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Good day Met and all Jmg crew, as an unofficial member of this site I must say thank you, for all the breaking news, the suss dem and everything inbetween. Met I’m here (pon di pink wall) everyday. like bookmark in a me web browser, so I’m no stranger. I knew the day would come for me to write to you and I guess its today. I migrate to the US a bit under two years ago and I never like it one bit, even up to now me still have regrets but you know when you put yourself aside and your family first well that’s what I did. Have a likkle man a Jamaica weh me get it on with when I visit so when it comes to sex I wasn’t really looking anything else. Me is a gyal weh can hold me own plus some a dem foreign man yah rass nasty and dat cant work.
Met the man a yard is married (That’s another story), so me know soon or later it would all end. Now meet a nice young man now and we’ve been dating for the past 6-7 mnths, it’s going good cause he treats me well takes me to nice places and me can finally say me a enjoy the finer things in life. We recently started having s*x and gurrrlll a me fi tell you. He got a nice house and me can see me pickney dem a run up and doen ina the back yard. Now here comes the problem. He asked if I do anal sex I said “HELL.FU@K NO”! Met one time the man ajamaica push him finger inna me b**tom and dat was a day and a half to bumbo. Now this young man want to institute it mamma me say not in my cabinet. Me nah budge and it look like him nah budge neiter. Look ere dat is battyman business no matter what the justifications are, a no. me grow plus me educated enough fi know that its not hygenic. Me just can’t fathom it doh, cause he’s good in bed suxually, he plays mean “headgame” and wha worst him nuh ina it
just anal penetration alone him want do. Nope not doing it, me will loose out pon di fancy stuff dem if a so be the case.


  1. Boy sender yuh sound like me, respect!!! me no believe in anal sex either, no man nah disrespect my front, fi my ass and me ignorant bad when it come on to dem things,you have to stand firm to certain things,

  2. Mrs bev !!!He’s not bisexual,,,,,a nuff straight man ah pick up nastyness, ah woman must know fi not indulge in it, but them say ah that freaky man want and them cheat pon you bloodclat, same way, no ass round here, and this ah no computer talk,

      1. she muss noe mi luv seh dis freak will fine emslef a real freak esp like ow she seh em hav up tings :maho

  3. You all don’t know how turned off and disgusted i was by this request, I distinctly asked him if he had gay tendencies and he felt offended, uno no know the half a weh dis man want to do to ra $$.Sometimes when me constipate and fi go bathroom it can be so painful and a exit it a exit much less the enntrance.

    1. Knows it all really like wha so??! Other than the anal sex wha else him a request as u just might just have a sexual deviant on ur hands eno smh ahhh boy

    2. yuh see from yuh reach a farrin an a man wid em real tings nuh hav no ooman a did fi runnnnnnnnnn :ngacir:

      mi nuh noe wah mek yuh tink yuh did juss so lucky…maaaa yuh hav sum ooman all baptize fi fine a gud man n still single inna jesas chriss suh all like em mi sehhhhhhhhhhhhh :cool

  4. all dem fu-ckery ya now!!!

    he is gay, cuz senda seh him only want enter through di back, di front no interest him.

    he is a closeted battyman

  5. don’t go against what u believe the anus is not like the vagina where it contracts and expand once u batty buss up a it dat it just nah stop spread weh and a pampers u soon haffi go wear mek him gwaan rich man deh roun weh nuh indulge ina batty

    1. OMG……u graphic sah. Mi agree, on e dig stretch out there’s no coming back. senda time to tell this man goodbye

  6. As a man, I will try anything once wid a WOMAN! I tried anal sex with an ex and believe me a di worst thing ever! A woman’s butt is nowhere as pleasurable as her vagina! NOT EVEN CLOSE! The only reason I even ventured to that point is that my girl at the time was having her period and was begging for sex. With me having no love for period sex, she introduced the idea of anal sex. Both ideas were equally repulsive to me. But being that she was something of a freak, I reluctantly agreed. Bad idea. NEVER AGAIN! While I do not believe that having anal sex with a woman makes a man gay, I do believe that if a man makes that a condition of continuing the relationship, there is definitely something wrong with him! There is no way batty nicer that pum pum!

    1. u trying it once, does not make u less of a battyman :ngakak

      stop saying ur girl at the time made u do it. a same so if pushed, u woulda fu-ck a man batty.

      stand for sumthing……well u already fell for anything so scrap dat proverb. :bola

      1. lundun, you have a right to your opinion. Won’t argue because you don’t know me and I don’t know you. But i do have to point something out…… homosexuality is sexual attraction to the same sex. So if i was to use your logic, any man who likes looking at a woman’s ass will invariably like looking at a man’s ass? Just asking..

        1. i am not, or wasn’t looking to argue with u sir.

          mi logic and ur logic r two different logic, please don’t confuse the two. looking at a woman’s ass is different from looking at a man’s ass.

          a woman’s ass from the outside lol, is part of her attraction, it is part of the full picture which happens to be her body.

          now entering her ass is different from looking at her ass, please stop trying to insult my intelligence (no matter how little) with that bullsh-it of a reasoning.

          1. deep sigh. :sorry i’ll just step aside and allow you to read your own words and define your own “logic”. :cool

  7. All mi did waan hear, the pussy waaayyy nicer, Yes fi all the batty man them weh love cum gwanie gwanie, the proof is in, mi Vajay jay better, dam right it’s better than yours . Mi done chat, miss ting nuh mek money and the pervert mek u lose u soul, next u kids them come fi run up and dung ina big house and lose them little virginity, because trust mi that man is a molester too. and is them bottom him aguh mess wid. hhhheeeyyyy ooooooo . chay. :tkp

  8. @ Met, no I didn’t ask him how long he’s being doing it for cause that was something that was discussed in the earlier stages so me think we wid done have an understanding cause I’d made myself clear so when it come up again for “trial” me did shock. Funny enough I did tell him I would try anything once but me never dream of nothing like dis. Me feel so dam disappointed, can’t believe say a him me did a plan fi carry go Jamaica go show off wid

  9. @ Lundun 3:10, no not so, he does do vaginal sex and he is damn good so that’s why me a say what’s the need for anything else. Me can libe with oral sex as much as me can live without but good gosh man. Me feel fi put him pon full bumboclaat blast, and den him a mek it look like a me a di “sick one”

    1. blast out him kuru kuru yes!!! him too rass brite an nasty

      a di rich or should i say money men always sick wid dem sexual exploits. mi no call dat freaky, mi call dat downright nasty, sick an disgusting.

  10. Nasty W—dy.The reason di man put that shit to yuh is because him know yuh is a freak and hab no ambition an nuh waan wuk
    You are a shame to your mother,pickneys an grandpickneys.The young bwoy in Jamaica married yet every dollar you get you scrape it up and run to Jamaican guh gi him fi fuxx you
    A story yuh a luk fi get featured pon JMG as yuh probably done tek dat dik up ur azz countless times.
    Pretty gal whey nuh dunce but ambitionless thats you.
    Reach a NYC 2 years and before you help yuh muma you just a jump from basementto basement frowsy rub up like yuh on the hunt until yuh pick up dis likkle man.
    He is right up yuh alley or should i say up yuh azz as you are a nasty freak from mawning.

    1. di person neva a cuss nobody she a discuss her issue..I want to know if people cannot send in dem own personal post without being judged as to who they are?

  11. Look me did prepare fi some kind a baclash on the site cause me know how very blunt ppl is round here but that’s ok cause me can deal wid that the truth is the truth. But to the Mr. D weh up top weha bawl out me secret weh me did tell hima beg you stop. Me, mu mmother and siblings are actually living in the USA thank you very much. As fi di young bwoy weh you say me a mine a Jamaica me not even ago bother tek dat up.Cause me no f**k bwoy so tek a chair. I don’t know what this We-y person do you but you inna heat fi har like when a dog mating season. Duh me a beg you masah me already have one battyman fi worry bout, cant deal wid a ma-mah man battyman too otay!!!

  12. Woman wul yuh batty an run, move fast meck him dont even si weh yuh tun….nuh sell yuh soul fi di gold like ricky….an nuh use yuh pickney dem as a pawn like som a dem artis yah weh a bow to sodom an a seh dem a dweet fi dem kids, any odda time yuh nuh hear bout dem pickney only wen battyman threatn dem livelihood….wul di orda my girl dont weakout smfh.

  13. The ending of this convo is to “DIE FOR”…@Metty, BELLVIEW OPEN AND DEH PON VAKASHAN TO RAAS??? MAD PPLE LEGGO BOUT YAH!!!

  14. @Met, from i was berthhhh to raas!!!. Anyways, senda, DO NOT do anything u UNCOMFORTABLE WID. Me fi one dont play batty gamez, MY ASS IS FOR DECORATION ONLY..Done it rite yasso my gurl, cause fi him freakiness gaan up one diff alley..SICKENING, freaky dutty man..Mek him gwaan, one day u will but u own house, mek him gwey iayh…

  15. bare bloodclawt mad ppl deh a jmg from weh day luk like govt. shutdung a cawz bloggin dysfunction :ngakak one name ‘knows it all’ an one name ‘know seh a yuh’ yuh noe sumthin b4 unnuh rub off pon mi :tkp

  16. :nerd :mewek2 :mewek2 :mewek2 :mewek2 :mewek2 :mewek2 :mewek2 :mewek2 :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  17. @Met, me say for s SPLIT second me nearly believe this raging mad smaddy!!!. When mad pple nuh tek dem meds as ordered this is the result..MEDICATION IS A MIRACLE, PLEASE TEK UNU MEDZ B4 UNU COME UVA YAH, CAUSE UNU BIPOLAR BEHAVIA IS SO DISTRACTING.. Cho!!!

  18. Mi mad but mi nuh lie. :ngakak
    Mi gwaan a mi wuk whey mek mi nuh haffi worry bout nuh badie a go ask mi fi do unnarural tings because mi a luk easy life.
    Later all yu sane people :tkp

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