1. Ms Lou u spread out in the people dem bed like yuh done seh yuh bless our home prayers and drop asleep same way. How u sleep in your panty ina di people dem bed?

  2. Dat look like a pretend sleep to me…….the song “when gal want buddy” just popped into my head seeing this . a bait she a bait up the people dem

    1. Wen you know seh you no stay good, you fe keep quiet and doan gi youself trouble. Simple. We came to be entertained. :hammer

    2. It kool as the rass weather! This loud mouth bulldagga, international bum bitch should a get post up hanging from a crane.

      Senda, big up you self cause a so bullies fi get treated :maafaganwati :thumbup

  3. :kr :kr :kr mi nuh kotch a gal yard suh how come dem a chat a gwaan like a dem a put food inna mi pot, a nuh chat a gal fi chat tell har fi come touch meck mi dash weh di wata an bruck di termos

    1. She nahfi get fat fe you wear new clothes LOL… Meck dem tandeh an chat!!!!!!!! :kr Woooiiiieeeee … :ngakak #Needleye101 :peluk

  4. U fool up a top a talk bout dem shouldnt teck her picture y u never comment pon d video shi put up an a diss ppl

  5. luks like she is on a pull out couch never the less its a damn shame fi spread out like dat inna ppl place should have been save even 3-4 mths of the baby money and start wid a damn basement

  6. When u a kotch meck sure u curl up like ball sleep inna tights pants socks scarf n gloves cause worse if di ppl dem man ago pass u a sleep lol no sah look like some a d m curry dem ambition n Nyam it smh it’s a shame a wonder if a sleep mi luv sleep why mi caaaa do the kotch thing

  7. wtf very sad miss Lou yuh stay bad nuh bloodcloth big nuh sweet she nasty very nasty ewwhhh mi wah know a who fah bed dis miss Lou a dirty up soooooooo

  8. Mis Lou spread out Inna the woman bed because she glad she nuh of to sleep pon the woman ground that night. A Andrea house this the house Wey mis Lou sleep pon the ground and mash up the woman tile with her crocodile skin..mis Lou yuh a walk and chat people and yuh worthless. Green arm mis Lou Wey wLk and borrow people clothes ,shoes and bag .mis Lou stop store up yuh dirty panties them fi weeks before yuh wash them yuh too lazy and nasty.. dunce bat mis lou go to Jamal guh learn fi read so u can help yuh grand children and yuh Pinckney them do their
    home work and stay out of people business
    GO look a job mis Lou and stop thief and come off a welfare bitch

  9. Hehehehe wow is this the same miss . Lou who lubbb cuss people ?????? :ngakak :ngakak :malu :malu :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak big shame and disgrace inna Mercia :batabig :batabig

  10. these dirty bronx gal i would think they have their lives together from long time the way how dem act like bad girls. What a piece of slackness Not even a pillow case. these bronx girls who like live inside people hair parlor and chat people dirty eh met. look pon the big dirty lip like her mouth drain water when she sleep. so a which man lie down with this nasty looking thing Them dirty girls is in america from when greencard free and look at that

  11. talk the truth she not ugly, her skin clean, that’s a standard bald head blonde its a popular style, if she really sleeping she cratches cover, you can see cover is pull aside and pic taken, she sleep too dead, or them sprinkle powder in the house is her video out there, its cause she f**k roun people why dis reach her

        1. Cheut di way she spread out is like she hasnt been ina bed for a long time. If this is not prime cut wutliss I just dont know what to call it


      1. Aunty, Jaden gonna have the “N” taken off his name and not only that! his penis will be removed! oh lort :tkp :tkp

  13. @anonymous 3:06 pm how yuh mean by mis Lou nuh ugly ho sorry shi bad looking.nuh power nuh sprinkle into the woman good house a over joy mis Lou over joy sey she get a little sleep Inna a bed because a the ground she normally sleep pon. Mis Lou yuh a really bed bug yuh walk all over Bronx and kotch. @Tanishaproppa2thefullest.. mis lou a yuh sister in law a same Suh shi did want come a yuh yard come sprawl out into yuh children them bed.Tanisha the worthless gal mis Lou Wey up inna everybody business not changing her Ways,Suh Bronx people a done up her nasty body. Gal nuh want to work fi wat she want. Mis Lou uncle frank f…k yuh out and only use to buy yuh a corner store sandwich after him done f..k yuh.now frank get few millions off him son law suit guh si if him can bring yuh tuh red lobster tuh compensate yuh fi all the free f..k them that yuh give tuh him.

  14. apart from nasty lifestyle dirty, that’s a beautiful black woman lets be logical her skin clean, she’s not ugly that’s a normal regular hairstyle, we normally say she sleep bad pon her back she dear not play with a ouija board sure as hell duppy will grind her 31st Halloween would be perfect STOP, FOR NUFF A YOU MAN WOULD FIND HER TASTY, DELICIOUS IT HAPPENED TO MANY WOMEN, I HAVE FEMALE FRIEND DARE NOT GO A SADAMITE YARD GO LI DUNG

    1. This is not a sadomite friendly website! So NO we no care bout lou rass skin or face!

      She is a fuking bully and a get bully treatment round here. Lou a carry crosses from har dead bredda inlaw, sista and all har gingaration! But she could a shake some off a har by being a hard working, humble bulldagga.

      Lou mussy a munch or nap pon you carpet why you keep coming back bout looks.

  15. Don’t care how bad she is there is no justification for taking this pic .Take good care of people you are helping.
    This is also criminal.

  16. Yes priority gone wrong dancehall hot girls kotch and gawn like dem better than people lol me nuh want fe dem hotness it’s call hot mess Look how this careless gal spread out in the people den bed no class whatever sick stomach dem and dem a the first one to run in bout who want who from who don’t who mines nah mine who wok where scum bad dem sick insane shithouse dem think dem a bingo as the other ileterate one kerryann she say lol I don’t want bingo like them worthless set and you si how them stay love cuss people who all sorry for dem nasty rass why this tuff gal couldn’t rent a furniture room and hold her corner dam loser and waste Dem

  17. Meka Kmar say the baby cry too much and him can’t take it so if u don’t fine a babysitter for that little boy u going to come home and don’t see him no more come on Meka yo have 3 more kid and yo never do that y yo a do that to the woman son bitch.

  18. Anonymous@3 54
    Why that reach dem a true dem love Mek video and scandal people and tell lie pan people and trouble bully war a dat a criminal my dear dem love gang up and trouble people my dear the set of duty bungles every month den and someone my love that why the people dem expose her she live a the people dem house and cuss chat and always want fight people who help dem rass old Zar dem people like dem I am sorry to say but when you tek dem up you house tun upside down once them enter set of crosses you nuh mind sharp dem want put you out your own house dem a nuh friends people want no priority dunce gal dem lol

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