1. I was thinking the same thing all of a sudden every body a sell hair and a expert on fashion… mi notice the regular dancehall tete dem a sey dem stop party to lol Met a wha cause the changes??

    1. cuz party is not like one time, ppl nuh come fi party again, dem come fi watch and chat other ppl or bruck fight in a di ppl dem dance. or maybe dem jus grow up and grow out if the party life. I don’t know I’m just saying

  2. She did her butt ?? No it’s still flat to me she has a weird shape but she hide it well I just don’t understand how everybody has online boutique like where us there product fulfillment station it’s a lot goes in to online boutique but everybody see other and thinks millions being made . I know one that fees in the most good clothes and he have line and not making a dime him work at night 9-5 and just to look relevant like there CEO dem do this . All Dougie platinum him still all google pictures and verified online stores and seh he selling them , instagram have turned all these people crazy

  3. Gm. she has the body to do modeling suh nuting nuh wrong if shi ah try ah ting its better dan eating shit!!!!

  4. Let me answer… Yes shauna did her butt fact so run in an say a lie… Hmm yuh close fren a mi linky. Can’t even talk too much about dis girl yah mi Nuh waah mi fren busted buttttttt Shauna yuh really and truly fi ho fine summen do now and stop wid di exchange a sex fi money. Yuh start wear di cheap clothes them only because lefrac dead cuz you would never be caught in nothing cheap back then.


  5. We must uplift people who is trying to find dem way and make something of themselves because if you don’t believe in yourself no one will, blacks need to drop tearing each other down and be happy for one another and you wonder why other races are so successful, I’m just saying!!!

  6. Good morning, miss met. How are you doing today?
    Lol… Falling star, a yu dis? …nuh tink she duh nuh batty ..
    She wouldn’t suh wicked tuh har danki shape.. She need about 50g
    Fi duh up har badi . She need fi get di at from har broad waist
    To har hip and den har batty … Docta cya help har
    Har badi f**ked up… More while it luk like she a wear a badi pad
    Wen she tek di so called Fl.. Bahamas pic in a har 2 piece
    She very mawga but in a di night in a har frak she fat … A hope a nuh mi alone think suh.
    … Mi Hear sey she an har new Fren dem, fall out

  7. Mi hear sey har Fren dem vex cause shawna get 3 best dress pon fashion diva’s and dance hall … Dem luddy ppl triad an dem an dem ole tuff puss face

  8. By di way congrats if yu get a gig… It betta dan fi beg like sum Gyal
    Step up shawna Mek yu lil red eye twin dem bex

  9. You guys need to STOP! This girl tries very hard in everything she does. She is very hard working and ambitious. With all that she had been through, you guys need to congratulate her for strenght. She is a good person if you know her….Let’s just be happy for each other..she does not deserve to be BASH…

  10. @ badgyal a dem mi a chat .. Dem nu like si dem Fren
    Duh betta in a no way dan dem ..even if a dressing looks or hav a man laka how Marlene hav a excellent man an den tun enemy especially big face dunce liad bruk dalli
    Oh lawd di big face Gyal badmine

  11. Hello Nursemaid did you catch the back & forth pon KP page between Sweets & Star Barbie with KP in the middle throwing caution to the turmoul??? ah dat yu fi read funny as f**k. The post about why people post receipts for things purchased. check KP page & see fi yuself talk about comedy club lmaoo

  12. I don’t know Shawna personally and I am selective wid mi ratings, however Ithis is one girl I always admire. She always look nice and put together whether it is something I would wear or not I give credit where it is due.

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