Hi Met, I thought the answer Miss Jamaica gave to the final question was a good answer but now that i have slept on it, Is Usain Bolt & Bob Marley the only contribution Jamaica have made to the world. I would like you and your viewers to help me come up with contributions that Jamaica made to this world that Kaci could have said. Thank You


  1. When I think of “Jamaican Contribution to the World”, I last thing I would say is reggae music or athletics. I don’t see how reggae music or sports have ANY lasting impact to a society (might be wrong here, just my opinion).
    I think that many Jamaicans have contributed immensely to Science/Medicine and Technology throughout the world. As someone said before, Marcus Garvey was a trailblazer in advancing the upliftment of black people worldwide. We were also front and center in the Civil rights struggle in the USA during the 1960s.

  2. Science and medicine yes, but it’s not widely recognised by the world.. Any country can contribute tourism to the world.
    She was right in saying reggae music/ Bob Marley these are some of things that can be associated with jamaica by asking anyone anywhere in the world. What the lady said about Marcus Garvey and his moment, I think should have been mention..
    Ps. Sorry about typo and grammar I’m rushing back to work. Hope you get the drift.


    1. Hup Hup, we Jamaicans just stay fly all day everyday…we got mad swag and that is what people love about us..not only do we talk different, we walk different, our poise is different, our sense of style n’ fashion is unique n’ different, our attitudes are different….everything about us is just different and captivating to others…I don’t know about ya’ll, but I am a very proud Jamaican that cannot be duplicated/replicated and I know I’m tha shit, str888 up!!!!!….it is what it is Hup Hup so don’t hate ma, just congratulate and keep it movin 😉

      1. And we are also very ingenious and super intelligent, can’t con nor trick wi suh easily an always stay pon toppa tings, by the book, hook or crook…

    2. Go n suck shit thru a wooden straw wat did holland place last night????????? Oh that right FUXXING nothing GTFOH

  4. Given the time constraints I think it was a worthy answer and the best of the bunch. Marley’s music inspire ppl the world over who are struggling one of his songs is the National anthem of Zimbabwe(?). Claude McKay a leading literary force during the harlem renaissance. His poem, “If we must die, ” inspire many during the civil rights movement. Mi nuh haffi mention Ms. LOU. Etc, Etc, sports, fashion . . . Our whole mantra of “Jamaica, no problem” is a part of our cultural msg where we tell the world it may tuff but hold in smile and gwan chue. It wasn’t the best ansa, as mi seh but it did betta dan di rest.

      1. Yep, when yuh tink bout how we look on a map or globe, we likkle island fava a smudge weh yuh waan rub out. Wen u tink of we size and what we have accomplished as a nation and as a people. we seh swag fi reals and a we seh likkle but tallawah!

        1. Itsme, dem gonna tyad fe si wi face, but dem CANNOTS get wi outta di race…I could care less if Miss Jamaica place first or last; fact is that she did ah great job and repped J.A tuh di fullest and placed top 5, and that is just that!!…like it, love it or hate it, it is what it…Jam dung tuh di world!!!!!…ah dat mi seh str888!!

        2. But still we CANNOT find ways to work together.Most of our accomplishments are done on an individually basis with no support until the individual is a winner and then “WE”came out on top.We need to be more supportive of our brothers and sisters.

  5. Kaci could not have written a book in that short time span in regards to our beautiful island contribution to the world.

  6. olin powell and bauxite beautiful vaations would have but her answer was honest and I understand where she is coming from

  7. Good Afternoon Met/Metter
    it seems so easy judging from this side. we weren’t on the stage, our hearts and minds weren’t racing like Kaci’s. As Pat Sajak from wheel of fortune oft times remind the contestants that the answer is more visible sitting in the couch at home. She did great to me and I’ll take fifth place amongst how many? Well done Ms. Jamaica.

  8. the best and only answer on such a platform shud be bob marley and reggae.
    this is world stage and trust and believe if she mentioned bob and reggae music, that will open your eyes no matter what language you speak.
    how it contributed to the world. It is a culture in itself, a lifestyle that promotes love and unity based on ANCIENT PRINCIPLES, healthy and concious living, it is the music that symbolizes hope and freedom.

  9. The cuisine!!!! Jamaica has some of the most tastiest and delicious food (depending on the cook) that one can ever think of!!!

  10. Tourism my ass! Every small Island and Dubai does that so that could never be the answer. The girl was correct. Maybe she could have stated it better but it is indeed Bob Marley and Reggae Music. Also, track & field sports and the entire olympic team that won all those gold medals over the years.

  11. the simplest answer really is that for its size jamaica has a large footprint on the world stage, regardless of what field or genre, we make our presence felt……

    1. Yes Dick , and dats why di other islands hate wi cuz we just too goof inna everything. We are like dat one student inna school who, no matter what Always get first prize inna everything. The hate is real, cuz we really good.

  12. All she had to say was our music, sports and culture. Then mention a few of those who helped to contribute to each sector. I was expecting a more well rounded answer.

  13. the worldwide impact of our culture and the influence that jamaica has for such a small nation and then she could elaborate by saying for example bob marley’s music, usain bolt’s athleticism our food, the use of our culture in marketing etc.
    it was a well intentioned answer but the delivery was bad because of her nerves.

  14. Not a thing dont wrong with d girl answer. She stumbled but she was correct in that a Bob Marley n Sports is two of the greatest contributions that Jamaica has given to the world. Jamaica is such a small country n to know that we invent our own music which promotes nutten but love peace n Unity to date there has been no musical genre like Reggae with such a message and global impact. N sports memba say is Jamaica give dem Donald Quarrie, Herb Mckinley, Merlene Ottey, Usain Bolt n d bobsled team we likkle country no ez when it come to sports. Ask any likkle pickney a Jamaica who name Marcus Garvey n a bet dem look pon u strange but mention Bob Marley n Bolt n u c d reaction wa u get u go girl:)

  15. Of course! There are any 1 million better answers she could have given, but up there under those glaring lights and have to answer quickly you could easily falter. She was very very nervous, it was glaringly obvious that she was nervous and that is what threw her off. I think of all of the women on the podium she was the one who showed visible signs of nervousness, and although the dress was beautiful she could hardly walk in it freely, then it look like she almost dropped at one time. It was not to be, I hoped she would have placed top 3 though. At the end of the day, she was not as bad as Allison Jean Barnett.
    All I know is dat Emilio Estefan accent thick sah after all those years in Miami.

  16. Dear Mets, I really don’t see anything wrong with the answer she gave. I honestly think she was really nervous and it was on the spot. However, she should have elaborate more on her answer in the same way number 26 speaks about it. Overall, she has done a great job because she came in the top 5. Not only that, I think she mess up only because she says, “I didnt understand the question.” Guys hear me out, the reader repeats the question in the same words, he change nothing and she reply. Here we go, that signifies that she understood the question, she have him repeats the question so she can get more time to think. Let me tell you, she has a lot of common sense which worked against her. It was also proven in the first question when she give a shout out to the crowd. That was just more time to think while the crown roar…..

  17. The crowd reaction made it quite clear that based on her answers and overall performance she deserved a higher placing.

  18. Her answer was just fine
    No political answer it’s a beauty pageant I’m sure 1/2 of the white judges on the panel doesn’t know who Marcus Garvey is
    I think she was a bit condescending with the delivery of the answer.
    Tourism would have been nice
    Side note they sell blue mountain coffee in Starbucks.
    She was better than Miss Ukraine wtf was she talking about

  19. She didn’t deserve to win with a silly answer like that. She did us proud and I’m proud of her but in the Miss Universe Pageant, your beauty will take you to the final rounds, however, if you totally f**k up on the questions, you have no chance of winning, nuh matter how beautiful you are. Columbia won because she answered the question the best. Miss Jamaica however was the most beautiful and would win hands down if it was being judged on looks only. They take the questions in the final round very seriously so she couldn’t win with her answer.

  20. Dear writer
    in de heat of de moment we come up wth the most recent or popular answer…
    dear mett,
    kaci did not lock de question, but still, it was a good enough ANSWER
    if it was base on de ANSWER kaci gave..why it was her down fall??!?
    Miss NetherLands..should be de winner
    She was de only 1 who did answer her question ON POINT
    by de way…
    not to mention HOO nald Trumpet..dont like SHORT HAIR girls

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