Cuban lung cancer vaccine to be tested in US

The Cuban vaccine known as Cimavax (Photo: CMC)

HAVANA, Cuba (CMC) – A lung cancer vaccine developed in Cuba will be tested in the United States through the work of the Rosewell Park Institute – a cancer research and treatment centre located in New York.

The vaccine, known as Cimavax will soon enter the US and could benefit cancer patients in that country.

“We believe that treatments should be available to all patients and that politics and geography should not prohibit the drug development process,” reads a statement on the webpage of the Washington based Lung Cancer Alliance.

“The development of Cimavax is particularly exciting as it would represent a new class of therapeutics for lung cancer – a vaccine that primes the immune system, similarly to the flu shot or common childhood vaccines,” the statement continued.

The Lung Cancer Alliance was founded in 1995 to meet the needs of lung cancer patients and those at risk by improving outcomes, eliminating stigma and securing public health research funding.
In 2010 Lung Cancer Alliance began its first awareness program. Since then, Lung Cancer Alliance has developed many programs focused on lung cancer awareness: “Give a Scan,” “National Shine a Light on Lung Cancer,” and “Team Lung Love,” have helped create awareness in the United States and internationally.

In February 2012, Lung Cancer Alliance took on its first major initiative, creating a national framework for lung cancer screening.

In June 2012, it launched its national “No One Deserves To Die” campaign to help raise awareness and change the stigma associated with lung cancer. By the end of the campaign, more than 281 million impressions were made and market research proved a shift in sentiment around lung cancer.


  1. So if dem have vaccine now….what will deter people from smoking cigarettes? (I know smoking is not the only cause of lung cancer…but a major one nonetheless)

        1. Yes because the U.S have their plans its really sad. But the Cubans are to be blamed, they complain about not having the smallest of things. Even junk food dem complain seh dem dont have and dem want it

          1. That’s the sad part about it. This is them losing their soul to gain the world and then all would have been last. It would be nice if they were able to hold their ground and at least attempt to dictate some terms.

            This is why Fidel never wanted to step aside; as he know that the US would only seek to exploit the situation, at the expense of the Cubans.

          2. Lali thats what they want. They are so bitter about not having fast food and toilet paper sometimes that they are willing to let the devil in.I hope Cuba really worked out good terms with this drug because the U.S will pretend to buy it then send it to the chiney man fi him mek it. I dont think even if Fidel was in power he would be able to hold out too much because the Cubans hate him so much that they have not been making it easy in Cuba..Yuh nuh si dem did all plan protest when Obama did land?

          3. Met I agree, you eventually get to that point when people want what they want–whether good or bad. Yes, they did protest Obama. I really hope that they regulate fast food so that it does not become the poison that it is here in America and elsewhere.

          4. Lali they are crying for it over there…a thing as fast food imagine that. When mi challenge them about where Cuba is and where Jamaica is now dem silent but people are really unable to be pleased especially if they dont get what they want..Dem complaining badly about internet, toilet paper and dem want mc donalds

  2. Cuba dispenses this vaccine for US$1.00 per dose. Let’s see how much it is going to cost in the States. Wanna guess? I’m saying upwards of US$1000. Wikkid pharmaceutical companies.
    Happy belated Mother’s Day Ms. Royalty!

    1. You are on to something and what’s funny is that pharmaceuticals usually stated that the initial high cost have to do with the cost associated with the development of a respective drug/vaccine. Given that this vaccine has already been developed, how will these greedy people justify inflating the price for this Vaccine?

  3. @Little Willy I was just about to say that only the rich will afford this if it actually works out

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