Screenshot_2014-02-16-09-13-41-OptimizedWe gonna address Tamon tiday…aka Tha mon….this girl face hard like wendy williams….she say she name cutestboo and is a hair dresser but her invisible part revealed its self a long time ago….you stay really bad for a some- what young girl widdout children….you are a big man mascot….yuh tek ur likkle wash and set money or cornrow money and mine man….dem shoulda tear off piece ah yuh tuff face cuz yuh too f**king nuff….every gyal weh beat yuh, yuh try fren dem fie avoid future beatings….nothin bout you crowbait ….why none ah di man dem weh yuh ah f**k neva help yuh last night caah it was about 7 in deh….you walk and tek man and uuman like dawg and nuthin to show….shady ah pimp yuh out and naaw pay yuh…so yuh did vex wid tekisha fie it….but tekisha sorry fie yuh an gie some money so now uunuh ah fren again….she is a good fren but she neva dida guh buss har implants fie dutty nasty tamon….you full ah bay mouth and not to mention hashtags…..mi naaw lie… mi wan see wha yuh ago hashtag now….. #intheambulance #onmywaytothehospital #Igotbeatagain #whydoesthiskeephappeningtome #doblondsreallthavemorefun #iwentwith13girlsandstillgotmyassbeat #omg #immastilltalkshittho #ineedtotakeupsomeboxingclasses #myfriendsaintshit #whyamistillbleeding


  1. What a hot mess dis dutty gyal tamon still don’t have a man for her self, she still a tek beating fi man!!! That’s why her and dog face reney ano besties again cause she f**k off kevin. (All reney a laughter cause u get ur head bust).. U need to stop smile up with her cause she don’t like u a blood cloth. A long time dem fi gang u tamon.. U gwan like u bad but me never hear u win a fight yet ( to much mouth and no action).. Ur big friend tekiesha was there and never even help u, all the one tekiesha need to go have several seates cause she no want me put her file next cause here file and p$&@y tongue long like the china wall!!! Lmaoo 4one young gyal(28) tamon stay bad no bumbocloth, her body look like a (82) year old granny!! Even ur family is a shame of u!!!!

  2. Tamon stay bad fi true but i think its the weed she smoke hardddddd

    1. Ah no weed make tamon stay bad it the 10 belly dem she dah way….. Tamon pumm pumm mileage no tun up it tun ova .. Mi know her from the 90s and every man say the same thing about her “she’s a kind girl but her pu$$y big”!!! She a man moscote I remember when she u to mad ova Angus, but she never know say angus and his Indian friend for L.A did a f&@k her at the same damn time,…. If the and hippie kimmy is friend it make perfect sense cause the two of the love mine mon and p($$y big

      1. Met this is a law suit waiting to happen let me tell you rite now cause these bitches is f**king luddy first of all mi face nuh get bust never EVER and when since I’m walking fighting Di same shitty mouth Gyal tiff boo that was recording in the corner know damn f**king well mi head never buss I have to much class and brought up si to really be in argument with shitty mouth Tiffany cause I know it’s you and your old barrel clothes friend Mesha but anno mi make unno loose unno man Tiffany you minding my cousin a young boy 21 and you ah 30 + get a life an him ah look young girl like him self you vex wit poor kim you went from precki to bigga D and now prezzi don’t want Di f**k again you been walking with his BM like you low nah you ain’t now you left 214 u gone up Di Rd but I’m telling you this rite now you better just take that f**k rite there cuz Di man u want fling Di pussy pon you not getting you mad rite. You stay calling up renee name like you mad she dont talk yo you bitch your a f**king hater and a mixxy ass bitch youll well want me and her to be at war but it aint gonna happen you’ll f**king bad mind the time you sending in report bout me you go help your friend take up the pissy mattress off the floor with her two f**king pickney dem some bum bitch shit. You well start on Kim why when you was in the house you was quiet as a mouse you ah send in post talk di rite tings me and 4 girl go party and 3 of us was fighting bitch you wasnt even there for the fight you came after so stop lying JESSICA ……FOH SHITTY MOUTH TIFFYBOO GET OFF MY DICK OK JUMP ON A BOTTLE OF LISTERINE .Wotless you crazy i work 6 f**king days a week pay my f**king bills never beg ah Gyal ah cotch or a night yet foh mind who which man point them out call there name unno have mi file mek me know talking bout i never had no man that want me who you ever had only poor Dante and true he dont know any better my family ashamed bitch come step to me when you see me family you gonna see how shame your ass gonna feel oh and for your info mi and kim ah cone from she ah pickney so check them facts and yes I love my hash tags here are a few for you #dentist # toothbrush #fullbodycleansecauseyourbellybottommustrotten #stopbeggingthemantopayforhimtocomebackfromJA #hedidntwantyouthenhedontwantyounow #-1800-dentist I DONT HAVE TO ACT LIKE IM BAD CAUSE IM NOT SCARED OF NONE OF YOU’LL BITCHES I never f**king back from a bitch EVER

  3. Shitty mouth Tiffany and your Dutty foot nasty Bloodclot friend who favor mi granny old f**king clothes. Tiffany you vex true Kim and Dante must be that cause of all ah dis. Bitch nobody face never get f**king buss up you to f**k lie bitch why you never video the girl getting her face bust tho bare impression unno want gi people Di man we live inna your house you ah mind him ah 21 you ah 30+ get it together bitch I have my good f**king job I don’t go on road and tie for a living that’s wotless especially when u tief the most f**k up clothes in the store . Everybody in the five boroughs knows your mouth smell like dog shit the time you sending in story bout me you go make a dentist appointment hating ass bitch and if u ain’t know mi know Kim from she ah pickney so get your facts straight shitty mouth Gyal tell met seh you ah f**k Di friend and you want f**k Di next friend that’s why you mad why you don’t go find somewhere to put up your dirty friend with her two pickney del we ah sleep pon old mattress we piss up old clothes Mesha how the f**k you manage cotching wit your two pickney dem your baby daddy “GOTMONEY” and him nah look pon you that’s why your mad all the obeyah your mother was working only got you’ll evicted go read a bible unno miserable bad and I’m 29 and f**king proud of it not even on my worst day you’ll could look like f**king me you hear that. Met when they sending in story tell them facts only cause I need to file a law suite for ducking slander cause ah bare lie dem ah tell. Fiction you hear me you and your friends is mad but at the wrong person all ah unno ah loose unno man to one of my friends or family and you’ll are mad. Just do something when you’ll see me cause you’ll done know what it is like you said I’m always getting beat up with out even getting a scratch so come try your luck I soon set the man girl on you oh bitch walk and f**k down the whole ah 214 now she moves on to guy hill smh

  4. Same ones MADD tamon file longggg !!
    Biggs from 223
    White Bwoy
    Pops from 223
    Kamar fire
    Gavin R.i.p
    Kevin (Karen baby daddy)
    Twinny (show pow)
    Akeem aka shady
    And the list goes on and on…..

  5. hi,hello, unno doesing?!?!?!?

    a wah mek unna guh suh hard pon dis yah topic weh ppl baaaa-ly know de being?!?!?

  6. Nah you’ll wicked who the f**k is Gavin and Biggs from 223 and white boy and twinny show pow Kevin and these are facts ?????? and Kevin Karen baby daddy was my first boyfriend at 17 years old you’ll serious rite now like really nah people can’t be so wicked in life keep it up yes mi f**k Di whole ah dem and Wah tell me what it did for you’ll stupid bitches i call all the names I’m not scarred of you’ll at all Bando bitches you’ll know where I be at its obvious my numb 1 fan is on her job from we was 18 till now you still can get off my ziiiiiiiiiiiicckkkkkkk. I never said I was a virgin but don’t lie on my f**king pussy cause unno Gyal ah bronx old mattress man can’t talk bout mi like dem talk bout unno you’ll still walk and beg 5$ spliff of ari…….you know what met from ig to the pink wall these bitches can’t chat to mi so I’m done my fist and last time on a mix up page all the years of mi ah f**k down di place and di people dem just a find out abbbbbaayyyyy can you tell I’m f**king fabulous oh have a good day met

  7. Suck a cock bitch cause that’s all u good for cause ur pu$$y dun…know u don’t know Gavie aka Gavin cause he died( cause if dead man can talk he will tell how much time you swallow his kids and bust in ur face)… Now u don’t know Biggs cause u and his baby mother cool and u and everyone in the bx know Biggs is a fat sloppy nigga. U don’t know twinny by showpow cause he locked up??? The streets don’t sleep and they talk and know ur a smut…. Then again the apple don’t fall far from the tree ur mumma list cause it long too.. Every one know faithy been a smut like u…. just like u love she hide and f$Ck like back in the days when she usually ah f@k bagga from the bx till savvy find out!!!thnk good she get save

  8. It’s funny y’all hiding behind fake names! Y’all l so big and bad reveal yourself cause I know y’all file not squeaky clean! Bad mind bitches that don’t have a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out of! If she stay that bad why didn’t y’all send a picture of her pop down body! Bad mind dutty people unnuh come off ah har name

    1. Go have several seats”Lisa” cause she is dun, she don’t have no pickey but look like she bout 10 (oh I forgot that’s how much kids she dash way)
      Suck hood Tamon-
      dun out hole Tamon
      mon moscote Tamon
      Big pu$$y Tamon

  9. idk wats wrong with these stay bad bitches. first off none of yall bitches must not wrk cuz y’all got wayy 2 much free time on yall hands……. THEY MUST THINK TRU WE IN 2014 DEY PUSSY MILEAGE RENEW!!! all y’all Taliban bitches been hoes Tiffy u still livin up to ur name f**kin everybody BUT Donte and Mesha mus think tru Tre breed her she good good….. but trufully u need 2 go hol a shower bitch…. Tiffany BITCH ur not thick ur fat and its f**king Nasty….so please stop postin ur dutty ole sour body on d ppl dem page…..unno jus vex cuz even pon unno best day (in ya american apparel) u couldn’t flop Tamon….. you look like a HATERRRRRR lmaooooo y u so mad tho ma? she tek di mon weh yu did want?? cant get him bad?? dutty stinkin toilet bowl mout Tiffyboo how many mon inna ur hole huh?? thats wat u need 2 b worried bout and how much bunn ur man is given u wit di young girl dem weh stay niceeee, while he sit n d bando all day den bring u home cocky fi get likkle change, fi take out him nex bitch

  10. first off yall bitches dont go wrk?? Ayoo Tamon ur pussy got a receptionist lmaoooo dey takin notes and keepin files… ur ting mus tun up di way d ppl dem ah talk bout it….. crazy how ah di same ole dutty sour body bitches always got sumthin fi seh bout di nex bitch… Tiffyboo u did EVA stay good? huh? EVA? BITCH ur not think ur f**kin fat and nasty di whole of unno dutty bloodclot Taliban bitches need fi hol a wash.. yall been hoes tru tiffy wit her sour toilet bowl mout go rape off Donte and Tre brre Mesha before she bathe the scales n scabs off her skin dem think seh dem good agin..NOOO bitch ur done…Tiffy honestly who n ds bx talkin more f**k den u?? so wat happen Tamon tek di mon weh u did want? cant get him back? u tryina b down? u sound very upset over sumbody else pu**y mileage wen u need a tunn up of ur own…. worry bout d bunn Donte givin u wit di young gyal weh stay niceee while he n d bando den bring d cocky home fi u mine it

  11. this “truth” bitch is a true pussy u talkin the most shit and doin the most hiding……… 2014 bitches i swear

  12. Lmaooooo when we link up I bet that bitch tamon is gonna be the the biggest pu$$y…. Talk all y’all want cause when she get her ass bust again I hope y’all there to help her defend all that mouth she have….. Cause her friends was there Saturday and never help her do shit dem just ah stand up and watch her get rinse!! Cum suck mi pin mi period ditty bitches

  13. Tamon the truth about you has been exposed. The names they called is not even the half of the men you’ve f**ked. No nobody really cares about your mileage it’s just that you talk about others and your no better. When P-Money made skrum city he forgot to mention you. You say your family is not shame of you think again they just tolerate because you can’t do no better. The facts was stated above your MOM was a hoe too. Yes you lie on your front the same way you lie on your mouth you suck off nuff man hood. You f**k atleast 1 man from every crew uptown. Tamon you said you never cotch a gyal yard. TAMONNN you never cotch at no gyal yard? Atleast QQ defend it and say yes she cotch. Now before you, your friends or family try defend you let me break it down for you. You is a SKRUM. You f**ked Whiteboy while he was your bestfriend baby father. You all f**k white boy and you use to f*k his cousin. You f**ked pimpn before your best friend tekiesha and now your cousin but you still f**king him. You say family 1st but you was f**king Rubba after he shot your cousin. You f**k off the boys off 227th that’s not your family then smile up in their face lets not talk about the South men. Now Tamon how you send threat about lawsuit and you walk and f**k these men and have nothing to show for it you live with your mom don’t have a car but still mine man. Let me guess you will f**k Seymour guys for that lawyer fee. You always mixy in other people business and now you getting called out you have haters. Bye Felicia

  14. But wait how u never kotch a no gyal yaad but u lived with ke ke how much time off and on(poor ke ke granny must tired of u) every couple of year you live with dem!! Plus u use to kotch with dun out Takesha couple years back, but when Akeem did a cum out of jail Takesha told u that u have to leave!!!! All she never even trust u to stay there with her!!! Every thing I said about you is FACTS and you know it so stop while your a head cause ur feelings will get HURT

  15. You know met long long time mi deh ah bx and mi never hear bout this girl yet……Met somethings you fib know don’t worth di post all di big ooman dem ah involve inna di pickney argument

  16. Yuh know a full time Tamon stop come on here a write long paragraphs
    Wid di same bullshit inna dem c’mon man I feel like I was reading the same things over & over .. Seems like unu know each other hash it out in the streets!

    P.s Ramon aka Tamon nobody nah tell lie pon yuh
    You are a dirty whore how different are you from even QQ..
    You nuh deal wid DJ & then Mun???? Aren’t they like in the same crew
    Like seriously … Unu need fi stop war over man POINT BLANK PERIOD!!!!!!
    Every time you in a argument it’s over a man …you make it seem like you have a career all you do a smoke weed go a party & deh pon IG & twitter whole day!!!!
    Worthless ppl

  17. lawwwwddd innna di early morning y’all still ah watch di girl crotches!!!?? go find ur f**king life!! TRUTH STFU!! bout wen u see sumbody in the street..WHO DA F**K ARE YOU!! how niggas suppose to find ur pussy ass n d street if u hidin behind d pink wall lmaooooo do it for di vine bitch cuz u aint real

  18. dutty bloodcolt “TRUTH” A.k.A CARISMA!!! it would b ur ass to hide behind d wall!! who f**k more den u? (besides Tiffy) stop give white boy bun and go wash out d disease dem weh yuh mon give yuh BITCH!!!!!

  19. Y’all bitches are sooo lame sitting behind fake names cussing her!! Clearly y’all mad but why are you really mad though?!? Sounds like HATE to me!!! She’s a whore she love cotch her pussy wak blah blah but y’all took time out your day to send in the story and comment all day !! Sounds like your her biggest fan … Just tell her you admire her she won’t bite bitches love compliments!!lmaooo PUSSY deh deh fi f**k so whatever she chooses to with hers is her own buisness !!! I don’t get how y’all got so much free time doing this is this paying your pills or taking care of your kids?!? Smh y’all bitches is some angry birds sending in stories about the girl and y’all situation stay bad hope y’all able to pay your rent off of this bullishit!! She’s young and single and able to mingle and y’all mad!!! F**k these bitches Nikki … Lol lookin ass bitches with they looking ass

    1. :hammer dema gwaan bad from yessideh and a waa tell dem dis*******IF THERE IS A POST HERE THAT ANYONE WANTS REMOVED BUT HAS RESPONDED MORE THAN ONCE IN..PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF THE TIME OF THAT EMAIL***********

  20. I will repeat IF THERE IS A POST HERE AND THE PERSON IN THE POST COMES TO SPEAK MORE THAN ONCE******** PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL. If there is a post and you have come on and have engaged in a ”TRACING MATCH”.. SAVE YOURSELF THAT TIME. The post barely had any comments yesterday and whoever came and kept talking and talking..Then wants said post removed when you have more comments than the rest? NO. The first stop should have been my email address and clearly it was not lost so how is there to be a tracing match and after that ask me to clean up a mess that was not made by JMG? Not to mention the numerous threats?? no man

  21. Lmaooo Tamon, Friends and family stop beg the people dem fi pull down ur post dem, u still gonna get ur ASS beat point blank period

      1. And I will not hesitate to give up the information because there is absolutely no reason for people to be fighting and you are not in an army nor are you engaging in a fight to bring about a positive change. You are all a bunch of waste with no need for a breath.A lot of good people are dead..Go do something worthwile

    1. Oh please tamon go get a life after all what was said is true, u MADD or nah u well ah call up people name and can’t handle the heat have several seats.. After no body never threaten ur life ur character just got air out so please…. Ur a police pagga long time

  22. I have to laugh cause u don’t have any sense u see the comment above about hippy kimmy baby father just re enter back the United States of America after Feds deport him back to Jamaica and u really go to police u don’t have any sense at all….. And Jimmy’s ur friend?

  23. Tamon seh she not afraid ah nuthin but 911 and 119 deh pan so eeed dial….if mi see met seh yuh ah tek di police route…mi ago send babylon round ah 227 fie lock up yuh and ur petty teef fambilee memba dem…even ur ole ugly granny just cuz she so dyaam ugly! Yuh full ah big chat and cyaan defend dat! Ur bredda shame ah yuh and he ain’t shit….him walk and pick up shady crumbs…and you tamon f**k all ah him fren dem as well as him enemy dem….ah wha do yuh???? QQ maybe f**ky f**ky…but she cute and can dress…yuh shoulda guh pan di road wid har when she dida f**k ur bredda weh day….you are so wack tamon….ur madda must feel like shit fie see har two children ah gallang suh…smh….its ah shame….thanks you not popping out no gremlins yet…bout you ah talk bout mesha nice nice pickney dem….at least dem ah sleep pan mattrass…wha yuh dida sleep pan when tekisha di put yuh up couple summers ago…you ah cotch pan 226 and ur ugly granny deh pan 227….I guess floor feel betta den ur granny pop dung ole house whe di raccoon and possom dem keep dance ah nght time….tamon stop fronting for the gram…yuh anf ur fren dem ah pussy and di whole ah uunu h fava and not to mention smell alike! Yuh blame ur carelessness on being yung…ur 28 now….yuh nuh you not a teenager anymore….so all di man dem all fi uuman dem all di cock dem and all di pussy dem yuh run tru ah show pan yuh now….yuh ah spaghetti predicessor…she is that old bird frm thw hood qho don’t know when to throw in the towel…but tell har seh ah yuh ah tek ova fie har….she and you ah bronx bicycle bout bimmer life…yuh amuze me …it ain’t hate either…its more like disqust….mi can neva grudge yuh either caah di man dem seh yuh hole hollow…it sound like when heat ah cuum up outta di radiator…bang bang clink clank sizzle…woooiiieeeeeee guh fix ur radiator caah itta leak and no body don’t want no salvage car wid ah f**k up title…it hard fie register and insure dem car deh….so go to thw mechanic and fix it….who would really want a 1985 kia sportage…tell me nuh Tamon?

    1. Tamon and spaghetti ano friend no more true the one tamon go make fake Instagram page about them(tekiesha,spaghetti, Ranay and a couple more)she did a tAlk up bear thing bout them but mi never see none of them call police pon her…. The way she did a dun them mi not even know how her and tekiesha tun back friend!!! Tamon go have several seats


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