1. Bout time she get her own man. Nah tell unno how me Cayman friends did seh she use to cause problem inna dem life 2008 wid dem man nah tell unno how fight pop..ohhhh

  2. Her husband is very very young, very handsome and athletic body and very well to do, so I guess she said yes.
    He is a famous Kenyan gospel singer in his country in Africa.
    I am quite sure he put some hot hot limbo and African power love makng on Alaina, so she had to say yes.

    Isn’t it great one can find love in older age ?
    Congratulations love. Keep your nose clean and free. You have a hot, young African now. No JA industry mix up, just fresh start.
    Enjoy Kenya . Africa is finally your home

  3. Everybody in the comments saying it’s for a music video, and that he married his grandma lol. I hope it’s a lie, this is just another failed relationship in the making.

  4. Well I just realized this guy is ONLY 24 years old !!!
    What a ting !! Cougar to d world miss Alaine!
    I wonder if it is just a publicity stunt now for a music video ?
    Artists with sinking sales have been known to bu$$ big in Africa.

    If is a real marriage, she getting young young firm strokes every night… and THAT my dear, is very very very important !!!

  5. 30 years old is old to your average Jamaican because most of the girls are done out by 18….. I’m 100% for people to pursue whoever makes them happy, goodluck to them both.

  6. So why her husband in that colourful get up? Blush tux??? Anywho, marriage is a honourable step in life, I wish them all the best.

  7. This shit fake as hell seem more like a music video u married and none of u wearing a ring April 1 no come yet plus all the grooms in deferent colors tacky it just comes of as fake

  8. they promoting the song they do together call I do…just like wen spice did duh needle eye and post pic wid Nicholas like him did a cheat

    (Simplicity Soon Sign In)

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