1. Lee Chin fi tell him one away fi moove him claat. NCB as with most Companies have a Board and shareholders. So Lee Chin going to prison wont close down NCB
    Damion go sit ur ass down n find something better to do with your fingers. Where is the parallel here you are trying to draw?

  2. Real….I’m asking the same question…I like Damion but how on earth this question should be answer..no body nu seh him can’t sing but him should not get all this attention from the media it send a bad message to our children

  3. Missa shell dung nah no fish fry and pardna fi sort out?

    Slack dread, if you “rent” it a no fi you fi earn or evict nobody. Lee Chin say go kill yu self.

    Real property (owned out right) don’t have anything to do with creative expression that derives income. Your absolute right to generate income becomes a privilege, not a right once you run a foal of the mores of the society you pander to.e.g, MURDER, pedophillia, Rape.

    Since you want to be a smart ass, if you have restitution to pay then you can lose the house. Now you can’t collect income and bailiff serve eviction to the occupants. That should have happened to you “friend”.

  4. I get what he is trying to say but fi a man of his calibre him shouldnt try murky the waters with the Lee Chin debacle. I dont get the big halobaloo ova kartel n him songs. Attacking or banning him will only strengthen his legacy bcuz as sure as night tun day his followers will seek and play his songs regardless if they are on the radio. I thought what would have happened is that the other creative and wholesome acts would step their game up and the powers that be ask that the playing field (media) be leveled (A now mi miss Garnett Silk). In that play as much Kartel as u like but play as much as the others too.

    I for one been saying that the airwaves should not be playing certain songs long long before Kartel. Why? As public media, violence and sexuality of the magnitude which our dancehall project nuh fit fi it. Also it helped to destroy the core of dancehall and the rise of payola. In that the early years of dancehall if you wanted to hear certain songs you had to fork out your money and go the dance to hear it or go to then cassette man and buy it and play it. This also made the dubs more valuable as the songs were truly exclusive. It was why sound systems had such huge following and why clashes were so extraordinary, as you were going to hear what u didnt everyday. That created real money stream for artiste seperate and apart from shows. With the liberalization of the airwaves same tune play inna dance, play pon radio so wah the big deal? And in an effort to differentiate it the artistes end up having to go to extremes thus carrying the standard lower and lower. I say banned certain lyrics right across the board leave the Kartel issue, as mi hear man in a bid to out do him, sing some real crosses and bcuz we myopic pon Kartel they are slipping thru the cracks.

    Once you ban these lyrics create spaces for them. To how music mek we big, all now we cant even own a reggae dome or supn weh we can go and skin out and buss blank as we like without fear of police or badness for that matter. We need to create the spaces for such expressions where ppl can go, minors and criminals vetted and the sweet slackness spewed. If i want to see girls naked and sex on stage, there is a space for that. If I want to see two men fighting n beating each other to a pulp, there is a space for that. If I want to hear wah gal fi do and who fi get shot inna face infront station where is such a space? And in the lack of such space we are witnessing the outcome, its all over the place.

  5. Heavy-duty ur a million % rite…yesterday i was on my way from Las Vegas and me n my wife was having this same convocation about the banning of kartel music from the radio and about how our kids see dancehall and what it means to them..I said to her if they ban him he will become the biggest underground artists ever and his song will mean more to the uneducated..if we allow people to play kartel songs on the radio it is tell our youth’s that kartel is bigger than law n it’s ok to do what he did bcuz he is the true king of the dancehall…so what should we do leave it as is or make the change that make our music great again?????..LOL

  6. Chuh…The question is a rum bar question mi want hear wisdom from a politician. When a man owns a company like NCB it is not the same as owning a house or car. I believe the man has majority shares and The company is run by the managers so If the law did not cease his shares the company still runs or he can sell his shares too. Suppose the owner fi anything dead yuh think the company supposed fi dead too?.. Mr politics man give us the laws and facts nuh sir .. please an thanks. Looks like Crawford a set up fi run against Lisa enuh…gynal.

    We need a leader with strong values and charisma to step in make the unpopular decision and sell it to the country save the music , our youth and maybe the damn country.

    It’s not about Kartell or Gaza it’s the prevention of normalizing under skin out yuh pum pum lyrics and murder tune which can be entertaining to Adults and should be kept away from youth like drugs.

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