Mawning Aunty and everyone

Daniiboo oh daniiboo let me start off by saying you’re a talented dancer and you can entertain a crowd but young lady come I use to have you on my snap and Met no lies she nuh really better than Nikki chromaz unlike Nikki she nuh really have a bag a people inna ar bed but all daniiboo do is smoke weed from morning till night and go a dance and reach home a morning and wait fi kfc open or any food man pan eh road Dwl she might Mek Likkle shrimp and pasta every now and then but that’s it kmt met mi just a pit this out there young lady yuh talented but look something else to fall back on just because yuh might get couple dollars for a music video every now and then and get paid for a dance that means nothing because look at the dhq girls dem nuh have nothing a gwaan for themselves every now and then Sher might do something overseas but dancing is really not a way of life unless you perfect it and go to performing arts school but skin out pan head top and money pull up and pat crotches nuh accepted at Edna Manley so think about your future 10 years from now when yuh bones dem brittle will dancing still be your lifestyle and weed smoking ?

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  1. #Facts. I agree daniboo is very entertaining, she seems smart, easy to get along with and her sorroundings nuh look nasty & untidy like chromaz own… chromaz bedroom sick stomach due to how it unclean. But seriously Daniboo calm down pon di weed fi true mumma.

    1. Her bathroom and fingernails need a good scrubbing…but the nasty house match wid ar nasty attitude and lifestyle doe.

  2. Smoke yu sensi DANII a yu likkle comfort.. Me no hear yu name a rinse up Inna no mix up plus me see ya host u likkle “pondispot” video ting, gwaan ketch u practice me know u a aim to be a TV personelle. Gwaan tru girlie me no see ya do no wrongs, a u a di limelite right now

  3. Mi nuh si ntn wrong wid di bloodclaat gal!! She a good good dancer a suh wen me n my fren dem things start gwan fi we dem ago sen we een met but dem.need fi lowh bloosclaat gal as a likkle ting a gwan..yea she a du rd..but i doe ear say nuh bagga man a f**k f**k r..unu lowh d gal sender u r a hater

    1. You soo slow you don’t even see that the person who send in the story only encouraging her and telling her to make sure she builds herself and not let herself waste weh like nuff a dem out there..and to not smoke or drink too much (before she end up sick out all the while like nikki chromazz).

      It’s a hell of a thing when unnuh live under box and don’t even know a compliment and words of encouragement!

      Fu***g idiot!

  4. Yh a how Sher dem flop out suh. Dem did get too hype too quick, bout “we dont travel with artistes”, well step aside and mek who hungry fi it eat, while u continue skin out fi ntn. Dem shoulda stick wid Spice dem woulda big yah now. Di people dem love Danger and see the Expression dem buss back, Don Andre cya bring unuh to greatness.

    1. True comment dis dem shudda humble wid spice fi true.. Danger and di next tuff sista wah dem did fight a mek more moves.. Mi did really see dhq nikki a move wid spice no lie and carry har unda har wing nuh affi so wah spice a do but learn from har entertainment wise.. Now Yuh nuh look nuh Betta Dan spice cause Yuh pick up marvin…

  5. She’s pretty with a body that is totally on point. I see nothing wrong here. Not everyone can cook or even enjoy cooking so….

    1. The more you comment is the more me dislike you. You contradict yourself plenty plenty. Yuh nuh see nothing wrong wid smoking and eating KFC daily??? She look good pon the outside but how ar lungs and digestive system doing? Everyone regardless of sex should know how to cook atleast one dish…if a even sumn simple like rice and corn beef or a chicken salad. BTW You have been asked if you are the person commenting on IG about Kasi and all now I don’t see you respond. Are you? From day 1 nobody nuh go hard like you which nuh mek no sense. Mi believe you and Kasi a friend too bad yuh nuh have the guts to come as you really are.

    1. More and more I notice that! All now I still trying to see where the sender dis the girl for that response to be given! All the sender a do is encourage her and tell her don’t fool like the rest of them!

  6. Compliment and encouragement – Well then this is surely one of the most underhanded compliments ever… Sender and the dummy who is saying this is a compliment is SLOOOOOOOOOOW.. youre passive aggressive and maybe if you didnt spend your time watching her life on snap – (and dont say you dont because you have her life and diet down to a science ( KFC most days shrimp and pasta on others) who would know that unless you are watching someone HARD…maybe watch her life a little less and get yourself one…This girl is young, pretty and living…and nope never even heard of her before.

    1. But you’re going harder than anybody else! :hoax2 :siul

      My comment and everyone who commented before me was paying her a compliment or telling her don’t fall into the same pattern as others, the sender included in included. Because she is hot right now and she can do her thing! And if she play it smart she can be doing better than the ones who only hot for a minute! Marie is the only one hitting out!

      I kno her mother from before this girl born. Before you run come bout hate or badmind!

  7. So what’s the problem with smoking weed? Yes it’s bad, but not as bad as cigarettes. Dani bun ital more while. Cool chick, she nuh hype like most a dem dancers deh and she bad pon it nuh rass. Mi would definitely love see her rise cause unlike nuff a di other dancers dem, mi nuh hear her name a call up with one bag a man

  8. @NeedleEye your the biggest fake on this site. Run come chat bout married man a fck u an u nah lef then when the gal dem a question u bout more u run gone suh till u all pick up the nickname “Dodge”. Lowe the fckin gal.

  9. Mi bun my ganja like a chimney inna winter An luv it baaadd shit I’m smoking now…suh Mi nuh have a comment.. Mi a nuh HYPOCRITE no lie…

  10. Well, me messy too, can meck mi room look like a cat 5 hurricane blow through very easily. I caan wait until mi can afford fi hire full-time help and can finally kiss housework goodbye forever. I haven’t cooked a meal from bout February, lol. I can’t knock deze ladies cause me dis di same :ngakak :ngakak

  11. F**ka dem please f**k off am gweh from yah suh bitch did u see my comments that I made and ansa dem. I have no reason fi hide lickle nastiness please come kiss mi ass and nuh call mi bloodlust name bitch… Gabby naw hawk nut u a pussycat vomit
    ..come chuck chue mi bitch.

  12. And FYI I send Met an email from when about the same comment I made on Sunday but mi nuh si Met post it mi nuh have fi pussy clatt hide bitch…come tun mi back way an suck out mi assole gremlin @ F**ka Dem

  13. Alright concubine, hold u head high, mek sure u nuh badda bring forth nuh bastard child. Good evening to u. @NeedleEye

  14. Concubine ???bastard child?? my baby is 14 going on 15 January suh nuh worry about dat…mi an u modda in a di running fi di #1spot fi di concubine a di year @ F**ka Dem…mi evening great

  15. Met mi did kinda figure it out man nuh watch nuh face mi phone did lost and whole lot a things mi did a sought out that’s why mi never see u email. But since people wanna chat leave it alone mi nuh haffi explain shit to nobody.

  16. So unnu know say unnu ago mek Mi roll an pap up in yah :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak f**ka dem why Yuh dweet???________________ if I laugh I cry pan pinkwall dis night… pan di grung!!!
    No sah! Mi say a one piece a joke dis. Needle eye/dodge Yuh mek history wid dat comment mi luv ppl ago forever use dat :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Mi all a type an a Dwl.
    But all I know is I pap out wah big Dutty laugh when I read a come dung…. unnu nuffi stay suh nuh Do Mi dem tings yah when Mi neva prepare fi laugh.

  17. Spoon guh suck u madame come like a u send den this

    weekend for bunnnnnnnnnnn low down gal it a so sum fi r

    Jesup Christ duty BBC black ppl how unu bitttttttttta suh

  18. This sender sounds like a HATER , big up Bad Bad Dancer Danii Boo! Her show on pondispot has thousands of views already, the girl works hard.. She’s young, stop watch out the gyal I

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