Good Night Met,
I need your help with finding someone. So there is a tall, slim, brown skin Jamaican guy w/ braids who drives a white dollar van on Flatbush Ave. To be honest from the first I saw him I was attracted to him & it happens that every time I go to catch dollar van it’s his I end up in. Our eyes have met 4 on numerous occasions but we never had the chance to speak. To be honest I just want to no if any one out there knows him, if they can make the link lol. Just let him no the brown skin girl with the blonde hair he pick up at Flatbush Junction by Payless wants him bad lol… Also so he knows who it is. He said to me “I have to pull over for gas is that ok with you”. It was around 7p.m. November 6th… Help Me PLEASE !!! P.s I don’t want anything from him. I have two jobs & I go to school… Thanks for the help… If you want a pic of me I can send it but don’t wish for it to be posted. He always park by Kings Plaza infront Golden Krust w/ all the Dollar Van men…

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  1. Attention uh a look enuh! Uh know weh fi find the man tek him taxi all the time so wah kinda help uh want??!!!!…….uh mouth nuh work like uh finger dem?..ok! Write him a letter and lef it in a him seat.

  2. Despeate times call fi desperate measures, but a sikes she a use fi call out the “wives and mates” dem.

  3. Good morning met,metters,peepers nd others…..

    not even wen a dawg lost de owner “detailings” nuh suh poor..terrible!

    really nung………………………. ……………………..

  4. “I don’t want anything from him. I have 2 jobs and go to school”……SMFHHHHH…..Suh a ooman like unu mek man stop give ooman tings. F**k outta here wid dat independent shyt…..Yes….mi work….dat nuh mean say yuh nuh fi gimmi nutten…..Kmt…A unuu mek it bad fi oddas. A Merica mi come see ooman a mind man… man a beg ooman tings….Gweh yaw man….cho…Next time yuh tek di dolla van …..just paste yuh pu**y pan u farrid an go sidung right up front….right beside him If him did want yuh…..him wudda step to yuh… believe…..Him just like di attention yuh giving….plus u look like di type who have 2 jobs an go to school…..suh him know yuh hand light. Kmt.

    1. You know my Husband said the same thing…….”A Merica mi come see ooman a mind man”. Cussed out a little friend when the girl he was living with put him out of her house, dude just use to sit home every day.

  5. Sender this can be solved by you, your eyes met on a few occasions and you must have felt some sort of chemistry. Here’s what you do, position yourself to be the last one exiting the Van, depending on what time of day it is ask him to coffee or lunch, once he accepts get to know him. If he turns you down its a clear indication of the obvious, he’s involved with someone else or just not interested in you. Hope this was helpful.

  6. Good Morn! Oonu woman Mek man diss women u no expect man must involve with someone. If it was my man a set a trap for u deal with u case both u no want nothing u have 2 job. Woman like u Mek some man don’t want to give woman nothing. Wen him fu$$k u a gone a u same one a go come pon ya fi diss up di man.

  7. a weh di blouse n skirt pants n shirt dis…”He said to me “I have to pull over for gas is that ok with you”. It was around 7p.m. November 6th…” I KAINT :hammer

  8. Bwoy, Met a di real probloem solver, debt collector, missing person locator and my very favorite- matchmaker! SMH, Sender, since you know where to find him, just brave up and talk to di man nuh—what yuh want, one a di Metters dem fi go dung Kings Plaza go lay wait di man and deliver =di message? :mewek

  9. mek sure yuh blonde hair a urs r it glue on tite caw a gwaan beat out yuh raaws wen i see yuh up a junction brite juss tek di van n pay up yuh $2 n gets di stepping a caw my man yuh want :travel

    1. If I laugh in ya tiday…wha yuh sey a caw your man she a cum push up har self pon. DWlllll!!! Mek sure sey a nuh the wrong smaddie yuh claat in a dem head caw a nuff gal deh a flatbush in a dem blonde wig/weave a walk round.

      Sender please to give a more detailed description of how yuh look. Height/weight/complexion/eye color/tatoos or other marks that can easily identify you. I can’t tek a lick and mi nuh waan nuh baddie come claat mi fi dem man on behalf of you.

  10. Something really wrong with ya’ll women. So someone can’t generally be intrested in someone without it having to be about wifey/mate mix up. It’s a terrible way ya’ll minds think… Pitiful

  11. Wait did she start by saying ” she need help finding someone” yet she in his van err day. Girl he drives a dollar van not a hearse, how hard is it to strike up a conversation. So tell me something, that magical starry night he asked your permission to pull over for gas sounds like it was just the two of you in the van why didn’t you make your move than? Let me throw you a life line, he’s not that into you because if he was he would’ve approached you long time.

  12. F**k this shot, please bredrin don’t insult people’s intelligence!

    How you mean you “don’t want anything from him”?
    Maybe yuh bug want money, but you sure as hell want something, cause you fool and desperate enough to send bulletin beggin for help to JMG and to ask strangers to pass message on to him.

    Find some pride nuh man and admit you well want something, even if a nuh money come like you well clucking for a grine!

    Nothing wrong with being assertive and going POSITIVE & PRODUCTIVE things you want, but this just show you up as a ducking sad-o.

    Yard man ever a try to go ooman a tawk, so if he want to look you he will find a away you nuh hafi nuff up yourself and go online with advert to get him.
    Grow up!

    1. morning she asking for something yes but maybe buddy dont count as anyting fi di sender..she seems smitten :nerd
      morninggggggggggggg work is killing me

    1. Dutty! A wonda if a de same dutty wha use to run dolla van pon Utica? So dutty re-married or him gone back to him lawyer wife? If this is the same dutty, sender listen to me, pay yuh $2 and get off a yuh stop. Gwaan a yuh 2 job and galang a school cause dutty nah leff him foundation and yuh seem like the type that is looking for house, man & ring…yuh try gwaan yah.

      1. tel har fimme deh dutty marrid n live a yawd wid em wife but unnuh nuh wah man wen dem single cae dutty wear em ring n if em caw lef em one pitney madda fi di wife ow yuh fit enn?? bout blonde hair favah shit

  13. THE SENDER JUST WANTS US BLOGGERS TO GIVE HER ANY INORMATION ON HIM BEFORE SHE TRIES TO MAKE HER MOVE ON HIM (if she ever does) CUZ IT SEEMS SHE IS VERY NAIVE AND IS NEW TO THIS THING…..LOL…..anyway i do agree that if she was his type he would have made a move, so based on the ‘cry for help’ ….it seems the sender does not have enough self confidence, is a middle aged woman and not a ‘hot gal type” but she does wear a blonde wig and is going through a mid life crisis so wants to ‘try a ting’………..PROBABLY NOT SO ATTRACTIVE ALSO SO SHE IS VERY SHY AND VERY CONSERVATIVE….. THAT’S WHY SHE WOULD PREFER IF WE GET THIS GUY’S NUMBER FOR HER SO THAT SHE CAN CONTACT HIM PRIVATELY WITHOUT HAVING TO DO IT IN PUBLIC………………………she seems like the type also who doesnt care if he has some one in his life cuz she just wants him to ‘service’ her every now and then…..SHE IS VERY QUIET AND FEARS CONFRONTATION SO SHE DOES NOT HAVE A PROBLEM IF WHEN YOU SEE HER IN PUBLIC YOU PRETEND YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HER……as long as you keep her ‘satisfied’ SHE IS COOL WITH PLAYING ALONG….OH AND SHE IS VERY KIND SO SHE WILL TREAT YOU WELL FINANCIALLY…she said it herself…she has two jobs so you really dnt have to be worried about giving her money…JUS TREAT HER GOOD WITH YOUR ‘HONEY COMB’…….GOOD LUCK!……………….END OF PROFILE…… :ultah

  14. wen unuu help har find har driver, I need unuu help too. There is dis man, he is the last person I see when I go to bed at night and the first person I see in the morning. If him don’t memba me, I’m the one he marry 9 months ago. mi like him but mi shy

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