Clive ''Lizard'' Williams
Clive ”Lizard” Williams

Sharon Brydson a govt analyst and deputy chairman of the Biology and Zoology Dept at the forensic lab , was called to testify for the prosecution on blood samples she received, that were collected from 7 Swallowfield Ave. Her duties include ;collecting physical evidence used in criminal offense related circumstances, examine and analyse pieces of evidence collected.
Bryson said on Aug 24, 2011, she received a sample in relation to case at the bar. She made a note which was filed. Two tests were carried out on the samples received, Preliminary or presumptive test and a Kastle-Meyer test.
The Kastlemeyer test gave positive results in terms of coloration to suggest presence of blood. An Immunological test was done (Precipitin test) which determine species origin of blood. In the case of the sample collected, the blood was determined to be human. The samples were then assigned forensic numbers and letters which were examined for presence of blood and DNA analysis was carried out. Brydson says she did Y STR DNA analysis on sample. The sample was compared to an alleged uncle of the deceased, the uncle’s buccal cavity was swabbed and the judge asked Ms Brydson if she had met the uncle before. Brydson responded by saying no.
The result of the DNA analysis was that the Y STR test of sample from the house did not match DNA of alleged uncle of the alleged deceased. Brydson concluded that the Y STRAIN test which did not match uncle of alleged deceased more than likely because they were unrelated by father line.
Brydson was then cross examined by lawyer for the prosecution , Tom Tavaraes-Finson in which she was asked the following:-
Ques- If it was said that blood from Clive Williams found in Swallowfield house, would that have come from you?
Ans- No Sir
Ques- Even if the Police or DPP said that, it couldn’t come from u?
Ans- No Sir
Lawyer for Shawn Storm
Ques- Who asked for uncle’s DNA
Ans- indirectly we ask for sample of family members – parents, children etc
Judge’s question- how u determine person you are using is a relative?
Ans- the result will determine if they are related
Lawyer for Shawn Storm
Ques- You collected other samples at house
Ans- yes
Ques- any of the samples matched the uncle
Ans- No Sir

*Im sure whole heep a error deh deh but unno know how it guh**

Read more about Y chromosome dna test below
Y chromosome DNA tests
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A Y chromosome DNA test (Y-DNA test) is a genealogical DNA test which is used to explore a man’s patrilineal or direct father’s-line ancestry. The Y chromosome, like the patrilineal surname, passes down unchanged from father to son. A man’s test results are compared to another man’s results to determine the time frame in which the two individuals shared a most recent common ancestor or MRCA. If their test results are a perfect or nearly perfect match, they are related within a genealogical time frame. Each person can then look at the other’s father-line information, typically the names of each patrilineal ancestor and his spouse, together with the dates and places of their marriage and of both spouses’ births and deaths. This information table will be referred to again within the mtDNA testing section below as the (matrilineal) “information table”. The two matched persons may find a common ancestor or MRCA, as well as whatever information the other already has about their joint patriline or father’s line prior to the MRCA. Y-DNA tests are typically co-ordinated in a surname DNA project. And each receives the other’s contact information if the other chose to allow this.

Women who wish to determine their direct paternal DNA ancestry can ask their father, brother, paternal uncle, paternal grandfather, or a cousin who shares the same surname lineage (the same Y-DNA) to take a test for them.


  1. What a web tangled.. Met, help me understand. So, basically the blood a neva fi Lizard own because it nuh match the uncle own. And they asked if she swabbed other ppl at the house and she said yes. So I wonder if that eman dem swab dem, but did not test fi a match…

    1. Yes…………. but im wondering why dem neva carry out further testing and if dem know di uncle was not related to him by his father y even bother test him?..they were looking for a distinctive male gene so mi nuh understand

      1. Why weren’t samples taken from the witness and all of the accused, so that they would be ruled out, and the prosecutor could use that as circumstantial evidence?

        Under the circumstances – of all those who were said to be in the house – the only person who could not be tested for a match, is the man who is missing and is presumed dead.

      2. LOLOLLLLLLLLLLLLL…Story come to bump! De man may NOT be the uncle cause “Daddy maybe, mommy baby”…and it could go back a generation where uncle fall into “Daddy maybe, mommy baby”…lololollllllll I think they should settle for mother’s DNA de Y is complicated in Jamaica and among blacks on a whole…lol.

          1. MI MA!! lololol….lord..ace here:

            Each man gets his yDNA from his father, who got it from his father…all the way back.

            The yDNA test is used for testing males only (males have one x and one y chromosome).

            Because yDNA is passed down from father to son, just as surnames are passed down in western societies, it is pretty easy to visualize – and to track through genealogy. This is why yDNA projects are organized around surnames.

            Females cannot take a yDNA test, but they can make use of this test if they can convince a male relative to yDNA test for this surname line (females have two x chromosomes and no y chromosome).

            A male researching a line that came down to him through a female can arrange to test a male relative to represent her line. (His yDNA came to him through his father’s father’s…father’s line.)

            Then there is the autosomal which shows both mother & fathers DNA combined. Again, look like uncle a jacket…lol or a Lizard? lol

          2. Phantom mi hafi ask smaddy else XXXXHEXPLAIN to ace because di big wikipedia article dung a battam and him miss person cyah suh stubbant :nohope:

          3. Is Worldfamilies-dedicated to breaking down geneology/DNA into 3 parts. How him fi miss de simple facts:

            Y a fi man X a fi oman.
            X+Y= MALE (fada sperm contribute de Y whey form SON)
            X+X= Females (mada dominate wid 2 X fi gi DAWTA) .

            Any ada way and we have mutants

  2. u cannot use maternal line to determine a persons heritage ………… the woman told them that no paternal family were present … a whofa blood ….so other ppl dead een deh den?

  3. Jus curious here…it must be a male family member to compare dna sample if the victim is male? cudnt they use the sister dna to compare wudnt it be closer?

    1. maybe that is the test that is available in jamaica..maybe there has been other extensive DNA analysis so lets wait and see

      1. dem damn well know seh him mada bredda cah determine nutten di uncle go to his grand father (materanal) and him lizard go to him father side …so mi nuh know weh dis fa…plus dem need fi go test di blood fi missing persons since missa palmer a operate morgue a him yawd

  4. See? Reasonable doubt!

    Any defense lawyer can even say if di dead body dem even have IS Lizard or another man? All kinda doubt can be put into this case now! And even if you nuh doubt who di dead person is, you can put doubt into the prosecutions case, cuz if mi deh pon di jury mi woulda IMMEDIATELY tink seh di prosecution team AH IDIOT!

    How dem nuh know seh nuh fi test di maternal uncle? & If dem nuh know dat, WHE ELSE DEM NUH KNOW?????????

    1. not really, the jury has to be told that the test that was carried out would not have been a match for his uncle because he was not related to him by his father…it does not throw anything out really..

        1. but the test is not conclusive it is inconclusive and it should not even matter what the lady said in court because basically she wanted to waste her time……he cannot determine the identity of his sisters child wus if dem supposed to be di same father *mother and brother* because di amount a jacket weh run a Jamaica woulda mek dat even harder

          1. Precisely!! Lizard Uncle is not really his Uncle. How many father find out that the child they know as their own is not theirs when the do immigration DNA test? A lot…like >30%.

            The other possibility is more than one person killed at the location or the blood came from somebody else (person not necessarily killed).

          2. anon …my cousin told me blood also could be contaminated with other blood ….and one dominates the other ….it just means nothing basically …..

  5. Trying to ovastand… So the “alleged uncle” is from his supposed father-side which can be unsure cause of Jackets and waistcoats! not saying that is the case still… But there must be closer relatives to have a blood test with i would presume…

    1. I feel further testing was done…this person was a witness for the prosecution and their line of questioning leads me to believe that her test opened the door for further testing that is why she was used

  6. Most tests will be inconclusive if there exist no base case. i.e any relative to be tested can be a jacket. A lot of people suppose to go to Farin, and when the filing come thru and when a DNA time, them find out say them family were tailors and dressmakers who specialized in Jackets.

    A DNA test is a comparison test. So we have to be sure who the DNA is compared to. Or else a DNA test does not make sense

  7. A lizard blood dat bloodclaaat…..test com back inconclusive cuz dem test di wrong smaddy…..didn’t dey know di uncle an him a different lineage? Suh wah dem badda wid dah test deh fah? Kmft I care zero Jamaica court seh dem guilty as f**k!

  8. Look at the line of question especially the judge’s and the answer from the DNA , you’ll see the doubt that has been cast over the DNA evidence. what happen to “Lizards” sister, mother or grand mother?!. This has proven that even if it was Lizards blood that was indeed taken from the scene in court it has shown that it “isnt Lizard blood”…..HOW CAN THE PROSECUTION MEK SUCH A BIG FOOLISH MISTAKE AND THEY HAD SO MUCH TIME TO PREPARE DEM CASE?!!!!


  9. Did they test the victim’s hair samples, oral samples I.e toothbrush and such??? The defense certainly scored some points here no doubt, the jury has to hear or see concrete proof that the victim was at the place of demise. The forensic team botched what may have been the “killer blow” no pun intended.

    1. They could have the entire body to test, as long as you don’t have somebody to compare it to a DNA test does not make sense.

      i.e you cannot prove anything by a person’s DNA alone, you must have some other person to compare it to. So even if you have all his blood, sweat and tears, you still need another RELATIVE to prove a match

    2. No points a tall. Juror dem know we have a JACKET SOCIETY at large, so blood nu match and eida Lizard mother of paternal granny have some explaining to do.

  10. It will be very sad day in Jamaica if Kartel walk free.Good artiste but bad person.Government nah provide Justice fi di people dem.

  11. Dats di reason mi a ask wah dem badda test di uncle fah? knowing it wasn’t gon prove shit cuz him from different lineage! Smfh.

  12. met and your band of medical professionals what do you people know about DNA testing if that is a blood relative you will have a match. Regardless of the relationship you will have a match maybe not 100% but you will see some kind of match and dispute if you want.
    50% – Mother, father, siblings

    25% – Grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, half-siblings, double first cousins.

    12.5% – Great-grandparents, first cousins, great-uncles, great-aunts, half-aunts/uncles, half-nephews/nieces.

    the % is the chances of an actual match.

    1. men that are fathering children can only get a 99.7 …so I would love to see the blood relative thats a 100 percent

  13. Di only ting all ah dis prove is dat di prosecution team ah idiot!! Cuz if mi deh pon dah jury yah, dat would be di FIRST TING mi woulda seh!

    Once a prosecutor have either video tape footage or positive DNA evidence then you basically have an open & shut case!!! Without dis DNA evidence whe dem have fi rely pon? Witness statement from criminal??????

    Dis STICKY BAD pon di prosecution!!! And mi need fi start look fi mi Jamaica ticket fi dis yah Sting cuz right yah now, Kartel look like him might walk!

    1. The fire may have mutated the DNA. Prosecution wasn’t beating on DNA as surety because of that variable….the FIRE.

  14. You Jacket flingers learn from dis…all in death onu pickney pay de ultimate price. Lizard mother may not get JUSTICE because is either she drop a jacket or lizard father, mother, drop one.

  15. mi neva dey dey when lizard dead and mi nu dey a jamaica fi go court but guilty or not if him buss di case mi HAFFI DEY A STING OOOOOOOOO1
    Met uno gwaan try di case yaso to so if him nuh guilty inna court house him guilty pon JMG…..OOOOOOOOO..
    Sad to say but jAMAICA IS A BLOOD CL88T PLACE..

  16. Wow, introduction of reasonable doubt yes to some degree, but sensible people will know the full hundred..Shirley guilty as SIN and him fi dead a prison. As fi STING, I wouldn’t SPEND A DIME FI WATCH DAT CROBAIT SHIRLEY, HIM DON’T WORTH NONE A DI HYPE WAH PPLE A GWAAN OVA AND HIS MUSIC IS VASTLY OVER-RATED AND FULL A F**KERY..Shirley aka kartel stink like!!!

  17. What folks are overlooking is that even if the DNA came back matching in every way ,it was just blood sample and the blood of the person being present does not equate to a murder taking place .
    In Jamaican it is basically impossible to prove a murder case much less one without a body .We need a total reform of the criminal justice system and a separate police force to investigate serious crimes .

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