Mawnin mi waa seh something Uno need fi stop pose wid ppl tings. Big up di one time cricketa who a sleep inna di married mon bed n a drive up inna d mon range rova n a pose on d gram annu fi u.

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  1. I know this one. The man drop the rest of the gal dem like hot bread…. I swear the man enjoying the luxury of another man… Dem white gal yah worse than black woman ti rawse…. love likes I don’t wrong him if she a spend so be it… But Unno no fraid a infection cause this man has been around the world and back… if u no busy deh come here…

  2. Is this Marlon or Chris Gayle now recording artist. But wait Chris Gayle and his light skin hood hair baby mother left.

  3. waste man can u as ah mon feel gud bout posing wid anedda mon tings bikaaz di usband white yuh tink him soft ppl dem soon come fi dem tings

  4. It’s all about stunting for the gram… let him enjoy it while it last… but let this serves as a lesson to his concubines…. I don’t know why black men will leave their own black women for a white woman and treat them way better. Women don’t try to build any man because he will leave you to go build with another.

  5. Who cares who would in their right mind want to build wid him nothing special about him same person come on spice show dissing women. Let’s not get into the yanique situation hope someone go warn his next victim

  6. To be fear Marlon has his own stuff but he’s just playing stupid games. His ego getting to his head that girl don’t respect her husband or soon to be ex husband. What’s her IG

      1. What you mean by this? Pop story give me… I know for sure the husband is rich it’s his money she is using. The husband owns a shipping company in France and the clothing line u see Marlon wearing. Nevertheless even if she left the husband she will surely get a lot.

    1. Yes he does but not that much to be flaunting like that. Remember he has no tangible income now so he needs her to stay afloat. But let us see how long it will last cause u know him naw keep him kin quiet. Even though him post him miserable like the dawg dem weh dem send for a Canada. Money can never make u happy if u ain’t got the right people to spend it with. Me know him can’t wait fi go a him yard.

  7. 10 years bad luck fi mess with married woman no wonder him look luk like maaga dawg a liv inna mon shadow.

    1. Bad luck? You no see seh di man a crosses already! Him owna dawta despise him, him mother and nephew pack dem bag and run. U no see a him di son and do father alone live. Him no know how fi talk to people. Him a just one big ole crosses himself. All now me no know how di man manage fi destroy him owna family. And as fi fi woman she love black man him ano the first she deh wid so him better protect himself and if she cheat pon har man multiple times she will definitely give him weh him deserve. Both a dem cut from di same cloth.

  8. All I can say him better walk straight because if you think a scorned black woman is bad u no wah know weh a scorned white woman will do especially when dem have money. Anything him get him better take all this while him use and abuse black woman the table just might turn. I hope he truly loves her and it is not just for show off because this can be a really good move or a move that will end him totally. U know him part no so stable. Check weh happen to Kanye and the rest a the black man dem.

  9. Me know the husband he have a the shipping company yes but it nah bring in no big money the drinks and clothes dem a new business dem just start it up last year unless a drugs dem a push under the quiet. So him family gone leave him how we no see him out that pan d gram? Yes she been creeping pan the husband long time luv slide up inna d artistes dem dm me hear she come from Madagascar dem talk French but them a no rich ppl
    far far from rich

    1. They had the clothing line sometime now (not last year).
      Imagine the man stop promote his own brand to promote her brand which she has been going around sleeping with black men to get recognise. My thing is why she don’t try sell her clothing to her people why is she trying to get richer off black people..

  10. A friend of mine slept with her and got some stuff.. He said she is a coke head and is nasty. she has been visiting Jamaica over the years and sleeping with men just to get her brand recognise.. I know for sure that the child’s father has money and he also owns the condo in Miami.. The man is Stephane Pernet on Facebook he has money but he is very humble… since him no want to enjoy the fruits of his labour another man will

    1. If she so rich as har why d cricketa a hide the wrangler and 2 car dem him can post them and we know joe him nuff

    2. She sleep wid half addi muzik industry 2 get dem clothes line known suh now yuh gone 2 sports wah deh yuh nex move???

  11. Here is the big joke now bout @vivipoul she tell har husband that d cricketa a friend tell the cricketa she have share in the clothes line yellow zebu chile all she and the men do is con ppl offer fi sell them house n land them have connection fi material them can get ur things ship free but all them do is take ppl money then no own nothing. The husband own zebu and the other business dem none no value no big money.
    The condo inna Miami river boat house las olas way down town Miami a regular Airbnb spot. Ppl a look fi dem hard true them no own no way them keep moving from rent villa to rent condo but she make a move with the nuff cricketa so who know the husband link we in d comments.

    1. Her name and the husband are the owners for the zebu and the shipping company is his and family. but the condo he owns definitely… She wouldn’t be able to wear those expensive clothes and eat at those expensive spots if she didn’t have any money.. she wants u to buy her clothing so she could wear designer wear. I know for sure her family is poor. Where are they scamming people Miami or Jamaica? Cause this serious.

  12. Having a credit card with a good balance don’t make you rich smaddy already post seh ask har who pay fo clear the car n tings dem off d warf n why nuffy caan post the wrangler. But a how him feel good in a next man bed

    1. A who pay fi clear the car dem? So she send car a Jamaica? Dat means she a plan fi live a Jamaica den

        1. So a rob she rob up the husband money and buy car gi fi cricketer? A true cause me see him a one car dealer..

          1. The post him put up a dealer a stunt cause him did a pose inna d borrow range the day before pan d gram a shame him shame him gone a dealer a pose diss drama sweet unno wait

  13. Mine him get catch just like when Vegas catch him wife in bed with another man cause the way how him did a laugh after Vegas it wouldn’t pretty pon him.. remember how him cuss foota hype seh him spread out like bitch pon the hood a the Ferrari but look at god now him not only inna the man car but him inna him bed him better mine karma come bite him

  14. But uno see Smaddy Up a top put up the husband Facebook account… but jezas… dem detective yah bad… a soap opera diss

  15. Well it safe to say Jamaican men must have good sex game lol because all these type women getting hook and spending their coins on them.

    1. Yes it seems so fi true. A long time Jamaican man have a buzz. but dem need fi be careful dem white woman yah only pretend like dem can’t mash ants but when u check it out dem 10X evil. Any how she a take out her man money and a plan fi run weh dat even worse. Uni need fi take sleep and mark death. Ano every front dem fi run go inna.

  16. Unno sure the cricketer naw smoke some a di coke weh she a take? Cause me see him post up a di las olas apartment when him son inna di pool. How u fi knowingly go a other man yard? A dangerous move dat my youth and den unno seh unno salt? Weather the man live deh or not a foolish move dat star. Dis man always manage to make the wrong move dem. Him destructive bad.

  17. enemy finally ketch up tuh him eena disguise as ah junkie white ooman him let him guard dung n let di enemy rite eena him life.

  18. Wait deh! Met up and running just like the olden days. Why uno silent the man I was enjoying his post. I don’t believe he knows that the woman and her man scam people or else he wouldn’t have brought her around his child. My advice to him is try and get her clothing connections and start your own brand of clothing, also u don’t need to post her brand if u servicing her that’s the perks that comes with the work. Use your platform for ur own brand she is not posting yours. That is conflict of interest. Wise up my black people.

  19. Unuh leave the man alone. Him decide fi tek up the coke head married gyal fi things. So what! Nuff artiste Viv she did a fuck inna Ja and have her vehicle dem and live inna har place.So wat if the cricketer get a chance. Him get 2020 range weh u see him a boast pon him page and him get trips to hotels and foreign…The husband know say Marlon a fuck the gyal! Just like gyal want rich man…man want rich gyal to

    1. Nobody naw trouble him darling all we a say him fi trod safe… Cause all that glitters isn’t gold.. we want him fi get things but we no like how him a promote her brand and shelf fi him own.. we as black people fi support our own. She can’t get her own people to buy her stuff but she wants to profit off us… this is exactly why white people will always stay on top… Dem show we diamond and give we copper in return

  20. Nassy white whore u a liad wah mek French Montana n akon dem nah promote yuh an yuh white mon brand. U a try do damage control but only the dunce bat cricketa unno can fool. Zebu is a African hump back cow what was used during slavery fi help draw the heavy material dem after unno enslave black ppl u a try use wi fi pain fi mek money. Think u can trick black ppl same way them try trick the Madagascan people dem. Wise up black ppl a white whore cant sell her things to her ppl but she’d think she have the right fi a use #blacklivesmatter# really bitch

    1. Come to think of it if she have all those big names investing in her and her husband business why would she need marlon to promote and invest in the business???Something not adding up here. I hope for marlon’s sake he gets his money back I don’t trust these people. Advice to marlon get a investment advisor to look through their business accounts are they really making money or just using the cash invested to fund her lifestyle?

      1. Nobody invested in her business you can see how much the business makes online. She is deliberately targeting black people and this has angered me so much. We have enough entrepreneur’s in Jamaica to be promoting. Marlon himself has his own business. When we see people with money as Jamaican’s we turn fool and can’t see the long term ramifications. We need to stop being gullible.

  21. Shi sleep wid half addi muzik industry tuh git har clothes line know suh now yuh pan tuh sports wah deh yuh nex move???!.

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