Ioctane and Kerine welcome their baby. I wonder what we gal Sasha have to say bout this. I can’t believe she so blind and stupid…how one gal can be one time. I mean say, if people talk ah road and you know, then still run around with married man, more so the man and his woman welcome a baby. You nah see a curse yuh curse yuh self.


Likkle gal Bling, you preach bout woman power. Clearly it look like you’re the one to work on your personality and self-esteem because you need feh pray for all them horrid life you live with people man. But then again, my girl Bling must be love the free flight and hotel. Wohooo she ah wuk out

Must be bun her still. Fool gal before you come down on other woman ah road, you better start looking at yourself. Karma soon come round and sting yuh. OH! I just remember Markus well right, you should show other oman how to be side check dutty gal.


  1. The one dem inna lime light a who always a preach bout woman power yet nah live by wah dem a preach …yanique….yendi…kitty…charm…bling…Lisa hannah….Cindy breakspare (who still can’t shut up bout Bob)

    Yet just browse pinkwall and you see how them life really set…de haffi come wid them things de fi validate themselves and mek dem feel better…it’s just a shame seh nuff young girl look up to them!

  2. He is literally n figuratively a MEDIA WHORE.I love love upstanding n outstanding women like Doreen Samuels n Simone Cooper even Paula Ann porter becuz them nuh frighten fi celebrity status n spotlight.

    Something bout a Pastor’s Dawta ya n the way she siddung Inna the public humiliation this asswipe (who always a sing bout what n what man can n can’t do him) put her thru smh.

  3. Too bad everybody so quick to jump to her defense bout she a wife a lot of wives are side chicks, she’s a side wife because she broke up a family to have her’s so tsk tsk same knife weh stick goat stick sheep. congrats on her life of misery !! and by the way him is a ole fart kmft.

  4. So what about the married man who keeps straying? The man name always a call pon disease da pastor daughter yah lucky. Dem a di worst. Hope she happy with her new baby though.

  5. I-Octane ain’t shit. Him look mi fren and vex tru she neva waan fuq him. And di nastiness claims he is NOT married!

  6. How she feel? She really doesn’t look like anything phases her, she could be one to hear baby born today but then at Mobay with Octane tonight. Careless girl.

    My mother always say, what don’t reach you in dis life can meet your children next. So, she better start figuring out how to balance her scale.

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