Met I need your help I know Shawn has his baby mother but he really treating me good anything I asked him for I get it I live with my cousin and her husband but he forcing me to find apartment so we can live together, he told me him and his baby mother not working out but I don’t want to be a home wrecker he such sweet guy every morning I can look forward to my text and calls he put me to sleep at night’s, almost every weekend i can look forward for roses my Christmas gifts was so nice


  1. This guy is definitely a cheater i have messages from him on Facebook trying to insinuate some type of sexual relationship and i jus dead that real quick

      1. Met OOOOoooOOOoo
        Dem seh Tia baby is for Maine Man and poor Tia and di kids houseless. Mi cah believe it cause Tia and Veachy did tick tick last year.
        Now we know why Tia a keep di daddy a mystery and di baby pics hidden. Mi baddie.
        Veachy do it to nuff ppl so Maine should take that one for the Team.lol

  2. leave the man and is family alone young lady…it doesn’t matter what this man tells you hes a man… if him did tell you sey him want him baby mother and it was working out you would not have f**k him so he lied, now keep it moving because you cant win when you dirty young lady………hi met

  3. Interesting how him a push you fi get di apartment and him nah look none himself, dat alone shudda meck u know seh summen is up. A you gwine pay fi keep him and feed him, and since it in your name him can easily teck off whenever him ready. You stay deh nuh see when head a wuck pon u. Stay deh fawm fool yah, juss memba di sed knife wah jook sheep wii jook goat. Unno ladies wid unno arrogance always tink seh it will be different wid unno, why u tink him going to walk out pon him family fi u and nuh do di same on day?

  4. Personally I couldn’t have sean as my main man,I don’t know how dainty feel sean looks everybody on Facebook one night I was over my friends drinking we had girls night sean was message me and my friend at the sametime LOL,him hype and free handi and only like free handi part because I don’t like hype man

  5. Dainty sean is our man because I can call sean number anytime 3419 and him affi pick up are text and him affi reply so u just a jackaay mother a me a run sean head now

  6. Unu see how unu run sean off a Facebook sean baby you alone go dung in my pictures in 2009 sean you such stalker sean likes my pictures more that how he likes his baby mother pictures,dainty hope you get a real man for 2015

  7. Dainty abay it’s 11:35m and I’m on the phone with your baby father me end 2014 with him and a bring in 2015 with him abay

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