1. same so mi feel after hearing this one..a lot a time dem run come pan yah come seh people badmine because most people here try encourage hard work but the real badmine is when dem same one see people wid dem tings and really hate dem for it because they want what the person have and will kill u for it

  1. We Jamaicans are evil, and plague with a virus call bad mine, them would rather kill the man, and end him years of prosperity, just because them can’t stand his success, and you know the most hurtful thing about it Met, is the fact that all when the man dead and gone, them not going to get what him accomplished in life or what him leave as inheritance. Covetousness is one of the biggest sin.Rip bodyguard. Condolences to the bereaved family.

    1. sketel mi get correction seh a di gunman dem kill but u hit the nail on the head..badmine…..dem will see u with an idea an want to kill u for it and when dem kill u as u seh dem cannot come up with anything jamaica alone a man will kill u because u rich and him nah benefit from killing u

    2. The worse part is dat dese parasites nuh see di ppl dem hungry days. Dem nuh see when dem had to do di menial jobs, a eat tuff crackas and tin mackerel fi dinna, dem nuh see when u did haffi lib inna tenament and a share bathroom and kitchen wid ebrybody else, and cockroach all a crawl pon u a night time. Nopes, dem nuh see none a di suffaration di ppl dem endured fi ketch where dem at. All dem see is a business and a nice car and prosperity pon you and your household and dem decide seh u nuh fi hab it. Wicked set dem is, generation of vipers who nuh care who dem consume. Wuss di dutty parents dem know di bad seed dem leggo pon land fi torment ppl and dem nuh even tun dem baxide een to di law, nopes dem prefah stay deh wid blood pon dem hands at the cost of someone’s life and di tears of dem family. Dem and dem genrations will cursed fi eternity fi di evil dem do pon dis land to innocent ppl.

  2. Mi seh me neva eva see a set ah ppl so Dark. Dem a get ridd ah all di ppl dem weh a generate income ina wi country. If you look pon most ah di ppl weh dem a kill is ppl that can uplift di country unlike di criminals dem weh juss want ah handout.
    Di last payroll killing weh dem kill off the hard workers was that justified? Di coach yesterday? And di countless other hard workers weh ah meck Jamaica have a thrieving economy. Alll Joe betta secure himself more. Cause di way how Laing bexx anything is possible. When ppl start stop come an jamica because a di crime rate unuh wonda why. When business stop come give unuh di below minimum wage work unh wonda why. No body like to live in fear. Some a we may born ina it so we use to it but come on now. On second, thought mi a write dis and half a di savages cah even read it.
    Met did we hear any follow up on the Car Dealer that was killed at his business place earlier this year? I really want to see the outcome sentence of such a cold act.

    1. dem seh it did link to canada and mi nuh hear nothing since..u see all di coach did a sell fruits outa where dem kill him eno and a mus rob them try rob him the first time and shoot him and him never dead so dem go back fi him …mi nuh feel like mi wa return eno because is like dem feel u fi return and suffer like dem

      1. These are people who cant dream beyond your dream. Dem waa live and dream your dream and it has nothing to do with them and dont belong to them. Di man open club a Mobay not even 4 months good an dem a run upp pan him. Go see how much dem pay that hitman deh now and the family dont have the first dollar now fi bury him

  3. met true word Corey trying ppl can say what dem want but look pon the facts how much youths Corey employ and a nuh gun him give dem.Is Badmind y dem try after the man life d man open the strip a mobay an it a shell so all a di likkle go go club dem in mobay nothing not going on fi dem now.D man a do d sneakers with konstance and him see say hat not working in out him cut same as him did a try with kartel and him see say that never did a work so him low that.Wi need fi do better as a ppl dem man yah a try help build d dancehall industry and a employ nuff youths so dem man yah nuffi b no target.Is somebody pay d hit man annuh nuh likkle man either

  4. Mawning Met, Metters & Peepers. This was a hit. It was not an attempted robbery. Investigator fi start from behind de prison wall.
    Progress tuh Corey competitors inna de club bizniz. Almshouse ting.
    Mi a watch and lissen fi si if de hitman dem kill nuh have a familar connexion.
    Get well Corey. Nuhbady nuh deserve gunshot fi being successful. Badmind ting.

    1. What wrong doing did He do to YOU and YOUR family? Come talk up mek we hear. We can only speak of what we see of this man, He is a business man who provides employment to nuff a unuh Hungry belly crab in a barrell, That is what WE know. So come tell us bout the wrong doings Him do so we can understand. UNUH HUNGRY BELLY RAT BAT DUNCE HEAD. KMT.

  5. @jay please enlighten us about the wrong doings weh him involve in.And the fact still remain say a badmind y dem put out hit pon the man.

    1. I am here waiting on jAY to come respond on the wrong doings. Me waan peepee and me not moving until the blogger come inform us. My Jamaican people are so transparent it not even funny. I pray for my father everyday for Jah to guide and protect him because He owns his own business in Jamaica. All a we should walk a road and Beg people and suffer. If we not doing that in Jamaica WE are a target for senseless killings. Better yet, All a we in a farrin country should live off the government and go in a people store go teef and scam dem. None of us should not go and get an higher education and progress in a life cause if we do we are considered “Wrong doers” All the females should go get skin bleach and do breast and bottom to fit in with the clueless. We should all be in a dancehall everynight a skin out and wear classless outfits, Or we should all call farrin and beg people money and if we dont give dem nastyness we are what? “wrong doers”. This is NEVER going to stop! Never! We have some F-up mentality and it beyond sad.

      1. The reason why dem beg di farrina is not because they are in because the person is in farrin an dem not there.

  6. Kmft tiad a dese rass ppl coming wid dem riddle me dis riddle me dat, seh wah unu know are shut di f**k up an nuh badda seh nutn to begin wit…..

  7. Met: again, if yuh walk inna di fire on yuh nuh clean,then yuh a guh get burn, di man stand by when him know seh a him associates a fire shot offa people and a laugh, but when di tables turn, him a run on a try distance him self,now him higher security,one ting bout jamaica underworld,it could a tek 5,10,15yrs,man a guh bite yuh!!!memba diss bout jamaica,corey todd have money,suh if yuh rob di man,people a guh find out,cause principles,yuh waan distance yuh self from badman???????? pay yuh taxes!!!!!!

    1. I am confuse! Decipher Triston. You are saying Corey should pay bad man taxes? Me no get it. So corey Todd friends were firing shots off someone years ago? Lwad me very confuse cause all this and it still no mek no sense fi waaan kill the man. SMH.

  8. No forget this wasn’t the first hit dem put out pon him, memba last year when him and the entertainer topic did up, he talk on the show man put hit out pon him but him still a strive (read it here)!!

    1. That hit never manifest and a did ina 2011 I believe , before Kartel went to prison. Kartel never said why or what Corey did and the same man dem go back go put out the word so Corey could hear because dem know Kartel wanted to kill him for no reason. Mind u..all the while Kartel did waa kill him , his assets were in Corey’s name :travel

  9. Met: weh mi a seh is, a simple man caan rob Corey Todd,especially a Mobay or Kingston,it a come from a top man,pink wall fi stop feel sorry fi him on mek di ting playout,him know man try kill a certain person on never try stop it,until di man dem ready fi turn di tables,nuh loyalty a jamaica inna di underword,first hand experiance!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Di Jamaican underworld must be really under there doe because all innocent man dem kill pan di breast and woman

      1. You no see say a nonesense Triston a talk? Him say a simple man cannot rob corey is a big top man :travel I want to know what underworld him a make reference to cause all my family in Jamaica and I never know there was a underworld that we the normal people no know bout execpt the people dem kill you for no reason. KMT

  10. Met: yuh know we caan seh certain tings fi get people inna trouble and di pink wall have rules on regulations,it hard fi mi code up certain tings,but mi a try!!!!!

    1. Yes triston cause feds as u always seh but no feds nuh supposed to involve yasso so u nuh haffi code up.If Corey never put out a hit pan dat person whey u a talk …dat person should only send the hit back to the source so it still nuh mek sense whey u a seh

    2. YOU KNOW SAY YOU IS ONE WICKED BLOGGER TRISTON?? WHY YOU COME ON MET SITE AND MEK UP STORIES BOUT COREY WHEN NOTHING NO GO SO? Is now me realized unuh Jamaican people is a wicked set a people!! Bout code up the things, TRISTON WHAT COREY DID YOU BOSS?? Why you come a talk bout under ground and all this ish when noting no go so? WOW.

      1. But u know Triston a talk bout tax and a same so di one whey get d 23 years up here whey did write letter asking the judge fi give him less time did send man all the way uptown bout pay tax..Jamaica is really a disturbing place eno man.


          1. Mi waa know what badman tax do..but u know all di jamaican drug dealers always end up go prison mi jus a put it to thought..same set a jamaicans rob each other den turn roun and inform ..alays see people wid dem things and think dem have share in it..a di badman tax dat

          2. Metty, only thing come tuh mind is Corey naah pay some top man money owed tuh dem for providing him street protection, protection that goes way beyond police protection…a.k.a code for *taxes*..

          3. Or Corey borrow big money from top man and promised tuh pay huge interest back on it and never pay up as agreed…

      2. jealous of wah???????a long time mi deh pon di wall on a give fi mi perspective,mi get 10 bullet from wah day,and mi still a walk on a talk good,diss bigger than u,i am not a angel cause mi did involve inna certain tings,mi get lock by feds and duh my time and never inform!!!!!check mi history,nothing never change but di email on computer every 4 months,american tecknology wicked lol lol

  11. Yes man tru word
    Corey ah wicked him rob up 500,000
    Us dis nuh have nuttin fe do wid
    Bad mind an tax plain an simple

    1. What a piece a cock and bull story. How the man fi rob up $500000 and just a walk round in plain sight and a run and operate him business them.
      The real problem is Jamaicans don’t like to see their one another prosper. Look around, the Chinese, Indians and others are taking over our countries. Opening up wholesales and big businesses. And no one is killing them but as soon as one little yard man start try a thing and the likkle badmind people them see sey it a prosper them kill him.
      They’re a bunch of sick animals!

      1. walk round in plain sight for years..but one thing I know about fi mi people is that they love fi mek up story..they try to justify things this way

  12. Met: mi a send yuh something,but yuh have fi fix it up,very important and give yuh a better overstanding,cause people nuh really ketch certain tings,mi nuh have di full hundred bout weh juss happen a Mo Bay but peaces but,Corey Todd is nuh angel,as mi seh and mi nah tek it back,people a jamaica dem expect certain man,seh yes a him kill such on such cause a how him a move,but di real killer who pay di money inna di background a laugh,juss like how di Don brother kill Bogle and everybody a blame di artist,and di real killer a laugh!!!!!

  13. Me see pictureon ig wid di f**ka lay down pon di ground look lik all car lick him offa di bike afta him get shot

  14. Met I plead De fifth
    500,000 Us
    tru word ppl see ppl an don’t know
    Wah gwan a whole leap duty tings him duh fe get weh him want
    An him bare face fe real know body
    Nuh wish death pon ah man but
    Yuh can’t ah live dutty an expect
    Fe live long

    1. You is the same one who would tek a wuk off a Gully Bop cause him well famous now. STOP TELL STORIES MY GIRL, THIS IS A BLOG THAT EVERY AND ANYBODY COME ON, YOU ARE MORE WICKEDER-ER THAN TRISTON WITH HIS LIES.

  15. Some time when I read of these things I shake my head and laugh! Suh tru him mek a 1/2 a million US them supposed to kill him? Donkey say this worl nuh level, u best believe, I see them kill mi friend baby father in 2000 the way, the man mek a big money up here, and decided to guh down to invest it, and is the same bad man tax thing them bring to the man, and when him refuse to pay them the tax, is right at the complex in Norbrook them lay wait him and kill him, even though is drugs him pushed, he made the sacrifice and them just want free access to people money, them not doing what you have to do for your money, but u must just hand it over to them, them fava ole fart. Bad mined set a ish them

  16. I don’t sorry for no one. Nobody knows what’s going on behind close doors. Nobody just send out hit for you like that especially on more than one occasion. Sorry something is not right.

    1. Im not saying for Corey but that is not the case all the time..dem dd put out a hit on mr hanna same way and that man didnt do a thing more than confront them about money they stole from him. Everytime someone dead a jamaica people say dem did mixup or not innocent when that has nothing to do with it most of the time

      1. Met? That is what WE Jamaicans use to Justify the violence and sensless killings, We always say People no innocent when People Rob and Kill we OWN.So because more than once hit was send out on Corey that means He must did something wrong? Dem anology is off my 90percent when it comes down to critical thinking. By the way, DID TRISTON SEND YOU WHAT HE SAID HE WAS GOING TO SEND? Cause me dah yah a wait fi you PUT UP WHAT TRISTON SEND YOU BOUT COREY.

  17. There is no justifications for taking another human being life, some of uno too rass wicked str8888 up and down, uno love easy living and hand me down, ever looking to what the next person have to give, guh look a wuk, dam grudge full and red eyed. Every time them do these senseless killings them mek haste claim say the people them ina mix up

  18. I don’t even use that word ”business man” to describe myself and I’m a business man.That word business man is worn so often by ”business men” .Spread your bed,lie in it,certain consequences comes with certain kind of life .If certain things were to happen to me ,I know in my heart I don’t deserve it,no tears however for those who get involved in certain lifestyle to live big .Save unnuh tears.

    1. Jay God is good and God is Great..please tell we where we say Corey innocent which person say that?..There is a problem with Jamaica overall and that is the general consensus here

  19. when something happen to nobody a jamaica who doing well u all jump up and a talk about back door deals and bla bla bla. LONG STORY SHORT man take up gun fi kill a man fi money . him get dead and put pon display like dog. me a LOL every time mi see the fat belly dog in the van back. I HOPE THE BUSINESS MAN WEH PUT UP THE HIT GET REVEAL if a suh it go. GOD NAH SLEEP.

  20. The “taxes” is consider paying bad men for you and ur family protection. Something like security. If when they come to collect you refuse, its consider disrespect. You disrespect them, you either pay up ,move out the area or get kill. Thats f**ked up. If you have a business its consider protection or your business, nodody is allowed to rob it once you pay and the word is out you protected smh . A nuff business men and women killed a jamaica because they refuse to pay “taxes” innocent people

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