1. She is not drunk …that is how she is ……unu figet wen shi tek di man equip and jump up and hol ar front and seh ….a fi ar P*&&y gi ar dis .??…..she is wretched and ratchet…….no shock here

  1. Good morning Met and JMGers!! Angel yuh sound wicked stupid yow. Come mek mi do yuh make-up that black liner in your brows are wicked ratchet. You look so trashy, and sound worse.Yuck!!!!

  2. Good morning Met and JMGers… Angel you sound so stupid, yuh giving the market woman dem a run fi dem money, it’s obvious you are highly intoxicated. So proud that yuh picsy pic get 1 million views, Wow!!! Angel your eyebrow wid the black pencil and mad looking hair major ratchetness. Yuh need a decent make up artist, sex sells but if after 9 yrs yuh nuh mek it, cover up……

  3. Jean Cliff whey him name…dwl…didnt that man do a song with your husband lady…dwl, high like a kite…da da dad adaa because I was high (sing di song Angel)

  4. This woman who claims to be sophisticated says that she will be “doing” sex for 2014. Which she has been doing and it has done nothing for her……she is whack

    1. Mavado all over again…………………….and a beg school fee…….on another note havde di nerve fi seh mavado cah call ar name…………………….but shi dede dying fi a page ……….look like shi wouldnt even care if him carry dung pon di gully ……………a sen code message and Joe gwaan like him blind….lmao

  5. Good morning one n all mi haffi smh women take heed u see wat when all ur skills n accomplishment r gained on ur back r knee.
    Angel mi shame fi u a dis u call pretty face n bad character Angel y u Neva do something worthwhile wit u self when u had the chance OMG beauty fades n knowledges grows

  6. Anybody can really see this and say she no high or drunk? Damn disgrace to womanhood smh. Being drunk just brings out who you really are

    1. di $106 cannot buy a ting… di U.S economy not doing well so she fi stop hype bout U.S dollars. It nuh have nothing fi do wid how much JMD it worth

    1. Johncrow belly really u keep saying this $1000 US I hope this is not meant as compliment cause dat a no money fi pay down pon good good puxxy

  7. Angel muss drunk… And when you drunk your true colors come, shi sick stomach mi cawh believe a so this girl behave. GM alllll.


    1. She can’t even pronounce the mans name and he’s such a big entertainer…she sounds so illiterate, she wouldn’t even act appropriate for the sake of the interview that will be public, once again thumbs down…YOU LOSE. Drunken ass


      1. mi a wonda—suppose she’s going for de “airhead” persona???????its a part of raunchy n sexy…..might be deliberate….tink dem publicist deh EZ


  8. A same so when she run out pon ninja man she say “”laing n JOE BANGLADESH or wey him waa name..””lol…a nearly died….me like her….she IS sexy n sex DOES sell .bout time she capatalize pon r asset globally n no watch no face……. unoo lowe de girl…

      1. low di girl ….WEH DI GIRL DEH? she is suppose to be a lady but that has proved challenging …she cannot speak and her appearance is in regression ………she really need fi go beg back beenie man cause it look like a di best a ar dat…..and as bad as beenie man bi …him neva look so trashy yet him well put together …she is a cold mess

  9. Poor Beenie what an embarrassment. Suh Marco Dean school fee affi pay inna US, but whe she really ah try seh Beenie nah mind him son or Beenie nuh have nuh money. Big big king of the dancehall, international star ex-wife baby madda shouldn’t ah beg school fee an ah gwaan suh awful like shi deh pon har face. Damn

  10. So wey de money wey she get from de show wey she do and have de pus-c wedgie dey? Why she never pay de yute school fee from da money dey since she knew she was NOT booked to perform on STING. I agree wid Shanna”s comments about Beenieman being de big King of de dancehall, and big international star who always dey pon tour. How him mek him ex-wife a beg school fee money star? And, why de hell mus dis likkle yute school fee haffe pay inna US dollars ? A which school dat? See what happens when yu hang yu hat higher dan yu can reach it ?

    1. well if him a di AMERIANC INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF KINGSTON………..dem neva jus start collect US fi school fee….shi shoulda stay faithful to her husband because him did mek a woman outta ar ……………….but from mi siseh all beenie man mada ……look like shi is no match fi Angel mi did know seh Angel……..a orange skin ……….and nutten else ………..mi sure if a did bounty pickney and shi a behave so …………..shi woulda de baka a Zinc right now a Spain

    Supreme Promotions head, Isaiah Laing, says dancehall entertainers D’Angel and Sizzla Kalonji have been banned from Sting.

    According to Laing, Sizzla has been banned because he was repeatedly warned not to go on stage during the Boxing Day event and promote hate music.

    Laing continued that although D’Angel was not booked for the show, she is banned as a patron because of her “embarrassing” stint during Ninja Man’s set.

    “We repeatedly told Sizzla not to do any hate music and he went up there and did it. D’Angel is banned for at least 5 years as a patron. We don’t need your money D’Angel. Stay home. Watch the event on pay-per-view next year.”

    In a release to the media, the promoters of Sting – Supreme Promotions and Downsound Records – stated that that they have taken steps to force “corrective actions” from some artistes.

    “We remain committed to advancing Reggae/dancehall music and the industry. We will continue to strive to improve our product and are confident that with your support we will achieve our aim,” a spokesperson said.

    More details in to come

  12. fe all who a sey Michelle dung unno so wrong it nuh funny dis is how she is all day everyday she been a tell unno frm day how she is nd unno nay waan b-lev well seet yah nung a she money wedah phuck fah or suck fah she up nd live oooo

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  13. This a serious business. Angel english vocabulary needs revisiting. She should say that she dressed appropriately in the context of the sentence. D gal sound lie a butuuuuuuuuu. She fi do better man. I dont see why sizzla was banned the set was one of the best for the night.

  14. D’Angel need to get off the Molly, yoooooooooo this bitch take too much Molly before she get to sting and then mixing beer.

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