SENDER-Watch how Wendy a big up di killa bwoy dem… Junior… Bready and di entire LA CREW smh These women are foolish and only strive for self gratification. No sense dem nuh have.


  1. senda u have time on you hand look how old this clip is plus she big up newyork and philly kill dem to cause a plenty a dem dey here they just need to put you more reward and u see how much a dem come off the street

  2. Dancehall parties nowadays are sooooooo whack. Seems like everyone either goes there to show off or to take photos and videos for social media. Very few people go there to actually have fun anymore. People diss up Marvin the boogery (myself included actually lol) but atleast his brand of entertainment emphasises dancing, which people barely do at parties nowadays, except for the few dancehall-dancers and a few other patrons who actually come out to have fun. Bring back the 90’s and early 2000’s dancehall scene ASAP.

  3. Why uno don’t leave these ppl alone that’s the thing with Jamaicans cannot mind unu business at the end of the day the lady move on with her life, bready dead an gone something all a unu was praying for congrats ur wish come through now junior is in prison everybody a rejoice .. worry about ur own lives.. give the ppl dem a break man ther lives ther problem worry about urs.

    1. That SMFH taken and stop generalize Jamaicans.

      Fyi: talking about unu killer and scammer friends is we business because it aaffect US JAMAICANS very deeply at home and abroad.

  4. @11:56 I tell u y dancehall parties get whack!!! Too much BBC fish Tek over wedda Dem out da closet or in a da closet I say 80 percent battyman in a party nowadays

  5. Wendy’s tiddy dem looks terrible, her nose looks fake. At least she can guh visit har murdera exman in prison, not so for the victims of his family.

  6. Soh a soh long dem gal yah a party an a wear brand an dont try fi sort iut dem sef really??? Its all hype an fake brand fi dem

  7. @smfh 12:02 _____wah u a dou over yah u dam cum yah fi d mix up to u noh hustle nothhng last nite fi goh cook uno love talk shit bout ppl wen dem comment an yet uno tan up pon d wall fi d mix up ..move u ole retire front fr yah u a jamaican to an a mix up an ppl life story meck u dah yah u is mothin but a ole hyprocrite goh hold a seat inna u shithouse . Cause u full a shit like

  8. Jr did look more happy with him wife smh look how him life mash up now tek up croses him all look different now I know him regret it now both leaving him wife and la shooting

  9. @MET is the wendy on this video the same Wendy at wendipretti on IG….They look identical and wendipretti is Bready cousin…but I know her to be a classy professional girl..but anything possible.

  10. Him big daughter mother Kim don’t mix up but the wellcute family all them Pickney a theif deh a jail dead or deported what happen to Sadij the one whay did go do the credit card theif and a run and Police did shoot him
    And now Jr tek up a worst duty family pupa Muma uncles all a no body sad eeh at Lear Wendy family have class
    Now these 3 kids will have to live without them father for life esp Kim daughter and Wendy son go feel it tammica Pickney little
    Wendy and Kim Pickney look exactly like junior

    1. Smh Junior did have more then 3 pickney.. Yes they will all grown up without a father but Some been without a father so nothing ago change fi dem.

  11. You people are evil, leave them let them be in time of tragedy. Jr. did not murder 4 people let god and a judge find out the truth. I’m so sorry for him killer or no killer cause he is human. Leave his family alone this is too much now.

  12. Uno leave the man an him family now nuh bomboclaat man as bad as shyt is him no deserve this caz anybody wid sense know him no keep kill 4 ppl .. uno jump of the man an him family f**g back now man

  13. Unu need fi get a life and stop watch ppl !!! Stop worry about Tamica she will be fine she young and look good plus she have her education she have her whole life fi live with or without Jr badmine a kill unu and now it shows you all was praying for jr downfall because nuff a unu get f**k and duck a nuh tamica fault Mek him did want her up !! Him was supposed to want her because she is a goodas and the next man she get will want her the same way … How many of u hoes Eva deh wid a man dat wants unu ?!! Drink bleach and die haters

  14. I have a strong feeling more than half those girls in the vid on pinkwall so imma just ask unno ya now. Wassup with the patting of the Pum tun,i’ve only seen it exclusively being done by Dancehall chicks.

    What exactly does it signify n why unno dweet,plz n tonks for any assistance yall can render to me solving this 25yrs mystery!

    1. The same reason why they pat their head/hair when wearing weave? Their pum-pum itching them and they are embarrass to scratch it in public…..just a guess…..

    2. Per Red Dragon it signifies graduation….Gyal if yuh crotches, neva fail yuh yet….I waan yuh pat yuh vagina, every man ah tek set….yuh know why gyal….yuh graduate, nuh from good hole college #Graduation Pictures

  15. The fool a top weh seh Wendy prolly neva kno AR COUSING bready an AR BABYFADDA marlon are killers an thieves need fe go hitch dem dutty batty pon barbwire. It inna dem blood an Wendy get an wear nuff name brand off of many who fa families deh ya a bawl to dis day. Dem gal yah been a live an feed dem youths off a blood money.

    Wendy and Tamica are a part of the problem we face as a people. These women, because of their own self needs, encourage these men to rob, steal and kill; just to fund their superficial lifestyles. Most of these women are misguided, unsuccessful and extremely narcissistic. Somehow, however, they have managed to convince and further force these men to enter and/or remain in lifestyles consisting of blood spilling, drug trafficking and family abandonment.

    It doesn’t matter how much these women have “moved on”, “changed” and “matured”. The fact is, they have caused and contributed to the current state of destruction of our men; and by no means should we let our guards down when it comes to scrutinizing these specimens. Often moving on for them is simply moving onto the next batch of victims. Mark my word, when Kemario leaves… Sorry… Wen Wendy leave Kemario, him a go scribble up like prune an him a 20 yrs ar junior oh an de next man Tamica tek will not be a career fella. It’s just the mentality of these low self esteem, envious, nom-ambitious women.

    As long as our black men have to encounter women like Wendy and Tamica who instead of saying “honey, you must put away your bloodthirsty ways and at the very least, TRY (That’s all it takes with God) to start leading a life conducive to the Word of God”; they are demanding and even threatening these men with authorities if they don’t deliver cash, clothes and carz so they can uphold their FAKE images.

    1. I am sorry but you attract what you are.

      It takes 2 to tango. Ask Bonnie and Clyde.

      I do agree that bad behavior must not be encouraged, unfortunately, most decent women will not even entertain such men let alone tell them to behave.

      That is something that can be mentioned by a family member or friend. Because, once they sleep together, both man and woman are fully aware of what they both signed up for.

      These men can smell those type of women from a mile off and vice versa. Hence, why they always have the propensity to gravitate towards each other.

      All we can do is teach and be an example to our children in our homes. Then hopefully, they will follow even in their examples of what a healthy and positive relationship looks like.

      Enjoy your Sunday dinner.

      If they come from dysfunction and witness it. This is all they know.

  16. Goodas stop riding Tamica’s cock education where Tameica doesn’t have a skill much less a college degree Is not every gyal want man fi mind dem u have gyal Weh u have dem good job and great careers not because u see us on here everyday alot of us are professionals h brite bout badmind a nuh everybody want a murderer jancrow ina dem hole Finley off bad spirit in a u anuh everybody live fi social a media or brand names there is more to life than that go wah from yah Suh bout haters my girl do yourself a big favor jump off of a bridge

  17. Cassie it is obvious that u r a tamica hater!!!!! And a stalker or a pretending friend since u know so much about her u must be close to her !!! So I know u know she is in college right now and about to get her degree so u over here trying to make her look bad . Bitch carry on because u will never look like her or have weh she have already the girl on her way to greatness and junior going to jail will not stop her flow and u know that so continue hating lol team tamica me say l the way her heart clean and she good in many ways so she will always be good God got her

  18. Tamika and Wendy choose their own paths in life ther business ther problem.. I don’t c y Jamaican ppl always make it ther business to tell ppl wat they should do and what they shouldn’t.. why Jamaican ppl always worry about the way other ppl choose to live ther lives.. why Jamaicans cannot mind their own business in the name of Jesus leave the ppl them alone .. what they choose to do with ther lives shouldn’t be anyones business caz I’m sure they not begging y’all shyt.. this is exactly why i keep my life off social media bcaz u do not of to do ppl shyt to attract enemies.

  19. Wa Tamica IG be? I need to see this so call pretty gal lol
    Ppl use the word pretty very loosely these days .. I need to see these women kmt

    Bitch talkin bout haters but they baby daddies out here shittin up dem self awaiting 25 to life . Meanwhile a next man washing off their baby head bout a breed lol

    I would never breed for no murderer crosses deh pan whole a unu

    What’s there to hate on?

  20. @goodas exactly wat is there to hate bout these ppl life wen it consists of drugs, murder, lies,thief, funerals deceit, con,arrests not to mention fatherless children? Uno ever hear bout generational curse yet u a real sample a swear mnl

  21. Bout (Edited) Tamika in college bitch please stop it ya defend her all Unu want she flop now she mash up the gal home and the F B I mash up hers who Unu kidding give her a medal for taking up a man that use her as a clone as his wife whay him nuh divorce really wife get house Benz ring And she get pure belly really gun bag tamica get a life and learn from experience the same gal whay a hype you a dem put help hype you and put you in this for 25 to life and everyone a say him never kill 4 no one said so not even the police they said because of him we can certainly read over her at times we just pull you fools on a string if Unu tek some of pink wall folk like myself advice you losers would not be in this situation every year see bready deh pan the video didn’t they warn him he would have been here today so dougie platnuim could have been happy

  22. Dick riding Goodas what’s your obsession with looks ain’t nobody hating on Tameika and pretty where ?? Ok keep it moving I don’t need to state my profession on here I never slept with a gun man neither am I a thief her fren punchie said they steal together don’t come for me ok bitch I don’t respect females like that she lives an IG life for the world to see and yes we aguh chat bout it talking about looks oh please looks not putting nobody anywhere u or Crosses Tameika Weh f**k every dancehall man Tameica Weh use to clean dancehall floors really boo how tacky and classless bitch has no ambition fi guh sleep wid a murderer Junior has no loyalty all rob him father u people praise idolatry give me a break that’s all oonu live fah Weh di house seh Weh Di 401k deh weh Di investments, stock market etc Weh Di life insurances when she gets old does she have a pension to collect ?? Oh me figet dem invest ina cloth and boot .. Bitch pree dat before u come fi me wid oonu careless life.

  23. @anonymous I don’t wear ppl things let’s get that straight come outta di ppl dem life a shyt like this why violence can never stop caz uno cannot mind unu f**g business a nuff more a unu ago dead Becaz a unu mouth .. bready dead but a nuff more a unu ago dead to

  24. Lol u sound mad Cassie !!! And miserable sound like tamica a mad u rass which is right !!! Junior did not clone tamica the girl is her own person and a live her own life and wend can never ever walk in her shoes no day !!! What does Wendy have to show for being with junior when he was in his prime and money did a Mek ??! 1 Benz ? Weh di house ? Weh di stocks ? Weh di investments ??? Nothing she don’t have and we know only 1 car and sum furniture and clothes and shoes. At least tamica did smart and go school her education a go bring her tru life with or without junior !!! Wendy neva Mek junior send her go school she can’t even spell good or write a proper sentence … Go check Her IG and u will see for herself me nah come off yah because me a go defend tamica to the fullest because unu nah stop wid the hating … If unu can come here and hate me can come here and congratulate and unu can’t stop me from type …u hear dat big hole Cassie … I know for a fact u a one a dem weh get f**k and duck lmao stop pretending ur a hater and I’m not …

  25. All you sound like asinine && who are you all to be judging anyone. That’s unuh fkn problem unuh love take up PPL argument PON unuh head and don’t know the facts. Nobody can judge jr but god. & another thing unuh love rass swear fi PPL bout some a unuh never sleep w/ gun man or drug dealer w/e so nun a unuh suppose to be under this post you all are supposedly saints, First Ladies of pastors & such lmao. When your young 9/10 u become vulnerable & make mistakes it’s all apart of growth YALL wont know till you end up in a similar situation nobody under this post NUH partial. I am not agreeing w/ anything that took place in CA mainly because I was not there & dk who pull trigger from who didn’t. SOME a unuh heart heavy baddddd. Go and seek god. Tamica god bless and nah stress ova nun of you all. you ppl are beyond inhumane. Just remember when you pointing that one finger on someone 4 pointing back at u JOHNCROW !

  26. batty boy dre Kool and make up artist kay you both need to stop picking up for tamicka cause she chat dre that him a drive a old car and him batty buss up and she chat kay saying kay smell bad

  27. Goodas a liar like you boost tammika and Mek she get f young stupid poppyshow a hope when dip start for her association you help her

  28. I’m feeling so old now. A dem time dance used to nice. That was a fun night. When people used to really support each other and come from far and travel state to state. Wendy a thief yes but a she set the trend for nuff a dem gyal ya. A she used to ever inna Chanel bag and boots and ever used to dress the Pitney dem real well and drive big car . A she tek Gina and dem into home decor store. She and junior and terry berry and twin Paul are some of the few hat were legally married.

  29. @827 pm
    Really just really please get a life ore Tamika knew exactly what she was doing when she tek the woman husband and a threw word put up picture and a hype with her crosses self yes that bitch swear she was troubling Wendy after Jr a clown her gun bag and a baby mama really where are the boys She get her karma quick doh bout she put forever in love a hope she forever mine Jr now old idiot gal go whay young stupid gal go get some class you can never walk in Wendy shoes you and you duty prison bud pupa the whole a Unu nuh have shit esp twin Paul thank god for the scratch off him win him buy the little house a queens and him first wife gi him paper Unu dig shit Unu friend the gal go her yard red eye and think everything glitter a gold swear you win you terry and Paul a snake cause Unu friend the gal and a go her yard and tek her man den a try hype pan her that why you get this and terry get a gal tek whay Paul unfair games play twice member she welcome Unu in her house house rats Unu blinds you pupa to 25 year to theif him friend dem things see Feds hold the whole a da crew deh fed need to knows all you associations and immigration

  30. You seem real illiterate I’m taking no one side I am a outsider looking in like wise you all. What is the purpose of you mentioning who MAN she took from who’s she didn’t, FYI little minded dunce! @10:04 as heavy as temptation is a WOMAN does not get her man “Taken”… its obvious she no longer had what was necessary to hold him he moved on woman & men are replaceable clearly she was & so is Tamica that what your saying had ntn to do with it. A lot of you can sit behind this site and bash ppl when unuh BLUTCLAAT shit caah Mek patty. I now decide to stoop to ur level because ur lack of understanding context bothers me YUH mumma shoulda swallow yuh yuh probably not even kno yuh father if him dead guh dig him up and tell it why it is yuh miserable & other ppl life bothers you so much. Nobody NUH better than anyone apparently you and anyone who thinks like you are the true definition of badmind… just sit and wait for ppl down fall. To each is own I bet if yuh licky licky BLUTCLAAT did offer a seat a the table yuh wouldn’t deny it yuh seems like yuh love LIKES Mek sure yuh home good and NUH worry bout anyone else yuh probably a f**k an nah wine gyal probably sidung INNA yuh man face frequently a squeeze yuh likkle bills Money him a deny yuh gweeh mi dun w/ yuh yah now I bind up yuh nasty BLUTCLAAT you whole Condem

  31. @10 58 eat shit unfair games play twice careful what Unu do people don’t go to your friends house and sell your self short and think you win that why she get whay the duck get you could a deal little more if I consider you as a friend and you come a my yard and my man a look you run him esp my husband don’t let red eye get the best of you cause not everything glitter a gold don’t you see all Tamika. Did a throw word on social media Wendy move on bitch bind up me you and you friend dun bind up for proudly home wrecking and troubling the vov the people dem tek at the alter you could a deal little more you are sluts Unu should a do it a dance friends like Unu no one needs enemies your time a come support the slackness a hope your friend that paring with you f**k you husband after Unu just eat drink together karma return you could a deal continue more shall come and no skettel Mucky life gal can style me than God for this site to show up Unu nastiness and dirt self

  32. You mean hole not whole bind up fe Unu whay proud tek married man and a cuss over him when him nuh divorce a Unu same one run in bout take down wanted poster Crosses set a johncrow @10 57 how dare you talk bout one God God does right hello is this Tamika or her battyman friends as you stated one God so he is watching remember marriage was done in the church Unu could a deal little more Unu shouldn’t friend her go her yard nam and den a tek him karma. Go drink bleach now you set of sluts yes Jr wrong too he should have respect his home but he got his karma too and even if Wendy a theif she still was him wife

  33. @ano 6:33 Tamica and Wendy was never friends nor have she ever been to Wendy house so go research your story before you come on pink wall. Tamica met jr at moments cafe and that I know for a fact.

  34. I find something really confusing here and I wonder if someone can shed light . I see stories on this site about politics, world news and other important issues with NO comments. But the mix up stories easily have over 100 comments. That’s fine because obviously we all came here to see the mix. What I don’t understand is the people here saying Jamaicans love mind people business and love mix up and bad mind.. but they are here too lol. This is where I get confused some one shed light. Please and thanks

  35. Yes they all were all friends her uncle wife use to walk with Wendy that why she cut dem off she even still have up him daughter pic and her son so get you story correct before you come a defend or talk and what ever wherever every dance hall mattress did know Jr and Wendy married and deh every where him keep her party every year and never did a hide so now Unu nuh know her it’s a bit too late

  36. Terry and Wendy was friends not Tamica and Wendy that’s facts when Wendy first find out Jr. was with Tamica was when Tracey champion sister told terry and terry tell nah defend no one but me a talk straight facts that I know.and Wendy friend up top why u don’t talk how Jr p never stop f**k out Wendy while she was with Jr and she is a married woman

    1. They were all friends and yes it’s Tracy sister who buss it out. Still don’t believe the Auntie Terry did’t know.


  38. I find it really funny how everyone on this mix up platform and I call it that because on almost every comment is the mention of mix up… I do not personally know these people like some of you truly know them or heard of them and heard stories, to truth to fiction… My take on this entire debacle is this Junior character got him self on the most wanted list, someone from the party call up his name and said yes it was him, I hope that these people are telling the truth and not just saying that because they hold a grudge for the man, because we all know some people wicked and stay bad like that, 2nd of all the man is being charge for all for murders even though they are not sure if he committed the other three but he said to be the one who kill the youth and started the big massacre that faithfully night, the media calling it a massacre now… Now if Junior was a killer from long time, I do not know won’t put my hand in the fire to say he is but some of you who know or know of that being true would say yes to it but if he did do the crime, yes he must do the time, you want to be bad and show off then you suffer the consequences of your action, of your stupid decision you made that faithful night, while surrounded by innocent people that wasn’t part of the beef that took place between these people, men can’t handle they disputes in different ways they shouldn’t be in public with it… What I’ve noticed as well why are some of you on here bad mouthing the woman that deal with men like these, regardless what they know when they meet them or knew after they been with these men it’s there business if they want to stand by them it’s there business to so as they damn well please… Look we all are not prefect, even the ones that act like they are well educated, we all have faults as woman and human beings… What happened between relationships is there business… Sometimes you can’t help who you fall in love with and everyone is going to have baggage or a not so pleasant pass that will stay with them forever, unless they make a drastic change for the better… Once again I’m not taking sides, do not know any of the people you all is speaking of, I’m plainly giving my opinion on what I’ve read.


  40. Anonymous 6:46 pm – I don’t have to have suss to be able to leave a comment for one, now if suss is the only thing people can leave on here, then the rules should be explained and put out there for all to know but you seem like you were on the rules committee for the sight to tell me what and what I’m able to say as far as my comment… We are in America not sure if you are but I am and we have what we call freedom of speech if you didn’t know and until Met tells me that my comment is not warranted then what you say doesn’t hold no weight with me… Now if you want to give your opinion as I did then by all means but never degrade another person because how they feel and what they want to also share with all… I’m not going to continue to entertain you because you like all other ignorant person and you wanted why us black people are so divided because of ignorant people like yourself… I hope you life is full of more than what you are offering now!!!!

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