The sender is alleging that the man in the photo his name is Dimitris and he likes models from Pulse or Miss Jamaica. It is alleged that he was with the young woman in the photo and she came second in Miss Jamaica this year, and the same Dimitris is allegedly now with Davina. The bed that Davina is allegedly in…..on her snap, is allegedly his bed . The sender says what both ladies do not know is that Dimitris is also with them. (I will not say who or what because the claims cannot be verified) The picture provided by the sender , is alleging that they were in a hotel with him and they have sent an unfinished receipt of that, also alleging that the sender was naked under the covers.


  1. I see badmind is active today!as long as Davina not married and di is not married she free fi as she please. all the other so call beauty queens have done it.

  2. And I bet unu not using protection. Wasn’t this man with a model years ago, I kept seeing them all over IG. He seems to like dark skin models and we all know how dark skin women frighten when light skin men show them appreciation.

  3. Davina get on top of this , like damage control but make sure you set the narrative because this damn clown is a known womanizer of the worst kind.He exploits young ladies and shatters their dreams.

    1. He came here to destroy our black women! Dis man yah have wife in Greece and come buss marriage pan di likkle girl! Breed her and have her living at the hotel but that was short lived until he set his eye on a miss Jamaica! Kingsley Cooper is pimp!!!! Jamaica’s biggest motherfu**ng Pimp!!!! Pimp out the lil humble background gyal dem smfh!

  4. Dimitri needs to be locked up! How him still a roam Jamaica?? He has a mental issue I think he hates black women! Dis man married off the young young Jamaican girl while he was still a married man! And of course she was a pulse contestant! He likes them dark skinned and from poor back grounds it seems this man is SICK! Hez no different from a serial killer or a serial rapist! DAT migit man! Devina u gonna end up just like Chevanese and others if this is tru!

  5. Davinaaaaa, mi lose offa u, y??? can he further your career or modelling hopes? Good Lord. Mi did tink she di have har head screwed on. Whyyyyy tho? Dat like midget!!!

      1. Lady G HNY to you and yours. May 2018 bring her opportunities galore. How easily we forget how proud she made Jamaicans on the world stage. Plenty who have negative things to say know zero about her and saw her for the first time on tv. May God grant her wisdom moving forward to make better decisions.

  6. So she illuminatty or what. I don’t know why these Jamaican allow these white people to come into there country and exploit them, they don’t want y’all. When white people date blacks, they usually go for the afro centric looking type with darker skin tone. Its rare to see a white person with a light skin tone black with a long weave or hair.

  7. Dimwit Dimi….di girl dem a close in on your game, but mek dem know a nuh now yu a stick and move. A you seh bag dem and tag dem!
    Sender…..yu get di STICK…..now MOVE along.

  8. Yes I think he is racist for real. He sells these black girls the biggest dreams then break their hearts and he seem to take pleasure in doing it. Girls, take Pinkwall foolish advice and stay far from this man!

  9. I cannot get over how him skin out in the picture. Dwllll. Meth ….. move the white box man. Blurznawt ….. mek we see how Dimitria skin outtttt :hoax :hoax

    GO SEE DI LIKKLE TEAPOT DEH NOW :travel :travel

  10. sender says what both ladies do not know is that Dimitris is also with them

    The picture provided by the sender, is alleging that they were in a hotel with him

    I’m confused: Is the sender representing two people (also with THEM; that THEY WERE…)?

  11. Dear @[email protected]:28 am,
    You are an obnoxious, lack of intimacy bitter pig of a woman!
    Your ignorance shows by the stroke of your fingers as you type and the FALSE sense of security having a little bit of “ light skin, “ must have bought you in Jamaica….

    – HEFER, did you just SAY :

    “… and we all* know how frighten – dark skinned – women get , when light skinned men show them a little bit of -appreciation- “

    The lack of Melanin from the bleaching cream you are using, or your “ pride “ of being light skinned, must have affected your brain and your common sense.

    In every part of the world, millions of men do not just “ appreciate,” but actually fall in love with the beauty of a dark skinned woman, the glow in her skin and the radiance in her beautiful complexion. Many men, perhaps outside of Jamaica, are attracted to dark skinned women. Showing us appreciation, is an understatement! They bow to our beauty!

    Having travelled many places and meetiing people from all walks of life; I can vouch for this.
    Also self hating creature, @anonymous 11:28 you will be horrified to know that many men of Causcasian, Asian and other descents of cultures, are attracted to dark -skinned women!

    Your statement sounds ignorant and straight out of the plantation, where it belongs.

    You speak with a false sense of security. Despite your light skin, you are still a slave….you ignorant house Negro !

  12. I spent so much time burning out Miss light out white out Ms. Piggy @anonymous 11:28 just now, that I forgot to comment on Davina.
    It seems the sender has lost her man or does not get much sex and is jealous.

    I think it is way too soon to look up dirt on your newly crown Queen.

    Also who goes studying the make of bed and model if you are satisfied in your* sexual bed ?

    Davina, If said information is true, you are young and intelligent, make the right choices and keep your self worth.

  13. No davina no.men like these hate women but date around because they don’t want to show it. Most are closeted. Davina u have a platform to do big this leave dis likkle asshat alone.

  14. I knew his face and name was familiar! I know a girl who use to talk to him but she is no model, mabe have a model body. The man nearly mash up her family and a move like him more interested in her brother after a while. @G I so agree with you on the poor background thing, he uses that to take advantage.

    1. He preys on poor dark skinned women!!!! F**king bigamist too!!!!!! Anything Davina get she fi tekit! I don’t really care! Not everything seems like an opportunity is one! Kingsley Cooper and Romae are Jamaica’s elite pimps!!! Who remember Jaunel MacKenzie???? Dem dash her on the midget man weh run fiction now “squeeze” and weh dem deh today?? A mussy Dimitri him sponsor Davina das y she affi be his arm candy for now like How Joe sponsored Mooyoung! :travel

  15. So he was in a hotel with two males, one of whom has been in his home? Two men shoes are in that pic, Dimitris has on one pair and the other is to his right (our left). I also see only mens clothing in that picture. Short bald man with inferiority complex.

  16. What happened to so many of the promising models from Jamaica? See Nadine Willis end up right back in the ghetto. Young girls be very careful going into this industry. Same so I hear about a young girl who was doing well then she got into cocaine on the London party scene turn full junkie, her parents had to go for her and bring her back to Jamaica.

  17. Davina never cut no dash to me from morning
    All these pageant bitches are hoes I hope she start saying hearing impaired now and stop with the deaf shit … I felt she did sound a like a real country bunkin at the pageants also I didn’t think she deserved to win either Idc unu come beat me lmaoooo please dem gal Deh always mix up inna drugs and corruption kmt !!!!!!!!

    1. Really now, I know Davina Bennett she was my school mate and one of my bestfriend.. So what if she says deaf instead of hearing impaired, not everybody can win but everybody is a winner.. Lord she is a fellow Jamaican give her a break she made the country proud and secondly we all human we all make mistakes..
      And she don’t involve in drugs nor your corruption..
      And thirdly we proud of Clarendon (yes we country bunkin).

      1. Ok and I’m from country and I still know proper terms so weh u a seh don’t cut a dash to me neither kmft

  18. But is manage him manage one hotel NOT own it. Wtf makes him so special as a Hotel Manager?!? Davina aim higher….go look the OWNER of the hotel not the employee (Manager or not is not fi him hotel)
    Damn lil shrimp of a midget, Look kinda like Joe Bog
    What did I read up top? Did he have them both at the hotel in different rooms and was hopscotching between them?
    A him briote an a live life.. Ole Fart

  19. I saw both of them at Medical Associates hospital about two weeks ago at around midnight . Seems something was wrong with her elbow .There was a fishy looking bwoy with them that looked like Davina … I was thinking it was her brother

  20. That last pic is Melia Braco. Saw him there with 2 girls in August of last year. Pretty sure they’re aware they’re not the only girls he dates.

  21. It’s a fact this man swings both ways. He has threesome with combined gender #facts. Girls stop getting pimped for hotel stays and plane rides. Davina you can do better.

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