This crash was said to have happened in Clarendon yesterday . There was one fatality (A Mr. Brown) , his wife , Mrs. Brown is said to be critical in hospital


11 thoughts on “CRASH IN CLARENDON

  1. Sigh, Jamaican government needs to start or improve regulating and enforcing traffic laws in Jamaica. The speeding and reckless driving needs to be addressed and the ramifications need to be serious. Police need to stop abusing their powers and we need an updated traffic system from the department of public works. RIP to the person who died and speedy recovery to those hospitalized.

    1. All a what you wrote is no one fault, but that of the operators of the vehicles.

      Road upgrade, building and maintenance is government responsibility; how people overtake, speed,maneuver,misjudge,overcorrect maintain the tires, breaks and steering have no one to place blame on but themselves.

      A lot of illiterates, unlicensed, untrained, daredevil’s and don’t give a shit people behind the steering wheels

      Why that truck over in the left lane, btw?

      1. No one is disputing the fact that many accidents are as a result of negligent drivers, I am however highlighting another fact that the current traffic system in Jamaica is archaic. We need to have police blockades that randomly stop motorists requesting license, registration and insurance. If they cannot produce the information the vehicle should be impounded and the driver fined. We also need more patrol officers on the roads with speed guns at the ready clocking these motorists. If they are speeding above a certain limit, straight to the paddy wagon for reckless endangerment. The role of government is to govern a society, that includes keeping us safe, if even from ourselves. I stand by my statement that the government has plenty of work to do and that the system needs to be re-structured, as a matter of fact it has no structure so it needs to get structured quick fast and in a hurry because these are senseless deaths. When I come home to Jamaica I hire a driver out of fear of those roads and the negligence I’ve seen firsthand. I know I can still meet in an accident even as a passenger but the recklessness is paralyzing so I can’t bring myself to sit behind a wheel in Jamaica… that’s not normal so we need change.

        1. You do know that we have highway units?

          Traffic stops are regular, stop,verifications, search and seizures are plenty.

          We need roads and law abiding drivers.

  2. One of my number one concern in JA is the speeding and all the accidents that come from it… JA really need to do something about it yes I agree with you 100 % there is no way they should be reports of accidents every other day or every day or every month it just shouldn’t be at all… There should be posting of speed limits all over the island not a few all over, there should be lights in major sections were accidents are prone to happen and this is for the entire island… They should have highway police around the island policing the roads just for traffic and give tickets and harsh penalties for speeding and any other traffic infractions, hurt them were dem gon feel in the pockets and give stiff jail time for accidents that cause death but they must see that the law is there and harsh punishment will be giving… The accidents must come to a minimum seriously too much senseless death that could be prevented, even with seatbelts on people still die… Sometimes I wonder why we have government and politics because they are not worth sh*t if they aren’t doing nothing to improve our way of life…

    1. Girl, people dead on interstate 95 and 110 everyday. Jamaica has signages and signals, but BITCHES don’t give a shit. Just like NYC drivers.

  3. Really speeding tickets are the least to these drivers and its persons like you, who when the pokice are enforcing traffic laws tell them to go and look for criminals. Blame everyone except the wreckless drivers.

  4. On last night’s tvj news the police were celebrating the success of their latest traffic initiative called operation zero tolerance.The police said death by accident was down to 2 on the weekend from the typical 5-7 persons.

    Sometimes u talk too soon,you talk 2 times.r.i.p sir and plz tek it easy pon di road yall.

  5. Omg so sad I don’t know who wrong inna this situation but dem really need fi tek dem time pon di road & stop buy dem license smh as mi see di truck mi memba mi did deh pon youtube a watch some videos and a few videos of Jamaican truck drivers popped up so mi decide fi click pon dem lawd god one piece a racing dem put dung pon di road it look like a regular thing di Jamaican truck drivers dem do smh mi all see a 18 wheeler a drive pon di side walk bcuz him couldn’t wait nuh longer smh pure f**kery di truck driver dem gwaan wid & video it & put it pon youtube smh R.I.P sir

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