1. you know how the catch her groove back thing guh. little maca powder and some walnut in the diet and BAM she can keep up with the youngings.

  1. like really go pon the woman page and tek off the pics from me see she put them up me say to me self damm she should never put it up cause it a dash up pon jmg allme can say is congrats juju dont know you but everybody need love no matter what stage a life you in

  2. fr long time me have her on fb. one time somebody comment say juju love young boy she say no young boy love me

  3. Waiiieeee my baddi….good luck Mr & Mrs JuJu. May it last 4vea, howeva long dat be. Maybe its chue luv

  4. Bop bop bop
    Juju ah longtime him an har
    Ah gwan
    Yes ah pure young bwoy to juju
    Bless up juju nuh stop madd
    Young gal ah canada

  5. Long time dem married… Not just now… But she sey she nah GI him nuh papers fi come Canada fi the thirsty woman dem tek him whey…

  6. Big up Juju….met from the first story did run me go add har fi faas an fall inlove wid persona nice gal… a dus hope dat koolie boy doe diss har

  7. @ puss a same thing with me, I added her as well cause mi did want fass, but di woman have a very nice personality. Don’t have nothing bad fi say bout har, every time mi c har name a bare smile mi smile, u would a swear Mi and har a Friend in a real life.

  8. Yes its Juju and her Husband. So f**king what???? Bitch yuh mad nuh man ah look yuh ram goat looking ass…Thief the woman picture off her wall…and what did that accomplish..Still her man.

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