A man who reportedly helped his friend trick a prostitute into believing that he was buying sexual favours from her and instead stole her handbag with $400 and a Samsung cellular phone was last week remanded when he appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court.
The accused, Sean Watson, a 22-year-old conductor of Stony Hill in St Andrew, was handed over to the police by a motorist who chased and caught him on the night of the incident.
Allegations are that on June 20 about 12:45 am, the complainant was on Haining Road seeking business when she was approached by Watson and his friend. The accused man’s friend reportedly asked her if she was working and she told him yes and that it would cost him $1000.
The complainant then suggested that they go to a nearby car park to exchange favours but the man told her that he was not comfortable doing business there. As a result, the complainant told him that they could go to a nearby security office where they could get a room for $200.
The complainant then proceeded to take the man to the office but while they were heading there he reportedly grabbed the woman’s bag and ran off, along with Watson. The complainant then shouted “thief thief” and a passing motorist reportedly went to her assistance, chased Watson and handed him over to the police. Watson was later charged with robbery.
According to the complainant, her bag valued at $2000 contained $400 and a Samsung phone worth $10,000.
However, on Friday when Watson appeared in court he insisted that he was not the one who robbed the complainant and that he did not know the other man.
“Your Honour, with all due respect I did not rob her and I don’t know him,” he said.
But the complainant told the court that she had observed Watson and the other men lurking around while she was working that night.
“I saw the two of them standing under the streetlight and the man who I was doing business with asked me if me know them and I told him no,” the complainant said.
“Is all right I know exactly what happened and we will go to trial,” Senior Magistrate Judith Pusey said.
Watson was then remanded for trial in the night court on July 16.
Woman claims another woman wanted to sleep with her
Two women who were involved in a “bloody” fight in which one was allegedly sexually assaulted were both dragged before the court.
One of the accused, Moesha Maxwell, a 24-year-old bartender of Priory, St Ann was charged with unlawful wounding, while the other, 27-year-old Patricia Allen, of Central Village in St Catherine was charged with indecent assault.
According to Maxwell, on June 29 she was in a room at Delano Avenue in Kingston 11 where she was staying, when she heard someone cursing outside her door. She reportedly made checks and saw that it was Allen and both began to quarrel. During the quarrel it was reported that Allen told another girl that she had slept with the complainant.
However, shortly after the argument reportedly ended, and Maxwell went to her room, but while there Allen went into the room and took up her map and left which sparked another argument.
Maxwell then reportedly went into Allen’s room for the map and was shoved by Allen and both began to wrestle. However, reports said that while they were tussling, Allen shoved her hand under Maxwell’s skirt and caressed her vagina and was stabbed with a knife on her arm.
The matter was reported to the police and when Allen was cautioned by investigators said: “A de gal want f… me off and me stab har.”
Allen however had a different version of the incident.
According to her she was at a party at the same location when Maxwell confronted her about “carrying news on her” but she ignored her and went outside for a mop.
Maxwell then reportedly approached Allen and started to argue about the mop which she demanded and during the argument, shoved Allen, who reportedly retaliated and pushed Maxwell who then took up a knife and stabbed her on her arm and ran off while Allen was taken to the hospital.
On Friday when they appeared in court, Allen pleaded not guilty to the charge while telling the court that the fight started after Maxwell accused her of carrying news on her. Maxwell however pleaded guilty and the matter was set for mention on August 5. Their bails were extended.
Former Beauty contestant on bribery charge
Former Miss Jamaica Universe finalist Nathalia deLisser faced the court for reportedly attempting to bribe a policeman after she allegedly told him to accompany her to the ATM when she was stopped for a traffic violation.
The 32-year-old events designer of Orange Crescent in Kingston was arrested and charged with breaching the Corruption Prevention Act following an incident on June 6.
According to the police report, deLissser was driving her Rav 4 motorcar along Olivier Road in St Andrew when she was stopped for driving without her right rear view mirror. The police also found that deLisser’s driver’s licence had expired from December 2013 and she told the police to allow her to leave and that they could work something out.
deLisser was reportedly captured on an audio device asking the police if there was something that she could do to help her and told them that she could go to the ATM right away.
She allegedly told the police that if they agreed to help her she would be quiet about it as she was not the loud type.
However, on Thursday when she appeared in court, her lawyer Tom Tavares-Finson denied the allegations while stating that his client was not trying to bribe the police and that the recording would prove that she was innocent.
The matter was set for trial on August 21 and her bail was extended.
Man says ‘side chick’ making life difficult for him
A taxi driver who was arrested for hitting his ex-girlfriend with a shovel on her hand claimed the complainant has been trying to make his life difficult because he ended their affair.
Christopher Samuels, 30, of Greenwich Town in Kingston faced the court for assaulting the complainant during a confrontation at his home over a phone that she had loaned him.
The court heard that the complainant and Samuels got involved in a relationship in April and she lent him the phone but asked him back for it after the month-long affair ended.
The complainant reportedly called Samuels several times to return her phone but he did not comply and she and her mother went by his house to retrieve the item.
However, the court heard that when they got to Samuels’ house he threw a bucket of water on them and then used a shovel to hit the complainant on her hand during a fight.
The matter was reported and he was charged with assault occasioning bodily harm.
But Samuels denied the allegations, claiming that the complaint was being malicious because he broke off their relationship as she was a “side chick”.
According to Samuels he was surprised when he was told that he was wanted by the police for committing an offence.
“When me go to the station as me reach them put handcuffs on say me hit woman with shovel, me never hit har with nuh shovel,” he said.
“She and her mother come up a me house about 5 in the morning and mek bare noise and a fling bare stones at me house. Your Honour dem wa me babymada know say me and har did ave a little side thing. Your Honour she nuh stop call call me phone and me tell har say it over,” Samuels said.
RM Pusey then asked the complainant: “Why unuh go up to the man yard so early and make noise and fling stones?”
The complainant said that she was only trying to get back her phone, as Samuels had hung up his phone on her when she called him and that he was the one who threw water on them after he called them inside his yard.
The magistrate then asked Samuels if he was certain that he did not hit the complainant and he maintained his innocence. As a result, the matter was set for trial on August 21 and Samuels’ bail was extended.
Woman wants $10 million for injured daughter
The mother of a woman, whose lungs were damaged allegedly by her partner’s jealous ex-lover, was disappointed last week after her request for a $10 million compensation for her daughter was not granted by the court.
The woman in a letter to RM Pusey told the court that she was seeking justice for her daughter and that she was asking the court to give her daughter $10 million for her pain and suffering.
The woman said that the money would cover medical bills, including the money that was incurred at the hospital, the complainant’s loss of income which is $7,000 weekly, her daughter’s laundry bill and her lunch money for her children.
“No money can reward her but if there is a money recompensation it would be $10 million,” the woman said in her letter which was read in court.
However, the magistrate told her that she could not grant her a request like that and that she had to get a lawyer to file a suit.
The woman’s daughter was reportedly attacked and stabbed by the accused, Monique Francis, 28, a cosmetologist from Duhaney Park in Kingston.
According to the police, on June 25 around 12 o’clock, the complainant was sitting outside her lover’s home having a conservation with him when Francis came along. The complainant reportedly got up to move when Francis shoved her and shortly after the woman realised that she was stabbed in her side after she saw the blood running down.
Francis then fled the scene while the complainant was taken to the Kingston Public Hospital.
On Wednesday when the matter was mentioned the complainant told the court that Francis was always troubling her, but this was denied by Francis.
“I just want to ask is John worth it, don’t answer just ask yourself,” Pusey told both women.
Francis was subsequently offered $150,000 bail and is to return to court in August.

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