Dear Met,

Di other day mi meet a girl from St. Elizabeth so mi did happey cuz u kno DEM seh di bread basket girl dem ah di prettiest and most domesticated set a ooman dem.. anyways u know how ppl seh kuntri ppl practice nuff incest and everybody a fambily? Well me never believe it till now. Di girl nice n sweet nice tick brownin but met every one r friend dem she seh is her cousin and me a seh like real cousin or fren cousin and she a seh dem a cousin but where she got me messed up is when she introduce to me this chick weh she seh she n d girl did a fck but is ar cousin to .. den dis sed cousin married to ar male cousin and me a wonder how d f dem anuh cousin to! And why d hell she would wa fi fck her cousin baby mother who is also her cousin!!!! Mi confuse no box foot.

Anyways part 2 she seh she love woman but met I never know a so dem girl deh from St Bess freaky dem love woman dem will suck anything wid a chun chun mi seh … Xmas eve night we go over her fambily dem yard and met is one big stinking orgy dem deh have everybody a fck dem one anedda even cousin pan cousin I was so turn off it’s the most disgusting thing all sister n sister to eno !!! Dem a lick out dem one another but in their defense they were drunk but still cmon and she did expect me fi join in to wid she n one of her cousin dem mi did have to leave n process it cuz me did a look fi sekkle dung and dis now is a whole adda ball game. Di woman tell me seh it turn her on and it’s just fun and she n Dem a do it from dem was young and I’m like huh!!!!!??!!! She seh from she 14 she a have sex wid woman and I’m like HUHHHHHH???? I don’t oppose to woman n woman and me never seh we couldn’t do a 1-2 3 some but mi Nuh into the whole incest ting

Weh unu think me fi do? Anybody have any tips
Pan dem st Bess ppl ya cuz god know me no wa deh wid no woman weh practice incest fi come molest mi pikni dem she n r fambily dem mi confuse……. is it a psychological thing?


  1. One side of my family is from St Bess and is true di sender a talk. I can’t even go in to too much details with this, but di fambly ting is very very true wid dem. Obviously, is not every body and dem family, but St Bess situation no easy. Dem ppl in dis letter do seem extreme in their behaviour, as dem nuh care if outsiders know how far gone they are.

  2. Yuh better run fi yuh life cuz St Elizabeth full a family ram smh mi seh mi have this girl from St Elizabeth pon mi fb and her mother is her aunty yes ppl di lady that is her mother is also her aunty. Mi know her from school days. The entire family look alike and dem brown. If unno want see family ram just take a trip to St Elizabeth.

  3. U smarter than the average bear. Average bear woulda run in but u think long term, she and har incestual cousin dem gona have another generation of that. I read a book called the Child of God by Lolita Files it shows the generational cycle of the unexplainable and how those roots were planted but it also shows that it’s a vicious history that repeats itself. I’d recommend u hand ur girl a copy too cause she needs to know that it’s not fun and games and dolly house cause it’s a horrible form of sexual abuse especially because of the age they started. But on another hand, I highly doubt her and her family represent the entire St.Elizabeth though.

  4. A weh pawt a bess u go? Mi know the ram thing deh deh but that deh a most rural place and/or backa wall garrison, nuh just Bess. Plus dem Bess gal deh lie n ginal bad. Dem will tell you say dem a cuz and all but when u tek a stop a proper whore house dem a run wid gal from all bout but true dem kno the man dem down deh “rammy” dem gi dem the cuz story. All in all it sick and trust me it ago get more prevalent in the coming years as since gays gone a lead, the soup boiling set a mek dem case fi come dash it pon the societies. After all dem ago say dem a two consenting adults and king n queens use to dweet and dem ago draw fi bible to. Watch n memba Heavy did tell unnu, NASTY F dem. Unnu see why the sexual abuse of Ja women so rass high. People need fi get them sexuality in check, need fi set boundaries. This new age hippy f**kery bout anything goes ago kill we.

  5. Had to comment. Yes lots of incest and fambily in ST Bess. Mi grandparents dem a 2 first cousin, so my dad. and sisters and brothers are cousins and sisters and brother. Worst thing Mi fada a sex him sister sister.

  6. This is very very true. Growing up I always hear cousin and cousin boil good soup. Sick Nuh Tass but a real thing. I know for a fact two a mi cousins dem did a f*ck.

  7. Not only dem cousin unuh. I remember one night me and mi Cousin dem did a come in from party, drive up and we see we uncle a sex di ram goat. Country ppl sick Nuh rass

  8. The Incest thing is disgustingly true in St. Bess. My father side of the family. 1st cousins and 1st cousins have children, cousins marry each other, uncles sex their nieces for monetary aid. I had 2 uncles try to rape me down there when i was around 7 and 11. I told my mom and i haven’t set foot down there since. And my kids will never know that side of the family EVER. They normalize pedophilia and incestuous relationships like its nothing, i have no doubt they’d try to take advantage of my kids if they wander out of my sight.. I have aunts, uncles, cousins even my grandmother that died I haven’t been to any of the funerals. NOPE.

  9. Oedipus complex on a whole ‘nother level!! Sender, please protect your soul from these demonic spirits. Wait on the Lord, He is good to those who wait on Him and to the souls that seek Him. The Book of Job tells you this. Do not indulge, resist the devil and it shall flee. Your future wife awaits you. Do not partake in thwir incestuous acts. Love and Light for 2017 and beyond.

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