1. DNA DNA !!!! Oiiii Kaka Lee a which one a di man dem wey yuh pimp har out to breed har now???? Rayyyyyyyy

  2. You haters are ridiculous camille is only 35 she has been with her husband for years, it’s a blessing to be carrying her husband whom she love child don’t knows what’s you haters problem congrats camille.

  3. Congrats camille a least you can breed some gal a mule can’t breed congrats camille pretty browning with the sexy real shape.

  4. I just watched the clip and all said and done Camille ah di real trendsetter – dem just watch her and follow her ting

  5. Camille have up her shape before fake batty come in the woman batty real and talking about this and that man jump in her hole call names of the man them because has far as I see all the dancehall man them rate camille so call the names of man them you claim.

  6. Loooool anon @ 2.41 please don’t draw the tongue of anon @ 2.18 cause the list welllll loooonnnnggggg

  7. Here’s the list Long head Robert Waldie skinny lol. Let Lou Lou fill in the rest when I remember the rest I will post and kaka know about every single last one of them him look like him a cuckold lovey lol

  8. I don’t why anon ah bring me inna dis looooool but okay, we also have to name out Lenky Roy, Shawn aka Yankie (he box Camille on one boatride in front of di husband) then we can add Cartel Blue who used to par ah Brixton – he trick Camille back in the days with a pair of slippers…..

    There’s more of course, and I know the doubters who believe in the image that the long married couple put in front of you will say no way – but those of us who know better know sey that this is the truth…..

    As to the body, breast were done years ago, and batty look kinda enhanced but I’m not too sure as she has put on weight so the broadness will follow

  9. This is hard for me to believe. I see them as a loving dancehall couple & could swear she looks on no other man then again U can never judge a book without reading ita content..anyway congrats girl you look fab

  10. Thank u nasty gal some a den gal yah fool an naive eh si
    To di person weh seh di face no look like 35 mi believe you di face look close to 40

  11. Camille did all f**k willie haggart likkle miss did Rush har n box har Pon a boat ride cause she find out seh she wassa f**k willie

  12. :cool :nerd Nasty gal @6:00
    Yuh know wah yuh ah talk bout
    Nutten fe sey bad bout har
    But camile never have batty
    An breast
    Dat ah facts an she inna har
    Fortys dat ah facts
    Who nuh know dat nuh know
    When de whole god bless crew
    Did a run de place
    When dem ting jus ah bust
    Nutten nuh wrong but it nuh real
    Like yuh sey my girl some ppl

  13. The last time me check,40 odd is not an old person..In any event, this chick always luk good to me. Even if she had surgery done, its not over-done and its done tastefully, comparing to the ones i have seen in NY whe dem all luk lean and dis-proportioned(ijs).

  14. Nuff a uhunu love judge people based on their age. This girl is living a life that yall probably envy out rass. Congrats to this girl gwan beat dem bad, mash up dem head and who bloodclaut cares how old you are, you still look gud. Who GOD bless no one curse.

  15. Nuff a uhunu love judge people based on their age. This girl is living a life that yall probably envy out rass. Congrats to this girl gwan beat dem bad, mash up dem head and who bloodclaut cares how old you are, you still look gud. Who GOD bless no one curse.

  16. Robert name call pon all a the gal dem a England who Robert nuh f**k a who nuh born yet him just use him money and catch dem

  17. Camille who coulda envy you weh walk and f**k so like dog child please everything you lot talk bout envy self obsessed much

  18. hey what happen to the pretty girl that name Bianca, she use to par with Camille and the godbless crew

  19. A true if she a 40 odd a breed it look bad plus her daughter 18 an she will be giving her grandchildren soon it look careless fih true

    1. u fih do better Lou-Lou u no see she Bianca reach yah n a big up herself lol di two a dem deh right yah a read mi chile a nah laugh

  20. I think it was after she had the twins, childbirth can take its toll. It can make you fat or slim down in her case marga down

  21. Mi anno dancehall peggy and mi nah lie, Camille lokk di best out a di international dancehall crew, but as a chick who was always wise enough to huh dance fi enjoy mid elf and not fi get caught up, some a unnu naive till it hurt.
    Put it this way, anyone who use to see Camille about the place BEFORE Kawka Lee come pan di scene and when NARDO use to deh a Hinglan know that the provenance of Camille is not “great”. I’m just surprised that she seems to still have fi har sanity. As somebody who was very much on the sidelines, I will say this; what happened with Camille and Nardo would constitute grooming, child endangerment/neglect by her mother and ephebophilia (statutory rape) in any courthouse in Uk or US. So I don’t go in much for calling her all the names under the sun…..she was given this path by her mother (objective opinion) and has made the very best of it whist maintaining a kind of mystique that other, better brought up dancehall peggies cannot obtain. There’s some mental strength there and mi nah judge har. Mi si di runnings and anno shi inveigle herself inna badman/drugs man relationship. Yes, I may have a “soft spot” fi shi, but mi might a tun “whore” if I was brought up to be one, too.

  22. Who is Camilles first baby father? The father of her 18 year old daughter. If Camille is 35 then that means she breed when she was just around the age of 17.

  23. Mi hear you oh well but she couldan change her life too she nuh still hafto be the whore she a big middle age woman now she can put down di dutty lifestyle weh her madda cause her to tek up.

  24. It sounds like Camille has been through a lot and to be honest no matter what they say she does behind closed doors she still looks better than half of the dem girls in the dance and Camille has class she knows how to present herself. It’s a shame that someone that looks like a nice person has so much rumours spread about them if they are true or not I don’t know I don’t know Camille personally but I hope she has a healthy baby and she continues living her life.

  25. Looks are not everything because looks and bad character ain’t cutting it you can’t be sexing down the place and still be classified as having class nopes it does not work like that

  26. Dog shitt camel is not 35 mi kno her from Sandra lee days over 25 and she was a old big gal dem time deh camel about 45 yuh waan 35 slap in your face

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