Subject: gina specks vs sharlene nugent alongsides jr aka stephen say him fu$$k gina fi corn beef

Message Body:
shalene yuh need to come off a gina name now because jr aka stephen nuh want nuh body but him woman a jamaica and yuh need to stop walk and freak out the lil boy dem beucase you same one if a boy nah suck yuh pu**y yuh nuh want dem so it look like yuh freak out this one yuh need to stop it …….him all have a next gal so yuh need to leave gina alone becaus a yuh boss tracey same one a beg yuh if stop call up gina name…..yes mi need a pic a the boy fi put up thats everybody can know the new freak……..met just send out this now now that the ppl dem can know shalene new freak!! come on ppl we need fi know the next gal weh him have up sharlene gina life happy and sharlene a u a tell ppl say the boy a freak ….and mi know mi fren gina must freak him out to

5 thoughts on “CORNBEEF OUT OF THE CAN

  1. dis is all yuh caw cum up wid fi cuss sharlene? :nohope: freakin a regulah ting n cawnbeef a dere dere sitten suh nutten nuh rong oooo

  2. Sharlene kill the future one month two month 3month 4month 5month 6month 7month 8month 9month belly that B… A walking cemetery ;( 🙁 ;( Gina is expert pon tiefing She don’t need a can corn beef abaaaaaaaaaay baby killer sharlene a dream u a dream 🙂

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