The best of plastic barbies and their Kens were out last night. I enjoyed myself. I have nothing bad to say since it will be construed as me being badmind. These are the hottest couples. Heard through the grapevine that a Realty Show is in the works for the bestest dancehall couples and the friends and family. The people dem thing shot way far. Met try put up the picture because these are public personalities and it was taken in a public setting for all the fans.



  1. Gm MET . Legs & thighs look horrible overload top. No lie Yankee Michelle twist up bad these ladies foot them no match them body parts none at all .

  2. Caption … “Damion hug mi up nuhh!”

    So why him a hug up Daffodil and not michnahshell???
    :repost2 :mahongintip :cystg :mewek :sorry

  3. SHOWWWWWWW??? DON’T DO IT……It’s a TRAP…..Y’all gonna go to Jail!!! How on earth will they account for obtaining all those designer wears…….on a Food Stamp and Section 8 Budget!!!

    Go out and get jobs first……..ALL OF YOU!!

  4. Who is that chick beside Princess Apple??Not many dancehall chicks can hold their own standing next to a GODDESS…Who is that girl?Quien es esa Nina??

  5. One thing I beg if u doing a show please REFRAIN from associating yourself with Jamaica
    and our culture. You nor your teefing friend dem don’t represent Jamaica neither do we want you to. Go and make a fool of your damn self and sink your own self. Make sure when your ship sinks it’s only you it falls back and not our sweet jamaica. Thank you have a good day.

  6. For some reason mi start like Bobbette. I hope she keep her complexion cause it fit her, she’s growing into her looks nicely.

    The rest a dem sick mi stomach.

    1. How can an adult grow into their looks? How can someone with a false complexion keep it? How can Bobette ever be cute? How could you suggest someone continue to rub in harmful chemicals that eat & peel away at their skin ? How could you fully endorse self-hate? Bobette only look semi-alright because the picture is small….and you only start to like Bobette because your brain is small, no itelligent Black person who loves the self could endorse bleaching. You are sick& demented.

  7. Out of the whole lot Robbers look the best, she now needs to work on your legs so the entire outer extremities will match and PLEASE no more surgery Rob.

  8. SMH,,,,not condoning fraud or who break the law but if these so called dancehall celebrities are flossing on welfare checks & section-8 vouchers, popping bottles & sporting designer fashion at tax payers expense then report them to the relevant authorities instead of ranting,griping & bickering on pinkwall, with all these pics there is more than enough proof to present to authorities, I really feel that there is a genuine OBSESSION with these people, the dollies, apples, kwezies etc. by no life/lowlife people who have nothing better to do but gossip, I have no concrete proof that these people are on welfare & I wouldn’t know!,,,,,,, why? because I’m busy holding down a 7-5 monday-friday, HOW THE HELL Y’ALL KNOW THESE PEOPLE ARE ON WELFARE?,,,,, UNLESS OF COURSE YOU SEE THEM IN THE WELFARE OR SECTION-8 OFFICE,,,,, WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE YOURSELF?,,,,,, why not rant about society people in jamaica(including crooked politicians)that have these exorbitant mansions perched on cliffs & hills and driving some of the most expensive vehicles from moneis donated by first world countries(our òwn tax dollars) in the form of aid to poor people and for poor & where it end up?,,,,, isn’t that a bigger fraud worth commenting on?,,,,,, but then again stupid me, I forgot most of y’all are political tribalist who worship & adore your crooked politicians & high society people!,,,,, and BTW,,,,, I’m no advocate of any of these dancehall celebrities, I’m just talking it how I see it from a logical angle!,,,,,, JUST SAYIN

    1. The fact that you took so much time off your 7-5 to write this diatribe shows that you’re obsessed with our “obsession” with these “dancehall celebrities. ” You are on a site that largely is about gossip, get off your high horse and mine yuh pop yuh neck
      Just Saying.

  9. So is where di reality show going to broadcast, You Tube or NY local access cable station?

    Someone correct mi if mi wrong, Dougie never used to have an likkle talk show one time?

  10. First of all who is giving them the opportunity to be on a reality show, that’s my question? Anyone knows the answer?

  11. Reality show fi ppl weh outta touch wid reality. A wah dem dis man… made in China’s a hope di reality show a talk bout how di body can start reject di plastic

  12. Sender, why in the world are you telling lies bout reality show in the works for these menaces to society :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak it was true I would definitely tune in only for a good old laugh, I must say these people are entertaining. Not a day goes by I can’t find something to laugh about when it comes to these trolls. :ngakak :ngakak I wish then the best if it true which I strongly doubt.

  13. I doubt any television show would pick up illegal immigrants on their show. No major station would risk harboring undocumented workers.

  14. @ anonymous I’m more like being DISGUSTED than being obsessed, trust me, why?,,,,,, if these people were in no way relevant y’all to every extent made them relevant now & make them seems very important(at least whithin themselves), it seems funny how y’all spend SOO MUCH TIME ON PINKWALL COMMENTING ON THESE PEOPLE’S LACK OF EMPLOYMENT, YOU PEOPLE SEEMS TO HAVE A LOT OF TIME ON YOUR HANDS,,,, which means?,,,,,,,,,

    1. You’re mad annoying.

      the amount of comments yuh mek from mawnin til now….. Since we are employed & shouldn’t have time to be here… is it that you are employed yet reach here all bumboclaat day same way? Move man….

  15. @ anonymous and another thing might I add is it makes more sense to REPORT them to authorities if they’re doing something wrong than to spend endless time on pinkwall GOSSIPING about them, every word per minute that y’all spend typing gossip thats the amount they stealing from the system in $100s(if what y’all saying is for certain),,,,,, why gossip?,,,,,, unless,,,,,,, PEOPLE ON HERE ARE DISGRUNTLED BECAUSE THEIR WELFARE CHECKS & SECTION-8 VOUCHER IS BIGGER THAN Y’ALLs,,,,,,lol,,,,,, just curious,,,,, no pun intended.

  16. @ Ramjam you yourself seem to have a lot of time on your hands as well. Within 14 minutes you made two comments on the wall. Don’t think you’re better than anyone else that comes on the wall. FYI most of the metters have a 9 to 5. Yuh bright and nuff gwah.

  17. @ramjam stfu. Your lunch break nuh ova? Over here writing a dissertation. Your disgruntled ass is here spending endless time commenting. So what that says about you?
    People send in the salacious stories that bring traffic to MET site.
    MET is the TMZ for the Jamaican community

  18. Lol @ramram…true…to be honest I believe most people who comment on them secretly wants to be them. Pinkwall uploads alot of intresting and relevant articles, yet still only a few comment..however as soon a one of the dancehall crew come on the wall..comments can’t done!! Y pay them any mind ..we have heard it all before; their scammers, fraudsters, drug dealers, their on welfare..they wear n tek back clothes, they live with dem mumma, puppa,1 bed apartment, they have 3somes, they love s☆☆k..blah keep them relevant..cause tbh I follow then on IG cause most of the time they look good, I click like if i like, and scroll if i dont and keep it moving. I care zero what or how they aquired their goods..cause clothes n boots don’t frighten’s clear they live in a fantasy world…so if or when the time comes when authority catch up with..then I won’t sorry for them…
    Way to much productive things to do in the community than worry bout which part of their body cut out and put back!!!

  19. Well, I work hard. I don’t even sleep in my bed every nite.I go from one job to the next.. But , I read the pink wall every damn day..

  20. Bobette look like she av sugar me glimpse her inna wah party wah day a miami jesus christ Hot f***g mess ugly inna real life as fi apple me not even go talk batty full a lump like a cancer patient kmt thank god fi phone wid filter buy real life these women are a f**g mess

  21. Yes damion works he is a barber.but him and yankee michelle left that’s why u see him nuh really a pose with her. Not even one of them nuh look good. Apple look tired, beat out and a mess. Wat kind a clothes that Apple have on on a big Sunday yuh African man run out of balmin and dsquare .lol.these 3 girls here , bobbette, Yankees michelle, apple are stogies, for grown woman and thieves all they boast about is booth and clothes. Especially big turbit ym with grown kids they need to set a foundation for their children. Buy a house ,michelle, robbas and apple. Ym your son cannot inherit yuh bags, batty rider and shoes michelle good god grow up yuh travel from England to America and still don’t meck no foundation for your children. All ym does is full her body with cement are batty look like hamper and her foot them fine like you so sad words cannot explain.mi hear sey jaydon a trust people liquor at them dance and a wait until him sell couple phone to guh pay them. Apple you really needs a 3 bedroom apt now your son is 17yrs and he sharing a bed with is 5 yrs old sister plus you rich that nuh look good apple. Your son needs is own space time fi him little girlfriend start coming over apple.bobbette you so wack nuh care wat u put on you look a hot mess. You need to buy yuh self a bigger bed how the he’ll you and daffy sleep on that full bed. Bobbette remember u don’t have any papers suh the next time yuh get catch stealing u going to get deported. Because uno so red eye uno hook pon the thiefing and scamming.young girl go sort out your life u too worthless. Dam thief.remember you still have open case and you spend 6 months in custody already fi yuh thiefing granny sey all who cannot hear must feel. Apple you and jaydon nuh stop use people credit card to shop and tuh buy expensive phone and sell it back door go get a job immigration ban yuh and yuh friend Kerryann because uno too thief and mess iPhone uno finger print.go get a little cna license apple and look a nursing home work before it gets too late for yuh. Apple and jaydon uno need to set a foundation for uno children because both of uno soon get lock up fi fraud if uno nuh stop .yuh nuh see how them clean up the bronx 2weeks ago.because uno a wannabe uno want to pose pon people like life good with uno.mi sorry fi uuno. Wat a day when the rise cannot swell.

  22. Lawd if I laugh I cry wat reality show.yuh want the press rip them apart if them sey we and met bad Meck bronx news step in and yuh si something. Ina all the reality show mi watch everybody travel a wat apple, daffy ,bobbette, michelle, damion going to use ebt card.back ground check have to be taken also suh the all of them may end up on the news instead of reality show.the people them card wey them a use may recognized them. Mi can’t wait fi that reality show fi start.a wonder where they going to say they, bumb bitches.

  23. @Real Chat Yuh seh dem lef but a she did a collect di money at di door a him party Sunday night. They are still very much together just hiding it for now off IG.

  24. Damion love sweets suh nothing more than yankee, michelle lend him her money to help him throw the partner suh she collect at the gate fi Meck sure she gets paid.because damion a gigolo love woman mind him

  25. It muss be a facebook reality show post on YouTube woah it should be called keeping up with the bops all females look like gully bop mi nah laugh so apple how unuh ago thief clothes, pick up unuh aliexpress package, all show unuh aparement inna cheap building and neghbour hood wid unuh full size bed ehhhh ehhhh woahhh suh welfare nah go mek unuh get deporte fi fraud unuh betta read news oooo oh shit figet none a unuh cah read lol

  26. @Real Chat damn yo and mi did a tink bwoy weh have up him own. But mi did think dem lef? Him live wid har?

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