Hello Met,

Daily mail ran an article about Bolt celebrating Kasi birthday in St. Barts but the picture that they have up is of this dark skin girl in a blue bathing suit and it’s not Kasi. The comments were talking about how the girl is beautiful and Met I have to admit, that girl looks stunning and her body is A1.


  1. And before Kasi and friends run in to say it’s the girl in the pic sent this in, it’s not, I did and Met can attest to that. What I would like to know is her name, Yardie get on the case.

      1. Mi seh Met, if har skin nice one more time and she’s pretty, you should see the rest of the pics, Kasi look like commoners next to the other girls. The comments gush about her natural body, I hope she doesn’t fall to temptation and get implants like Kasi. No homo but the gyal look good.

  2. What is the hoopla about? He not alone with the young lady…there’s another girl next to Usane. If he was alone with her then there would have been reasons to ask “where is his girlfriend”?

  3. The retired Jamaican sprinter, 31, looked head over heels for his curvaceous beauty as they hit the beach with a bevy of her scantily-clad girlfriends, one of whom was spotted applying sand handprints to Kasi’s bodacious behind. :ngakak :ngakak

    1. :ngakak Mi seh, I laugh when I read that but really that girl look more like Usain girlfriend than Kasi does. :ngakak

  4. When yuh bring girl for orgy wid yuh man and di girl steal di spotlight. I can bet we won’t be seeing her again, Kasi won’t stand for it, people had to be reminding Daily mail that it’s not Kasi. I can bet Kasi is somewhere seething right now because in her mind she’s the prettiest and I know she’s upset that someone darker than her is getting praised while she’s lost in the background (because she thinks her light skin makes her special). But don’t worry miss first lady, Bolt is not leaving you, you are the best recruiter he’s ever had and as someone on here said he might marry you just to prove a point so keep being the “rider” that you say you are.

  5. And Kasi would like us to believe that she didn’t take any pics on this trip. She shame because the whole Jamaica realize that is orgy she gave her man on HER own birthday, Kasi why didn’t you send that video to daily mail like you always do? Why, you don’t want everyone confirming what they already knew that you are just a groupie golddigger who sold her soul for a little fame and a few trips. Those girls are beautiful, too good for Kasi and that idiot Usain.

  6. Daily mail want a beatings dem knows what dem did :ngakak Kasi yuh cyaaah winnings ooooo cause dah gal deh beautiful.

  7. Very nice looking girl. Was Kasi the girl in the yellow bikini?

    Met, I know you have strict rules about nudity but there was nothing about the girl’s bathing suit that needed to be blocked out. Daily Mail showed over 8 unblocked photos of all the women with Bolt in bikinis.

    I know it’s your site and your rules but I don’t think her bikini picture would’ve “corrupted the youth”.

  8. Kasi and har fren dem over yah a down vote people comments like wow, lol, unu sad like, just because people is saying that the girl look good.

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