Hospital says fatal crash results in overcrowding

The mangled public passenger bus that was involved in the crash with a motor car along the Llandovery main road in St Ann on Friday. (Photo: Renae Dixon)

Officials of the St Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital in the northern Jamaica parish of St Ann have blamed Friday afternoon’s motor vehicle crash that left two people dead and about 10 injured on overcrowding at the institution.

The North East Regional Health Authority, which has management responsibility for the hospital, said that due to the need to respond to what it considers “a mass casualty incident” along the Llandovery main road, and an increase in other emergency admissions, all wards are filled.

St Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital, the largest in the region, has a capacity of 297 beds. Officials said that the present situation had resulted in overcrowding at the Accident & Emergency Department.

“Currently, there are approximately 36 patients admitted to wards, who are still ‘boarding’ in the Accident & Emergency Department,” the authority said in a statement to the media yesterday.

“We wish to assure the public that every effort is being made to ensure that the health needs of all our patients are being met and proper care administered with the deployment of additional medical, nursing and support staff. Additionally, steps are being taken to place more beds on the wards to reduce the number of persons currently housed in the Accident and Emergency Department.

“The North East Regional Health Authority apologises for any inconvenience caused and asks that persons exercise caution and care while traversing the roads to reduce the accident levels, which invariably impacts the health care system and delivery of health care. We seek your understanding and cooperation at this time,” the statement said.

A public passenger bus collided head-on with a motor car along the usually busy roadway. Police said that the drivers of both vehicles were overtaking other vehicles at the time of the collision.


  1. Well, dem should use the opportunity to make sure and emergency response system is in order at all institutions. If they had done this already they would have been able to handle the influx. With Jamaica being prone to both hurricanes and earthquake there is no reason why all hospitals regardless of class are not equipped with an emergency response system in place.

  2. Lol…I’ve driven on five continents and over 13 countries and by far Jamaican drivers are the worst and craziest. Accidents is a part of driving and even though people aspire to avoid them at all cost, they are a real possibility. It floors me however on how quickly and easily a lot of Jamaicans get into accidents that should never happen, if both of the drivers acquired their license via legit means. I’ve encountered some drivers in Jamaica who can’t even read…. Jamaica is just too corrupt.

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