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  1. congratulations Sweets :2thumbup :selamat :thumbup :alay :pertamax

    my spirit did always tek her more than Dolly

    this need to be the new hype – graduation pics

    apple, robbas – come follow the trend !!! :ngakak :ngakak

  2. Congratulations lovely, welcome to the club. The road to obtaining a degree is definitely an obstacle course but you succeeded, well done!!

  3. Big up sweets. now tek the associates degree, get a job, and move out nalvet place. You were good in the hair dressing as well you could now successful run a business

  4. Big up to Met and the bloggers, this site gives these women constructive criticism which is often mistaken for badmind. I have noticed over the years that women improve their way of living when getting tips from the bloggers here. Big respects to you all. If mi love Met one more time :maafaganwati

    P.S I would love some advice too. Does anyone know of any surgeons in Jamaica that does scar removal? Also any institution who offer low-interest loans to start a small business?

  5. Congratulations Sweets continue to strive. Metters it’s sad how only a few of you ran in and posted a positive comment. Had it been some mix up about the girl then it would’ve been a million comments.

    1. Oh stop it! We log on when we not busy…are you here to congratulate Sweets with genuine affection or to dig at the bloggers?

      Any how….BIG UP SWEETS! I am always in favor of education. Gwan through mumma!

      Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours :rose:

  6. Heartiest congratz sweets,proud of u so till.Chancey google Dr.Germaine Spencer.Jamaica National is a great start and link Jamaica Business Development center(JcDC) they give u grants.

    Again Congratz Sweets.

  7. Congratulations!!! Yes my girl, this we waan see.

    Met Stop make the germ dem when caan read feel important (gully bop, Hollywood hype, etc)

  8. Congrats. In the words of Sizzla Ina song called for the girls dem, “pretty girls whole heap a education unuh fi ave fi meek di pagans dem get mad”

  9. Sweets am sooo proud of you!! I check the wall all afternoon to see If someone would send in this Great news, again am proud of you, you’ve inspired me to be better.

  10. This ah di kinda spotlight more woman need fi inna more dan ah skin out an all sawt ah foolishness dat nah guh get yuh more ah few minutes ah fame. Noh baddi can teck whey yuh education…Congrats to the lady!

    :selamat :selamat :thumbup :thumbup

  11. After all the bashing on pink wall finally she took heed & progress is made in the right direction. Big up Met & all the educated bloggers for all the positive, constructive criticism rendered here daily. I feel so proud for this young lady a bog CONGRATS to you!!

  12. Congratulations Sweets. Well done for achieving your goal despite all the distractions. Proof that you can achieve whatever you want to regardless of what other people think and say of you and I have never seen you look more beautiful than you do in your graduation pic. Keep it up.

  13. Thanks a lot Yardie, nuff respect :salaman Congrats again Sweets, this is abt Sweets and not me but thanks for the advice.

  14. Now this is more an example to follow…aspirations and goals..congratulations and all the best….up up up!!!!

  15. I’m all for our Jamaican women and women in general empowering themselves. So a big congratulations to you Sweets, I don’t know you but I have seen you featured on our very entertaining, yet life changing wall a few times. I hope this inspires some of the regular unsavory characters featured here every month, to take a page out of your book. By your actions you are showing them that education is one of the biggest weapons for uplifting oneself. You don’t have to become a product of your environment. Congrats again and make sure you continue on to higher heights.

  16. Mi ah wonder why dolly wasn’t at her sisters graduation. Not even an acknowledgment on her page congratulating her sister. That’s kind ah strange…. It really is. I hope as sisters they can put aside whatever hatred or jealousy towards one another and support each other.

  17. That’s my girl…..Rayyyyy….big up mi gyal Sweets. Mi a wait pon Dolly fi acknowledge Sweets. Ina any way shape or form….mi waiting. Ppl may say they live together so maybe she did it personally but this is a milestone in your sister’s life…..suh if yuh can acknowledge a pair a new Giuseppe. …..then hey…..a mere congrats is the least you can do. Anywayyyyy……Big up Sweets. Do it mi gyal. Woiiiieee.

  18. I’m very proud of her. Being a career women, aka college degree with a real profession having a degree is vital. The market is high and if one doesn’t have a least a Bachelors they’re going to be lost at sea. A lot of foreigners are getting educated and surpassing people in America. They competition is there.

    The other day I read Apples mom Christine talk about nuff of us have education and cant get a job. Well, let me “correct” her. Having a “job” is different from having a “career”. A job is doing HHA, sales clerk, security, and etc. A career is manager, information technology, and etc. A professional is a lawyer, doctor, nurse, pharmacist, and etc. There’s a difference. So having a career is stability, options, and growth.

    Having a career allows one to have the freedom to move on to other positions with ease. If I dont like how my boss talks to me, I can pick up and find another position in my profession. With a job, a boss can talk and handle you in any kind of way because they know you need the job because of the lack of education. When you have a “job” one get stuck because the lack of education in a career doesn’t allow them move on. These kind of treatment happens in nursing homes, factories, and etc.

    There are educated ones I call educated fools. They have an education but the lack of ambition behind it. I have one now I work with has her Masters degree and working on her PHD. But, doing a job which I feel isn’t on her level of education for 20 years. She should be a Director of something. There are people who have their degrees but cant find a job because, they have their degrees in foolish stuff like romance literature, sociology, psychology and etc. Also, some refuse to upgrade their skills and move to areas where their profession is needed. Some states need more of a certain profession than some.

    So Sweets, keep being sweet. Proud of you. Please use your ambition behind it as well. Don’t waste your time. Once you have that you can work downtown with young professional men. Stability counts now. Also, dont allow dancehall to mesh up your career too. Over the years, I’ve seen people who allowed dancehall mess up their careers. Mess up by taking too much time off, coming to work drunk, sleeping on the job, smelling like ganja, and etc. Some, had state and city jobs too and mess up their pensions because of dancehall hype.

      1. a ton load a shit and carcasses fi extra measure :hammer

        It all a dictate how people fi use dem degree…people degrees are for their own personal use NUFFY!

    1. You’re full of shit!

      Why you undermining people? All that bullshit you wrote about job, profession and ‘dish ran away with spoon’ spiel and yet you still don’t prove shyte….bitch you still weak in power because you can get layed off or FIRED because you not the BOSS.

      Don’t belittle people! You’re spewing fu$$ry! You STILL a worker bee in this “bee hive” call society :sup2: :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

      Pompous bullshit! And I have my THREE degrees. :sup2:

      Have an infinite amount of a seats!!!!!!

  19. @goodjobsweets!!! I have a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and after I graduated college I worked at a psychiatric lab facility upstate NY studying the brains of men who were killed on death row ,interviewing and analyzing serial killers. I made $87,658 2 years later my job paid for me to get my Master’s degree in biochemistry. Now I’m waiting to take my MCAT (medical college assessment test) to get into medical school. People with sociology degrees get job as social workers, also people with psychology degree.

  20. Congrats to Sweets, she has her head on her body.. Thats why she is her mothers favorite.. All Dolly a worry bout a man, she need to go do something with her self and come out a di mother house wid har pitney and go look someweh live, a run down Kwesi and name brand..Big up Sweets all da damn way… A job well dun, continue to strive hun. Yuh wutless sister needs to take notes

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