Dear Met,

I know the bloggers are always bashing the deadbeat dads over here but here is a special case.In fact many persons are defending this dad and saying the Mom a go too hard.He shouldn’t even be called deadbeat because he is clearly helping out the Mom just gravilicious. What do you think about this situation?


31 thoughts on “DEADBEAT OR NOT?

  1. Atleast he have $200,he didn’t reply by saying him naw none.
    So a dem too greedy man atleast him a try

  2. The Baby mother don’t know the difference with BUY and BYE, Clearly she is illiterate. I hope she will not be the one to help the poor child with homework and $600 dollar for summer clothes for a little Girl? smh, She very ignorant.

  3. Some mothers just make it bad fr them selves, like seriously the man have bills n she start talking bout other woman girl bye n get over it n tek the $200 cause summer just begin

  4. U lucky seh u a get 2bills. Sum a we still a wait pon di 20 from last year. Ungrateful gyal like u give man reason fi hate dem baby mada and mek worth less “poopers” look like victims. If u nuh wise up u ago mek dah pikney deh hate you. Y u neva add di 4 bills?

  5. As me granny woulda say it’s better to get a penny than to get nothing at all gyal u fi buil cuz LIL from dis yaah go waan back to school money etc

  6. Tek the $200 and buy yu baby her cloths them you self papa don’t give the germs a dollar f***g disgusting bitch

  7. 2 bills can take care of children?
    Some of you ladies set the bar two low.I don’t have it and I take full care of my children,they can’t take care of themselves.
    Mother have the child all year,you know how much that cost?
    Come on men,do much better than that,make some sacrifices for your children.I have done it and I have been dirt poor most of my life.
    My children will however have a bright future as I invested everything I have in their education and well-being and that is at my expense,I used to be a hot boy,I stopped the minute it start clashing with my children’s life.
    Ladies you need to expect better and more.

    1. …let’s say the man really doesn’t have it….you’re gonna refuse $200 for your child? So she should say $600 or nothing at all? Some of these woman know they had a baby with a man who doesn’t have it like that and want them to give unrealistic sums of money….

    2. 2 bills cannot take care of a child, HOWEVER! 2 bills can put summer clothes on the child back and that is what the money was asked for to go buy clothes! She did not ask the baby daddy for anything else but clothes, Some of us females is not realistic. To how the Baby mother sound illiterate who knows? She may need the 6bills to go buy weave and do nails. AND taking care of a child financially goes both ways, some of us thinks because we breed fi a man HE is solely the one who is supposed to contribute to the child well being, it don’t work like that! She needs 6bills to buy clothes then ask the man for 3bills and she contribute the other 3 hundred.

  8. One can’t help but get the impression the lil girl is not her priority.She clearly is focusing on what the man is doing with who and is that a hot up her head…Sad.

  9. At least he offered sometimes all.a good 6-7 months my babt father no give me a red cent for out daughter and every years he’s in jamaica sometimes two time. And it hurts when I see how him find the money fi mine his women and do his thing and cant give me more than 40-100 and that has to last for a 2 to 6 months

    1. …let’s say the man really doesn’t have it….you’re gonna refuse $200 for your child? So she should say $600 or nothing at all? Some of these woman know they had a baby with a man who doesn’t have it like that and want them to give unrealistic sums of money….

  10. Gyal can more than tek the rass $200 bills for the child can go h&m n get a lot of clothes for the baby kmt…greedy youbago rass choke

  11. Hey Met – it’s me your favorite detective Pinks D.C. Met – I am so pisst off right now! I can’t even get hello it’s me from my freaking children dad and this man is willing to give her $200 and buy the girl shoes on Wednesday and she calling him a dead beat dad? Really??? They need to lock her ass up for interference, online bullying, online threats, cyber stalking, indecent act and road list more of other shit! I hate females such as these women who uses the child as a stronghold over a man and his other relationship(s)! See, she jealous that the man has moved on with his life and still doing whatever he can for his little princess yet that ass of a mother is ruining it for that little girl to have a normal relationship with her dad. Met – she reminds me of that frog dinner that girl cooked for her man and he couldn’t identify it… Just disgusting like Needleye stated! Hate females like her. What she buying for $600.00? She needed half of her rent and he pulled her card and now she wants him to bury at the end of the earth! Well there is saying that when you dig please dig for TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
    Lady – your a low life, shit on stick diry scum bag! Leave that man alone and allow him to have a good healthy normal relationship with his child and stop pushing 1st born in his face as if he is not trying to assist you with her needs or is it your needs (rent make up money)?

  12. Go to court let them handle and be done and they wouldn’t have to have this argument anymore since they can’t come to an understanding.

  13. I just went shopping for my 8 yo god daughter for summer clothes. I got the little girl 10 outfits plus underwear and bathsuit and spent little less than 2 bills in marshalls. Some nice dress and shorts and tops. Bitch go sit dung. U know exactly what you want the 600 for and is not no clothes fi the little girl. Mind u summer just start. What is ur contribution to clothes go weh yaa

  14. 200 plus sneakers on Wednesday and tell moo hie I like ve her. Seems like a winner to me. Dutty babymada go sit your trifling ass down

  15. Even when I wasn’t working I use to give my babymother $7000 on Fridays.One Friday night I took my new gf to Carib so I was late to give my Bm the money. The next day she came by cursing that she going take me to family court.The Monday she went and text me that she won’t bother.They told her is usually $1500 a week The court typically orders worse I wasn’t working.Just like my Bm this lady need to humble herself and know what time clock a strike.

  16. Some gal neva fi breed… gal a refuse money go har pickney… bloodclawt dunce gal Ay is u busy! WTF a dat him pick some a unnu fi face it cause yuh caah buss nut inna dat…

  17. 2 + 2 = 4
    Yuh put 2 pon feem 2 and the sum equal….. nuff clothes fi summer

    It’s not a one-sided thing. Both parents need to contribute

  18. Smh, big up to the father for actually trying to play his role. Even with her misconduct the man clearly and proudly informed her to let the child know he loves her.

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