Hello Met,
Regular reader of your blog though mi never comment. Two things I would like to ask
1. How do I become a member of your site?
2. Mi ah have problems wid mi man and need a real good obeah man fi mek him leave mi alone fi good or stay and do better. Does any of your readers know a good Obeah man that is reasonably priced? I am in the UK. I don’t want the details of anyone who is going to overcharge or take long to handle the work. I need immediate results and someone with a proven track record.
For Question one I have emailed you the answer.


  1. Omg, people really into this obeah thing eeh man!
    As the first person say, Jesus..
    Go on your knees and pray,if di man nah do better maybe a Jesus a show u say he ain’t shit and YOU should get your ass up and leav . Bout BBC obeah man. Kmft.

  2. Yes sender….break the soul tie so the “dark bond” thats keeping him around will move…also keep praying for God’s will and choice of a man for you and deny your self and desire completely and let God do the work. If you ask the Lord to remove this man and you are genuine in your heart, God will take him away. PLEASE DO NOT SEEK ANYBODY, BECAUSE IT WILL BACKFIRE. Hope everything works out.

  3. Gm met & metters :yes I know one his name is Jesus take all your problems to him in prayer . He will work it out for you

  4. but see yah met is no obeah broker senda go find some self esteem inna the Sunday morning yah. Learn to love yourself first then others will follow.

  5. Hayyyyyyyyyyy Metsy mi vex wid u enuh u no hear say mi ago inna di bizniss how u no recommend mi man kmt
    Senda come here him a give u woman trubble doh? A di girl she a try obeah u but mi have di aile of release fi u rub pon him when him drap asleep n when him wake mi have a next aile name “tan a mi” pls Met give the lady my info both ailesss cause £600 a bakkle n u need a bakkle ebery 3months links mi man hookneye satamariacomebackagen manmuststay
    Yea man Met mi a look piece more white cloth fi wrap mi head one more time n mi #2 pencil dem pon deck don’t do that agen IM WORKINGGGGGGGG :maho :maho

    1. Oh anyone can tell mi y when mi throw di purple food color inna di aile it tun one different color n di aile of come home every night call fi di color purple any suggestion is greatly appreciated tonx
      Taking clients all month unnu hear Christmas is coming unnu need to be aileddddd up link maeeeeeeeeeee

      1. Cheutty ah doe waan :ngakak cah dis is serus. Anyway, mi want yuh wrerk pon some vials ah “set me free” fi di Senda, cah nuff tings need fi free up inna fi har space. Mek sure yuh package it eena 0.5 fl oz vials, and use di dark colored glass bottles. Har situation luk grave suh mek sure yuh flag har under long-term client. Dat mean automatic refills for di next 6 months…

  6. Spin you roll 3 times and fall Pon you knees and beg God fi forgiveness, for even thinking about Obeah. The power of our relationship lies in your hands, leff him if you no happy.

  7. Sender, have a sit down with God first and lay out all your problems tuh him, but you must understand that God doesn’t work on man’s time…he works on His time..He may not be on your time, but He’s always right on time…as tuh your man not doing what he’s suppose tuh do, have a sit down with him as well and voice your concerns…I have learned that a man will only do *and not do* what it is that you allow them tuh get away with doing *or not doing*…if you and di man nuh deh pan di same page, den cut ah gwaan yuh ways..simple as dat….but sender, Obeah?? :bingung

  8. Sender, forget obeah. What you need is some self-esteem fi lef the do wrong bwoy you deh wid. Yuh nuh need madda Tumbeh, wen Iyanla a fix life fi free.

  9. Sendah Jesus already helping u but u refuse listen suh dah advice is futile in my opinion. Chile wah u need fi do is leff di dyam man. If im lub u him wi kumm back, now don’t just tek im back suh,dat is unu mistake always.. mek im wuk fi it. Now if u want mi tell u how hard and wah kindah wuk him need fi dah u going to have to pay for. Now if him don’t come back then there u go. Gi uself a break and then find uself a new and bettah man. Now that is all di free advice a giving. Met, please to pass on mi info,caz mi nuh want no mo beaten.:ngakak
    Obeah chile paleeze that is sooo ovahrated.. Try some dyam common sense and self esteem as itsme seh. :ngakak

  10. sender u is fake reader cause if you did a read you woulda know say this ano the place weh fi ask fi nuh abeah man

  11. Senda, ah mus joke yuh ah do dis fah. Inna dis day an age yuh really ah inquire bout obeah man? Is which obeah man good? As di rest of di bloggers den already seh….yuh need fi try King Jesus, If yuh guh dat route you guaranteed success and it will not cost you a cent. If yuh still not convinced…..den write back Metty and ask fi Mother Tawkcheut info cah she eena di lab a create a sprecial potion fi yuh…it name “set me free” Cah tuh how me seet it, you need fi set free and you need fi set di man free….:travel

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