1. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…..
    luk like paris av less ppl round herenow,it nuh suh hype up like wen she had the one for her son,i hate dem cakes wid baby inna is a cum out a vagina luk so damn disgusting nd weird tuh mi,congrats Sabrina nd safe delivery.
    luv trace oooooooooooo yuh c how mi still deh yah a wait fi yuh sign in even once chro
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  2. Good luck Paris 3 kids under 5 ,3 different baby daddy no it nuh look good stop fool ppl cause you know the first 2 a nuh the same pap stop take the young boy them cause them naw tan wid you

    1. anuh everybody aguh get married yep…but sabrina nuh haffi have no chee baby fada wid all kids unda 5 sum standards need to be set

      1. The last son is not one so how Paris find another man so fast and almost due? Paris u know mi like u but u need fi do better this is bad

        1. nuh mussi end up a six weeks clinic wid baby inna belly dem a heights a nastiness mi nuh get a bloodclaat…wuss wid a next man dem far too care free fi me

      2. *my opinion*..before/afta baby #3, marriage proposal shoulda been set in can be hard being a single mom, so why keep having more n’ more kids without some sort of stable commitment from the man? is way easier tuh raise 3 or 4 kids with someone, than go at it by yourself…

  3. Congrats but why do a socalled ikon yu hair/wigs never look good yet?! Your attire all over the place with heap a fandangles evend from way back..fix your hair & get a stylist..God bless the kids them

  4. Paris u talk a good game but Remmber this ‘independent & goodas woman no walk & breed for Tom dick & Harry or Larry . First ting u have never been married to none of those children father my god what u trying to hold on to welfare & food stamps oooops there it is Paris hot gal breed breed . It’s a sad some gal can never get $1 from a man Un less them breed no no that’s not goodas dear that’s a stressful life without a husband .

    1. PREACH that’s what they all do. Have all these babies back to back to get welfare to pay their rent. and dont give two damn bout the pickney dem. next couple of years from now ,the government is going stop this bull.

    1. eww,that’s what that is???? I saw the cake as being ugly didn’t know a birth it did a give! groooooooooss

  5. Am sorry to say but it don’t look good a this yuh come back a America fi do better yuh did stay a jamaica smh nothing wrong with having kids but my god think about them future to Man U on to baby number 3 with no good dad for ur kids to look up to an all U do is pop shit on fb like seriously my girl

  6. Smfh these woman walk and breed fi diff man and none a them around these for these kids.. bitches stupid I can’t wit these women

  7. Dat cake is straightup tacky and widout class. Dat ah one cake me wouldn’t want…..Den again har breeding histry nuh normal, suh ah jus suh di ting set up…..:travel

  8. Nasty Paris yu fi cool ah wonder if a jr ah yu baby fada again cuz yu woulda sad smh after in leave yu fi woman and don’t look pon yu baby boy now ya breed again shame on u him all video inna yu Dutty house and sent it to pink walk my girl yu mad

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