0 thoughts on “DAVEY BOO BANGLE UP

  1. haters gonna hate. even if feds gone with Davey boo the people invested their money a yard where them ome from so nuttin nuh wrong if him go bak unlike you sender who cant even buy toilet paper fi wipe out your shitty mouth.

  2. Hey, oh please make sure the investements that they have in Jamaica is legal or else the US governemnt will be taking every single penny back. and they are the once who will have to use bush leaf to wipe their shitty mouth and ass.

    1. Isddat dem nuh know, and see dem come a chat di ppl biznizz pon di intanet. Mi seh deze ppl wah seh dem dweeing dem frens good is ongle digging deepa hole fi dem. Why dis person now teck up demself a chat bout di ppl investment suh di yeyes wah deh all bout know exactly where to to and what to look for? Unno fi lawn sense and know seh silence is golden.

  3. uhmm thats why you dont put your name on dirty money hellooo. Whast you think children and parents are for

  4. hey oh please when they check will the children and parents have a valid source of where the investments were obtained from. stop while you ca the the walls have eyes and ears hint hint

  5. lol unnu really underestimate uncle sam. do you not think BIG Brother has been watching and already know everything. This what get nuff a unnu in problem think unnu smarter than the FEDS.FYI before them move in them already build a case.

  6. Every Dog/Hog has its day poor dainty hope shes not as slow as she looks hopefully she can hold things together to maintain even tho she doesn’t appear to be the type that can without her man. Always playing the role as a dependent can hit you twice as hard in situations like this.

  7. Simone in your time of need I want you to know not everyone is rejoicing to your bad situation. Don’t worry be strong for your man and children they need you now.

    I don’t know Simone from adams, but I am a humanitarian. Peace out,

  8. I have to say this. Just because people have their house and money in Jamaica doesn’t mean shit if they don’t have more money coming in. Jamaica got harder and expensive. They have so many sellers and no real buyers. Jamaica goes by US markup now. How long can $50,000, 80,000, and etc can go? Please,big house need maintenance. Food out of pocket out there. That sun will make you more hungry. Don’t know why people love run off their mouths bout what one have. Even rich people know they have to have money coming from 7 different sources. Typical Jamaican always put their value into things that are perishable. Undervalue house, car, and some cheap clothing store.

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