0 thoughts on “DAFFY THIS IS A BIG SHAME

  1. You are a low life . If you were not a so called party promoter it wudda bad and not so bad but u are a party promoter and a try knock smaddy else hustle..How unno wicked so?

  2. Met he is not the only person selling bootleg tickets. He is the only one that got caught. A whole leap a hustling out there.

  3. Shit crazy he that wicked to thief from us the same ppl that support him.him and that thiefing gal bob

  4. So him Man gwan leff him to attend to this. F**k all a dem cuz instead a banton him now those wukliss dancehall people still a go support him. Damm teef! unnu cah Teef wid likkle honor?

  5. That’s really shameful of u daffy come on 🙁 u dat desperate fe money to keep u party why u no no tief a Las Vegas with u man & u gal .

  6. Daffy u no partial with stealing any scamming uno jump pon it , u won’t last very long outa road prison a wait pon u very soon mark me word .

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