policeman was travelling on Balmoral Avenue, St Andrew, when the accused man exited the bus with a plastic cup containing liquid substance in his hand, appeared in front of the unmarked vehicle and said “B@#$ ole yuh cyaah wait. Lik yuh wah lik mi dung p@$%& ole. A wah yuh a do?” Henry said before drenching the complainant and hopping onto the bus.

The complainant explained: “He overtake a long line of traffic, look left, and look right if there were any police,” he said, adding that Henry forced himself in front of his vehicle.

“I told him to remove himself from in front of my vehicle. I asked him to remove three times,” the complainant explained.

Justifying his action, Henry insisted that he had asked the complainant for a “bly”.

Noting that he was surprised, he said the complainant placed a siren on the top of his vehicle and chased him.

“He did not identify himself,” he insisted.

“How you working on the bus and drinking rum,” Parish Judge Vaughn Smith asked.

“Just a little working vibes,” Henry replied.

“That sounds appropriate to you?” Judge Smith asked.

“Everybody in here knows about the rampant indiscipline. I see it every day. It has to stop, it can’t continue,” the judge uttered.

“You used your body to block the man. You are fortunate that this is this officer you buck up into,” Smith said to resounding sounds of ‘yes’.

Henry was subsequently sentenced to 100 hours community service for assaulting the constable. He was also fined $2,000 or 10 days for indecent assault.


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