Dem too big p**sy gyol ya luv in a gyol waay weh stay better dan dem me no knw why di b*tch dem no loowe dancehall with dem tiad clothes& gu find a gym guh &stop walk &mash up people dance unoo lumpy like cornmeal porride weh no dun mix out good!! Wid unoo belly weh big like dem big bawt panWaan di gyol weh unoo a try gang buss up unoo head cuz a years unoo a walk chubble gyal me get fi understand yess pavel yuh did again!!!no invite dem grazmite dea a we place next time mon f**a dem just crawney suh


2 thoughts on “CONFIDENCE IS A GIFT

  1. So because them fat them stay bad, writer you sound hurt and jealous not every body can be slim, and as far as I’m concern them could a look worse.

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