DAT DEM SEH>>>For tomorrow morning

Lime a rita / legacy roll call….. mix up.
Shame on these piece a nastiness …. nhakialegacy what a way u have dwaynoffice jackolegacy sanalegacy teddyleagacy all these legacy and more behind u like a servant mi hear seh a u have the money and how u open club now yuh still wah f**k off the gal dem the brown knock knee gal nuh gi yuh enough a har fren dem. All dat piece a nasty gal u a wife up mi hear the amount a man f**k it cause she a run down hype. Worthless dwayne office imagine u have the gal moymoy inna house lock up just because u wah follow nhakia yuh don f**k off the gal dem. Unuh nuh see har fren dem alone come out ..no sah the niceness nug start yet. Moymoy u guh bronx guh turn one piece a moscot .. yuh body tired now u have the man undaneat u too much dutty gal yuh young guh look a life fi yuh daughter and stop watch the man .. nhakia gal keima a issue har fren dem to him.lol no sah legacy is one piece a nastness ..as fi u jacko stop walk and f**k bronx gal dem fi mine u . Moymoy gi yuh one of fren dem and mi hear seh the gal a mine u and a try tek u weh from the mawga gal weh u deh wid. Worthless bowy man ago f**k unuh bout unuh have don. Teddy mi tired fi hear yuh name from yuh eat mi pu**y mi nuh want u back u walk and a eat every gal inna unuh party every night mi see yuh in deh u inna a different gal ears. Now mi hear seh nhakia have 2 cosin from jamaican a dem him gal a issue har fren dem to fi a hype . The likkle one weh name sanalegacy mi see him wah night wid a new gal weh him do wid moymoy fren the big face one weh dem put up pan pinkwall wah day seh har next man a philly a f**k down ova deh .no sah as the legacy man lef u yuh gawn guh f**k my girl mi sorry fi yuh . Yuh ole curse now . Legacy man dem a croses nhakia gal did seh u a mind him yuh neva did a do enough . Stinkin moymoy stop gi yuh fren dem to the man dem dutty gal .

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  1. No sah moymoy u is one bitch true dwayneoffice nuh want u .yuh gi yuh fren dem to him worthless fren dem ….this is a sad case. Unuh need help. Hope yuh fren dem get the rass hype weh dem a look. Yes sender weh the brown gal name .

  2. Da gal hurt true she want a f***k and never get it. Yu sound badmind to. Badmind di yute fi him club. Suck yu madda. Dead yu fi dead bitch.

  3. Who dont know moy moy a dutty gal diss bitch f**k everybodyii as fi those other two mi hear seh all dem do is work fi mine man dem sad like dem friend moy moy.legacy man dem dont want nobody uno bitches a just dem fling di man dem got dem real wife

  4. Them people yah Nuh know nothing bout the yute them. Some gyal probably ah run in just because the man them buy the club and the man run them. Stop grudge the man them.

  5. Unuh sound bloodclacth hurt everything is moymoy this moymoy dat all the man dem unuh a gi Har nothing Still Nah Happen Fi Unuh . Lowe The Man Dem Mek Dem Bloodclath Strive. And Come Off A the gal Dem Name The F**k Weh Unuh A hurt Ova unuh Still Nah Get It

  6. Unuh well wah dwayne eeh unuh nuh stop gi bloodclath moymoy man. All when the gal inna dwayne eye sight fi the whole blooclath day unuh seh unuh see har wid a man …unuh still nah get Dwayne

  7. Unu low bloodclat moymoy and her two friend dem a how d gal dem a hurt up unu head so???? Tru the legacy man dem want up the gal dem unu sound hurt nuh pussyclat a some a the club money unu we’ll want mek the gal dem live dem f**king life now man ppl cya live dem life inna f**king peace these days

  8. N a next thing the gal was sana legacy wife look Pon him IG a bare pic with she n her dawta u use to see him move on she move on n unu still a mek the ppl dem f**king boda unu no sah bad mind ppl

  9. Nhakia Nuh stop sucj yani pussy cause she freak him out. She f**k how much man and gal and as to she him wood likkle and how she haffi pretend when him ah f**k har that’s why she f**k pon him all the time.

  10. FOH!! Me know for a fact Nhakia don’t eat pussy! And him dick nuh likkle. Yo i bet its dutty dog shit keima and har stinking pussy friend dem write dis cause she want Nhakia left di gal, True di gal name didnt get call up she callin it now, She don’t even go out.. Nobody know that’s her man, I know for a fact she not f**king on him so How she f**king on him?? lmao ppl r so f**kin stupiddd. Ya just mad cause ya want di girl life stop it!! Rip to you wack ass bitches. Yannie is every committed to her relationship so there’s no need to pretend or fake it. She love di bwoy like how Jesus love the world.

  11. Uno Need a life come off A legacy and keima name. .. a wah Uno want her fi give uno one a har frIend them. … You mad or na

  12. Dutty bad mine ah guh kill dem, dem love call up yannie name bout she ah freak, So what if di gal ah freak and love to please har man. Ya just love call up di gal name bout nuff man f**k it I beg di defer cause that bitch is mad disrespectful she don’t give these lame ass niggas no time ah day. And any man she deh wid wife her up. wen she’s in a relationship she’s m.i.a so ya hating ass bitches need to have a seat!!!! And get a life of your own and stop chat people. it’s crazy how a lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. But in the days of blogs and social media, it can move a lot faster than that. Uno ah hate pon di legacy bwoy dem like seh dat ah guh stop di money flow uno too bloodclot mix up!!!! yah mad cause they team winning

  13. Dat dutty shape bad gal keima need fee guh chuck off inna one pit, dat hoe need to get ah life and stop run down hype man. Mi hear seh she use to f**k him fren Marvin suh why di hell you think him ah guh leave him Ooman fi you slut??? Just stop it hoe! Stop it hoe

  14. Keemah nuh f**ky f**ky that ah lie. unuh confuse 1st unuh seh the man ah wife har up now him Nuh want har. Smh keemah is nothing what you saying on here cause mi see my friend look keemah look weh betta than nakia have things and she turn him down.

  15. The person that keep on changing their name behind the blue picture need fi go find a life cause it’s one person cussing the niggas the girls and then picking up for them. Get use jmg I’m been on this site for years to not know a fake. Is them same one put up the story too. Where is met? You need to loud them up when they do that.

  16. I use to f**k him and he never did that so that’s a lie. Him need fi stop par with them lame niggas and his name wouldn’t ah call up. I knew it was coming.

  17. No sahhhhhh this a joke!!! DWL Yeah yannie a whore like di bitchhh weh have yu! Yu mussi have a camera in har pussyhole mek yu know sooo much! Yu all have di girl new instagram name! Mi believe yu is a bloodclaat stalker yu muss waan live har bloodclaat life but yu haffi born again fi do dat! bitch stop watch people & stop tell f*king lie & chat weh di f**k yu nuh know.. F**k all this internet badness bitch if yu have a problem yu know how fi reach yannie so talk up or shut di f**k up.. Betta yet talk up & get F**K UP cah dat a guh reach yu any how yu violate! All unno bloodclaat wutless ppl do a come pon dis & write yu likkle secret post. Climb di highest ladder & dive back inna yu madda pussy! Guh tek care ah yu ugly pickney dem, clean yu dutty yard & stop worry bout ppl f**kin business.. Unno dutty jankro sick mi stomach

  18. Man body Kemia and dutty pinky weh pussy trench out like ten mile a bad rd to how much reconstruction uno pussy need not even the Mexican them can fix it. Uno just bloodclat mad cause nhakia na lef good pussy yannieca and yes she committed something uno fi look Into Cause it seem like uno nuh know the meaning. And while uno at it just pack uno bloodclat things and move out a har ole cause uno rent over due. Stop watch the gyal pussy and mek it MAD UNO

  19. Man body Kema get a bloodclot life ! yuh see how yuh shape like pussyclat YAM and stuck like DOT all yuh ah try the man dont want yuh and will never want yuh suh stop exercise yuh finger muscle dem you hating ass BITCH! U and yuh bestfren big and sour like SWAMP BYEEEEEE FELICIA!

  20. Yannieca yuh just Mek the world know ah you that. Lol. It was better off writing your name. All you do is live on this site and seek if they post you. Cause you know your secrets are out there. You are a dog. That’s why your mom put you and your rstarted sister out. Just because of the nasty life style you was living. Bitches here and there and man here,there,everywhere. So before you get on here acting like you goody remember your secrets are out here and stop send your pussy through text messages cause the girl is going to beat that ass when she see you.

  21. Come off of kema name…mi see kema and she Nuh look like Nuh man,shape like Nuh man. The girl is very pretty and look good. Unuh vex cause unuh Nuh have Nuh file pon the girl pussy. Come off ah legacy name cause the man them don’t business with a soul more than coming up.

  22. Keimaaaaa gwehhh wid yu shit up hole! Memba seh yu did a f*k a bleach out battyman a jamaica! Dat was yu good good mannnn wat happened bitchhhh him left yu man body fi a next man battyyyyy!!! Bitch byeee yu love gwan like yu a smaddi! You a bloodclaat certified shit cleanerrrr! Yu fat like pig & a bare cheap spandex clothes yu squeeze inna! Yu think di name brand sandal dem mek yu look good? Bitch cheap clothes & expensive boot dont add up! Yu stayyy BADDDDD!! Fi a young girllll yu body tired like donkeyyy dats y yu nuh have nuh man of yu own! Keep tek di secret f**k dem it nah guh get yu nuh weh inna lifeeee! Yu pop dung shit up wutless hole need bloodclaat renovation! Yu waan slaughter & tun inna bacon fat bitchhhhh!!!

  23. Kema ah di brown girl weh nuh stop suck off Vato buddy??? If a she same 1 she is nobody to argue with! Eediot dat!!!

  24. Legacy big up uno self mi happy fi uno now them two girl deh in ah the picture I don’t know them so I won’t say nothing. Moy mi tyad fi see your name pon this. If yuh Nuh weh good fi you low Dewayne. Fourteen gwan humble ya good yute. Nhakia ah good yute from mawnin big up yuh self. Keema don’t follow them people ya pon this site them we Mek you look like the worst.

  25. Pinky pinky pinky smh Bitch if ya go talk bout somebody retarded learn how fi spell first because somebody weh retarded as U say wouldn’t be in f**king collage something you low life hoe never attend. How dare you bring a retarded person into a argument a Wah kind a point ya try prove??????? When dem did get put out as U seh she did come kotch with u????? Pink wall neva know bout yannieca til you and shitty pussy Kemia start call up the gyal name. Lol if we want file pan Kemia all we need fi do a call jazzy

  26. Unu nuh ketch d style?? Obviously handicap looking keima wa argue with yani so she n her ediot fren dem post dis just fi get an argument out lol bitch u cya fool me go fix up yuh dutty life nasty gal n low the bloodclat gal

  27. Legacy, one voice and mobay empire is nothing but some hype bruck man dem, as dem start have a change dem seh dem a don, and name a call up inna partys, dem no known a di worst ting dat America.

  28. This is some sad shit right here. Di man married. You guys fighting and f#$king a married man. U guys needs real goals man. Whoever post this need a f€*king life. Nhakia this is the price of success. Well when you lay wit female dogs you get what???? The correct answer is flee.

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